Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Little Igorota

30 August 2013

We attended Miya’s first ever school program. It was a very simple and short program of the kids. We were asked to dress Miya in black shirt and leggings because they will be Igorots and the rest of the costume will be done in school and put together on the day of the program itself. I can’t find a plain black shirt for MIya’s size so I decided to buy black leotards instead. I’ve asked Miya’s Ninang to cut the longsleeve ones I bought to shortsleeves. Bought the leotards at Yvonne inside SM Store and bought matching black leggings from there too.

The program was for the whole pre-school so all levels nursery, junior kinder and senior kinder kids were all there. Miya’s school is a small school and the program was done in the play area. You can just imagine how jampacked the area was with all the students (around 30-50 students I think), teachers and parents and companions during the day. The parents were asked to leave the students to the assigned rooms (for them to assemble the costume) and then proceed to the program area. We were there early so we got good seats. We didn’t get the front seats because I was afraid Miya might not want to separate with me again when she sees me during the program (like what she did during her field trip). So anyways, when the program started the kids entered the “Stage” via a door at the side. I was surprised that aside from the teachers and students a lot of parents were also coming out of the side door hahaha.
There's my little Igorota when the students first entered

And then she sees me

When Miya saw me, she wanted to go with me and didn't want to stay in front anymore. Hay! I had to ask one of the mommies in front if I could seat there just so Miya will stay on stage.

All the students were asked to memorize their lines to say during the program. Miya’s line goes “Ito ang baro’t saya, ang pambansang kasuotan ng mga babae.” Miya has memorized her line days before the program and she even recited it during their rehearsals so her teacher knows she knows her line well. But guess what, this little girl decided she didn’t want to say her line during the program! Ahahaha! Here she is not saying her line.

She also didn’t want to dance, apparently. During their Igorot dance, she was there front and center but she did not dance. Well, just for a little bit when she did the hand gestures but after a while she thought she’s too cool for that LOL!

After all the kids performed, there was a little slide show that we watched. It showed the kids during the first few months in school. It was so hot in the play area so I decided to change Miya into another set of clothes. But after the slide show, the head teacher told us to get the kids together again for one final picture taking. Miya was the only one not wearing her black garments hahaha! Oh well, atleast they can immediately spot my kid!

Our little Igorota who didn't want to say her line and dance with her classmates hihi

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