Friday, February 28, 2014

Where to Stay in Hong Kong: Disney's Hollywood Hotel

As mentioned in previous posts, this is where we stayed on our last visit to HK. We never really ventured outside Disney, only once for a dinner and a little shopping in Tung Chung but that was it. We wanted convenience to the park and that’s what we got. But aside from that, I don’t really think I got my money’s worth.

I booked us a Garden view room (got it for HKD1,520 from their early bird offer, that’s roughly PHP9,120 per night).
The room has two double beds

Sorry I have no photo of clean beds - what with a toddler and my parents in tow

The large Mickey and Minnie plate in between the two beds
In front of the beds is a flat screen TV

To the right of the TV is the bar which holds the coffee, ic bucket and kettle. All other things there like the food, we brought in. That's a good thing about this hotel, they're not strict if you bring in food.  

This is the open cabinet. Shelves on top and then a rod to hang your clothes.

The entryway

Tub and shower area


Mirror in the bath room

Toiletries. The cup on top with the Mickey cover holds some personal necessities like cotton balls, cotton buds, etc. Those two bottles at the bottom are shampoo and liquid bath soap.
This was our view if you look at the far left

ALthough immediately below our window is this
The room was a bit small since there are 4 of us (adults) who stayed there together with a toddler. Maximum number of persons inside is 4 adults which I think sort of made up for the price of the room. But if it were only us - me, Joema and Miya - the price of the room will turn out to be a bit pricey. The room rate does not include daily breakfast. I was not awed by the room itself. If it were for the room alone and for that price, I wouldn't recommend this hotel. But considering that they allow 4 adults inside the room, the convenience to the park, leniency in bringing in food and the wide sprawling lawn at the back of the hotel, I think it was still worth staying here. I would recommend this hotel if you're like us - 4 adults in a group (because atleast the price doesn't end up so pricey if you compare it to other hotels who only accept 2 adults in a room) and wanted to get the Disney feel all throughout or the convenience of the park to the hotel is really a concern for you.

Otherwise, better opt to stay in a hotel in Kowloon or HK island. I do hope they put up new hotels in the Tung Chung area. Atleast from there it’s only a train ride away to and from Disney (and no multiple transfers compared when you book in Kowloon side or HK island). .

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Taken: 22 February 2014
Miya's really becoming a girly girl. Here she is showing off her accessories - ring, bracelet and necklace. These were given to her by our yaya.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Buntis

I have weird cravings for this pregnancy unlike during my first where I had just one! I don't think I have morning sickness but there are times when I feel like naduduwal so I have to have candies. I bought a whole tin can yesterday which I brought to the office. I also brought some of the left over Christmas sweets and Halloween treats we have at home. And then I crave for salty food because I my taste is so bland these days. Yesterday, I almost bought vegetable curry for lunch which I won't usually like because I don't really like curry that much. And then in the afternoon I wanted to have shawarma. For dinner I had southern style fried chicken from S&R and I ate a lot because it was salty! Yikes!

This morning I saw this on my IG feed.

And then I started craving for danggit! I had to google where I can have danggit for lunch. I even had to ask my friends on FB. From Google, I saw that Goto King has it on their menu. Unfortunately when we got to the food court danggit is not available. Boohoo! So we walked around the food court and saw "Cebu Fiesta". Well, danggit is from Cebu right? So they should definitely have it. But no they didn't have it. I wanted to tell them to change their name from Cebu Fiesta to just Fiesta ahahahaha! A friend from FB said Pancake House might be serving danggit. But I can't find it on Pancake House's menu online. So we tried Tapa King. I said if they don't have danggit maybe I'll just have their tapsilog. Lo and behold they have danggit! Yehey! Thank you, Tapa King, for satisfying this buntis's craving!

Ang linis ng plate ko noh?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our One of A Kind Valentine

This year's Valentine's Day is one-of-a-kind. Simply because on that very special day, I found out I was pregnant!

Although this photo was taken on 20 February, and that stick she's holding was the second pregnancy test I did!
See, I've really been tracking my menstrual period for a few months now. We want to have baby#2 already. I've downloaded this app - Monthly Cycles - where I track my ovulation. So oen day last month after doing the deed (hehe) and saw from the app that it fell right on my most fertile day, I told Joema we could get pregnant. When I was delayed for a week, I told him again. But he said I'm always delayed so I did not take any pregnancy test yet. But last Friday, Valentine's Day, I had a sensation on my breast haha! Yes, I felt the same way when my breasts get full when Miya used to breastfeed.  I said that was it, I want to know if I'm pregnant or not. So that afternoon in the middle of office hours, I went to the drugstore and bought a home pregnancy kit. And then I took the test at the first comfort rooom I saw. When I saw the first two lines, I did not realize it immediately as positive. I thought the lines will come out at the upper part of the kit haha. So I thought it was invalid. I had to double check the package on what was positive, negative and invalid results. Lo and behold, POSITIVE! I was so happy! I couldn't tell anyone right away hahaha!

When Joema picked me up for the night, he handed me thes gorgeous bouquet of roses. If you've been reading this blog, he hasn't given me a bouquet! Sure he gives me a flower or two but that was it. Not a bouquet. I thought it was just so fitting! I immediately gave him the brown paper bag where the pregnancy test was, and greeted him Happy Valentine's Day. When he opened it, he said, "Buntis ka?" I said yes, and we hugged *heehee*. We were supposed to drink together that night (that was the initial plan). But since I got preggers and we already knew, he was the only one who drank that night, I only had iced tea.

We went to a drinking spot near our place which was great because we didn't have to worry about traffic. But the place got so loud, I had to walk out of there even before Joema paid the bill..around 10pm nyahahaha! We're so old!

Had to take a photo for posterity's sake. This was at our condo elevator hehe. Don't I look so happy?
The little girl with Daddy. Feel na feel nya yung bulaklak e akin yun hahaha!
Miya made something in school for us.

I can't believe she can write down those letters on her own!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day as well! =)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Taken: 15 February 2014
She likes arts and crafts. Here she is making a bracelet with a shoelace and different kinds of beads. Good practice for her fine motor skills.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Taken: 8 February 2014
Taken during Miya's birthday celebration with her godfathers and godmothers. She already played with her Ninang's gift for her together with his Kuya Miguel.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miya's Potty Training Story

Just the other day I was thinking I haven't blogged about our potty training story. And now Frances of Topaz Mommy is asking for tips on how to toilet train her eldest. I hope this little blog helps her and other mommies out there.

As I've mentioned before, we introduced the potty to Miya by reading her a book about it.  But you can see that was a long time ago. It took us almost a year to completely train her. It was an on and off thing with her, this potty training. First she was taught to pee in the potty and then in the toilet. I also asked our yaya to not put any diaper on her when they're at home. So there are really times when she will pee (or poop) on the floor. I really have to thank my yaya before for tolerating this and for keeping up with our program. By September last year, we ran out of our Mamy Poko diaper*. My mother's boss had a contact with the supplier so we were able to buy in bulk price, much much cheaper than store bought diaper. Sinabay yung order namin sa order ng boss nya kaya nakamura kami! But when our stock ran out, we couldn't wait for the next bulk purchase of her boss. Cheapskate that I am I decided it's really time to really teach Miya to pee and poop in the toilet.  I asked our new yaya to do this. Make her pee and poop in the toilet when she's home. She only wore diaper when she goes to school, when she slept at night or when we go out. We did it bit by bit. After a few months, she only wore diapers when she slept at night or when we go out. Come January, we finally decided she shouldn't wear diapers at night. She was actually the one who initiated this in December last year, she didn't like wearing dipaers at night anymore. But I wanted to sleep through the night so I put it off and made her wear diapers. In January we finally did it. I've put her potty beside our bed. I'll help her pee before sleeping and tell her to wake me up during the night when she feels like peeing. In the first few weeks, there were some accidents when I would wake up and her side of the bed is all wet. I had to change her and put her back to sleep. There were nights when she would wake me up after doing the deed. And then there were nights when she would wake me up and I'll lead her to her potty and our bed will be dry all throughout the night. There were times when I find her stirring during the night, so I'll gently ask her if she wants to pee. Most of the time she will say yes and I will help her out of bed to pee. Until finally she learned to wake me up to make her pee. Now, she can last the whole night through without peeing. Hurrah!

When we went out-of-town for our birthday, my husband insisted that we let her wear diapers during the travel time. Turned out we didn't really have to because Miya would control her pee and then ask me to bring her to the toilet if she really has to go. If I tell her to just pee in her diapers, she will tell me she wants to do it in the toilet.

So I guess in the end potty training is a combination of the readiness of the kid (if she can already tell you she wants to pee or poo, that is, she knows the sensation she feels before doing the deed), the consistency of training her and practicing peeing and pooping in the toilet.

*Miya has really sensitive skin so this is really our diaper of choice. This is what really works for her. We also tried using Pampers when we ran out but in the end I just really didn't want to spend much on diaper anymore.

Thursday, February 06, 2014


Taken: 5 February 2014
After wearing socks on her hands and feet, she went to her Daddy and said, "Hello, sock-si!!!" LOL!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Letter to Miya

For Miya's school yearbook, we were asked to submit a creative letter that will go together with her photos. I asked my husband to do the letter for her. I cried when I first read it. Let me share his (our) letter to our dearest Miya, this was just in time for Miya's third birthday.

Dear Miya,

even before you started school
you liked reading books and singing
listening to stories and writing.

you would always ask mommy to read you stories at night before you sleep.
you would listen so intently and ask questions that we think are very sweet.
your favorite book you called "lagot", was i love you forever.
and you would want to repeat the stories after it is over.

you would sing the songs you learned in school everyday.
and we were so proud and happy to see you singing on our family day.

you like listening to stories and telling them in your own way.
you would pretend to be a teacher and ask mommy and daddy to sit on our name.
we love seeing how smart you have grown up.
and can't wait to see what else you'd come up.

you wrote a lot in school and at home.
sometimes writing on the sofa and on the wall
you like doing your assignments with Mommy every weekend
and Daddy can still remember the exercise wherein we stretched, jogged and bend.

you used to cry when you started school and we used to smile
and tell you its going to be just fine.
soon you were brave enough to be on your own
and we know that you enjoyed every moment you spent in your classroom

when you read this letter years from now,
we will remember that you were full of wonder in your eyes.
full of questions and full of surprise.

we hope you will grow up a person smart and kind.
but for now you are our little Miya.
we love you and hope you stay a little longer as a child.

Mommy and Daddy


Monday, February 03, 2014


Taken: 30 January 2014

My little girl turned 3 years old last week. Was not able to include this in the photos of the 52 project over at Practicing Simplicity because we were away on vacation to a remote island here in the Philippines where there's almost no cellular signal. Will blog about our birthday celebrations and our vacation in the next couple of days.

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