Monday, December 12, 2016

My 2016

I wasn't able to blog religiously this year, so I thought an annual summary of the year 2016 would be a good reminder to myself of what actually happened to me and my family. This is based on the photos I have on my file.


We welcomed 2106 at our new home (our first NY there) and then celebrated the first weekend at F1 Hotel with Mek and Joy's family.

S&R take-out for dinner at our room

Hotel beds are love!

We also went to Lucas's birthday party

Hubby and the kids gave me a wonderful surprise on my birthday.

Hubby and I also went on a dinner date for my birthday.

Miya's birthday coincided with their GIFT Show at their school.

Our little gymnast

We then went to Megamall for lunch and some art activities for our birthday girl.

That night, she blew on her birthday candle and had some pansit for long life.

The next day we had her Ninongs and Ninangs come over for her Star Wars party.


Javi had his first haircut ever! Daddy carried him all throughout because he didn't want to sit down on the car at the kiddie salon.

His hair before the haircut

He was so first...
Medyo naglikot nung patapos na

Like a binata!

I was confined in the hospital due to pre-term labor

I missed the kids so much I was so happy to see them when they visited me.

After a few weeks, I gave birth to Nina!

Nina's first night at home


Liam went to our house for a playdate with Javi.

Miya's school play before the school year ended. They were cats.

Unfortunately, she bumped her head in their classroom's cubby hole before the year ended which resulted in a big bump on her forehead.

Nina's first visit to the pedia

Tulog na tulog

We set-up the kiddie pool for summer

Celebrated Nina's first month

Look how teeny tiny she was back then


Summer was spent with the kids

And all too soon, Nina was taught how to drink from a bottle. This was the signal that I would be going back to work from my maternity leave.

Celebrated Nina's 2nd month

By month end, we welcomed Nina to the Christian faith.


For Mother's Day, Joema and I were brave enough to go on an overnight stay at a nearby hotel with the three kids, just us without the yayas. And we survived!

Then we met up with my side of the family for Sunday lunch.

Although I was still on maternity leave, I joined our team's retreat at Nurture Spa in Tagaytay. It was my first time to be away from Nina for a long period of time that I needed to pump milk. Good thing they had a nice room for me.

Javi's first time at the dentist - didn't do any procedure but more for him to get comfortable on the chair, while Ate was a pro. I think the dentist did two teeth filling that time.

Lolo bought a larger pool - Mommy can join the kids!

By the end of the month, we went on a summer outing with the Migs.


We went one weekend to UP to run but failed haha!

For Father's Day, we went on a staycation but this time with my side of the family.

Brought Miya to her first day in Kindergarten. I have a Kindergartener!

We celebrated Papa's 62nd birthday and Nina's 4th month.

To be continued....

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