Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Wedding in June

Last Saturday we went to our friend's wedding. It's our first time to attend an Inglesia Ni Cristo wedding. Theirs was held at the Local of F. Manalo in San Juan City. Their church is so opulent!

We arrived late so it was the middle of the ceremony when we got there. The pastor (is that how you call them in INC?) was already giving his sermon. And then after that the exchange of vows and rings were done. No veil, no cord, no candles, not even the arrhaes were included in the ceremony, unlike in Catholic weddings where the ceremony isn't complete withouth these.

Here's the groom's family with the newly weds.

After the ceremony, the guests waited outside for the couple and we all shouted "Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!"

The reception was held at Light of Love near Aurora Blvd. This is just right outside the hall venue of the reception. Those lights look so magical!

There were a lot of guests! We were seated at table 33. So it took a while before we were called to have a picture with the couple and to proceed to the buffet so we whiled away our time with the photobooth!

The photobooth guys should have given out free business cards to all the guests. They wouldn't know if someome needs a photobooth in the coming days.

We actually didn't finish the entire reception program. We left after the onsite video was shown. Although our ngiht didn't end there. We all hang out here in our place, had booze and watched The Big Bang Theory.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Boy is Back!

After the Malaysian GP, Vettel has finally won again! Yippeee!! Not to say that the race was an easy one for him because Lewis was always right behind him.

We weren’t able to watch the qualifying round because we went to a wedding (more about that on a separate post). We were ablet to watch the replay but only the last few minutes of Q3. Good thing there are always the highlights and it was finally a good qualifying for Vettel, he was the fastest man on all three rounds (from Q1 to Q3)!

I wasn’t really expecting much during the race because Vettel hasn’t converted any of his poles into wins. So I was really pleasantly surprised that he was able to keep his lead even after the safety car deployment. Here are my comments on other the other drivers during the race:
* It was a shame the Ferraris weren’t able to keep their lead after their piststops.
* What a horrible horrible accident Webber got into! But this was a testament to how safe the F1 cars are, Webber came out of the accident unscathed.
* What race for Kamui Kobayashi! That driver has so much potential. He was able to keep Jenson at bay on 4th place until he went to the pits and then he was able to get 6th place after overtaking Alonso and Buemi during the last lap!

The next race - British GP- is two weeks from now. Hopefully, Vettel will win again (he won the British GP last year). For now, I'm off researching on Link Building.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It’s been a while since my last “book review”. Well, I haven’t been reading a lot but I’ve read a couple of books since the last one. I’ve actually finished the Twilight series, re-read my book on Marcos regime, read an interesting book about the North and South Korea titled “Swim Around the World”, to name a few, but I’ve been too lazy to do my “book review” here.

Joy brought this book on our trip to Coron. Every time we have a spare time, she whips up this book and starts reading. I was intrigued because there was even one night when all of us were falling asleep but she was still reading. So I asked what the book was all about and she said that it’s mystery and that the story was set in Sweden. And when she finished reading the book, she said the ending was just fine. At the end of the trip, I asked if I can borrow it from her and I immediately started reading it before we even rode the plane back to Manila.

The story is about a financial journalist hired to find out about the murder of the niece of an old business magnate. He was asked to lead people to believe that he was writing about the old man’s family. Along his investigation, he met a private investigator who was hired by his employer to dig about his secrets. The girl with the dragon tattoo is the private investigator. I was so affected by the story, I was afraid someone will sneek up in our home and attack me. There’s this one chapter where the girl was raped by her assigned guardian. It was so graphic, you can’t help but be sorry for the girl and pray to God it won’t ever happen to you. The ending was, Joy was right, just fine. Apparently, there was a sequel to the book so we need to read the next one.

Photo from: Amazon

Wedding this Weekend

We’re going to another wedding this weekend. That will be the 4th wedding we've attended in a span of 2 months. It looks like this is a wedding year for my friends. Attending all these weddings and looking at my friends' wedding photos, made me look back to our own wedding – the preparations, the wedding day itself. One of the things that always catches my eye in the wedding photos are the wedding rings. Some prefer Gold Wedding Bands while some like their rings in platinum. Men’s Wedding Rings are most of the times plain wedding bands. Men’s Gold Rings are more common than rings with diamonds for men. I guess this is the one thing that us brides let our grooms decide on what they want because they are the ones who will wear them. And most men like their things simple. This is pretty much how it happened to use, we each decided on what ring we wanted and we got them. It didn’t matter to us if our rings matched or not.

I haven’t really blogged about some of the wedding details that we had. I know I’ve said here before that I’ll blog about the details once in a while because I wouldn’t be able to do it in just one sitting. Now I really want to do that so maybe I’ll start a project where I’ll blog about our wedding details every 8th of the month (our anniversary) until I'm done with all of them. How does that sound?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bitch is in the Beach

We tried drinking on our first night in Coron but we called it a night only after about an hour. We were worried we won't be able to wake up early the next day.

Mek, Joema and I woke up around 6am, which is still early considering our breakfast was scheduled for 7am so we did some photoshoot at the beach.

Before 7am, Ja and Kim were up and were part of the group for the picture taking. Only Joy was missing. Our failed attempt at a jump shot!

We woke up Joy before eating breakfast. Or she would have missed this...yummy!

After eating, we changed into our swim wears and were ready to get off the resort. Small boat first before going to the big boat, although we could have waded in the water.

We passed by some mangroves, there were actually a lot in the area where the resort was.

After going through the mangroves, our boatman checked if there were any damage to our boat. Unfortunately, the clutch of our boat was damaged but fortunately, we were stranded in an area where other boats were passing by and still near the resort. So our boatman hitched a ride with another boat and we waited for him to get a boat from the resort. You would think this would dampen our spirits but we were there to enjoy and enjoy we did! We took more photos!

When our rescue boat arrived, we were again off to our destination. First stop, Banol beach!

We were the only ones there when we arrived and had the beach to ourselves. The sand is so white!

And the water is so clear, it's like we're swimming in a pool!

I love this photos...this is now my profile pic on FB hehe

This one's a nice series...the water is a bit salty so you can just imagine how the water stings the eyes. Here's my hubby fighting it off with the water after taking off his mask.

We love love love this beach!

It was only a few minutes before we had lunch that another boat arrived. I was a bit pissed off because we had to share the beach with someone else haha! They were telling me "the bitch is in the beach" because I didn't want to move an inch even when another boat was arriving to dock. Our lunch was superb! We had crabs, grilled fish and adobo! With mangoes for dessert!

After eating it was time to say goodbye to Banol Beach and head off to Twin Lagoons.

To be continued…

Monday, June 21, 2010

Independence Weekend in Coron

For Independence Day weekend, the hubby and I together with some friends went to Coron.

We flew via Air Philippines Express. Took the 1:40pm flight and we arrived in Busuanga around 2:30pm.

The road trip from the airport to the town took a round 30-45 minutes. From the port, the boat ride to Majika Resort took around 45mins-1 hour.

It was low tide when we arrived at the resort and there was no way the boat can dock by the beach. So they asked us to alight from the boat, transfer to a smaller boat and then wade through the water all the way to the beach.

Found this little star fish along the way.

Wading through the water started out to be fun but when we saw there were jellyfish in the water, we tried doing it faster. Unfortunately, we had to be slow and careful as there was a part near the beach that seemed like quicksand. When you step into it, your feet up to your knees can be immersed into the sand. Anyways, we were immediately checked into our cottages where we rested for a while. Our guide also discussed the tours we were going to do for the next two days. After that we went hiking within the resort.

Look how amazing the view is on top of the hill.

What will you do with that beautiful view? Why, take loads of photos of course!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I've Been

Yehey! My friend has uploaded our photos from Coron. Will blog about it soon! Here's a sneak peek.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Month

It's been awhile since I've blogged here. But don't fret (if there is anyone fretting out there because I haven't blogged), I have a lot of backposts to do.

Since June is the month of weddings, let's start with the wedding of my friend Steve to Rhea. Their wedding was done at the Gazebo Royale last 6 June. It would have been an opportunity for us to be complete this time. You see, we started 7 in our group without the significant others. We were once officemates in a life insurance company. Now 6 of us are already married but in each one of those weddings there is always ALWAYS someone missing. Technically all 7 of us were there but we were missing one SO – Pao. I don't know if that's significant or what but we were really hoping we can finally be complete in this one event. Oh well, crossing my fingers we'll be complete for Jose's wedding, we have to find him a bride first though.

Anyways, back to Steve and Rhea's wedding. Here are some photos.

The very happy groom.

Jose was groomsman again (he was groomsman in Mands and Weng's wedding, too).

Rhea being presented to Steve as his bride.

The bride and groom were both emotional starting from the messages to their parents up to their vows.

Us during the reception.

Now onto the photobooth pics! Us girls!

And our almost complete photobooth pic (without Pao and the couple).

Congratulations, Steve and Rhea!

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