Saturday, June 09, 2012

Miya's Outing to Punta Fuego

For my last entry in this blog challenge (yey!), I want to give a sneak preview of our most recent out of town trip. I don't have enough time to make a fullblown post about this trip because I have so many photos to share! So this is just about my adorable daughter hehe.

For our annual summer outing here at the office, I chose to go to Punta Fuego. The other option was EDSA Shangri-la but we already went there last year so this was the clear choice!

As I mentioned a number of times in this blog, Miya loves the water. So this trip was a big hit to her! On the day we arrived, it was raining so hard. We didn’t have time to go swimming. We just stayed cooped up inside our room. Add to that, Joema was not feeling well because of a toothache. The next day, Sunday, the sun was out finally! Miya and I explored the resort without Joema. His toothache was so bad  he was only able to sleep by 4am. I didn’t bother him anymore because he had to drive on the way back to Manila, I let him get some sleep.

Miya was a hit with my officemates. She’s all smiles with them and she lets them carry her. Walang pinipili! Pwede ngang ma-kidnap itong anak ko! Here are some of her photos with my officemates.

Miya with Mommy's officemates

Day 30 of 30 (x2)

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