Thursday, November 17, 2016

SPCP Family Day 2016

We attended Miya's Family Day in school last Sunday, 13 November. We brought along my parents with us but left Nina at home as we learned last year that the venue gets packed with all the kids and their respective families. This year's Family Day had a theme, Disney Princesses, and Miya's class was assigned Princess Anna. They had capes and we bought a toy horse as part of their costume.

Unlike last year where we weren't able to visit any of the booths, this year I made sure that we did. Miya had her hand painted with Mulan and had a mani at the kiddie salon. She wanted to have makeup put on her but I was worried she might get itchy with the makeup so I asked her if she could have her hair done instead, she willingly said yes.

This year's program was also better than last year's. They had a story telling for the kids which was presented by the Disney Princesses. The girls were shrieking in delight. I can imagine   their excitement. They even got the chance to have their photos taken with the princesses.

For the final segment of the program, the kids sang for their family. Will upload that in Youtube. 

It was a tiring afternoon but Miya enjoyed it. Though Javi was a grumpy because he lacked sleep. Thank you to Lolo and Lola for coming with us.


I won't even attempt to put an excuse here for the lack of update. But the other day after, the day after reading the Bible to Miya, I got to thinking how on earth were they able to know the story of Adam and Eve back in the day. And then I thought, well they probably told their children and their children's children. And then when writing was invented, they wrote it down and passed the stories for the next generation. So I thought I need to continue writing here for my kids to read these in the future. So they will remember. 

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