Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bunso's Birth Story - Prologue

Her birth story started before my 35th week. Around this time I was having difficulties walking, sitting for long stretch of time, well basically moving around because of a piercing ache in my groin. On my 34th week check-up I complained this to my OB and she told me it was pubic bone instability and advised me to wear a maternity belt. Everyone was actually telling me to go on leave already. Pero ewan ko ba for this pregnancy talagang kinaya ko all the difficulties without going on leave. Maybe because I know my body much better after my first two pregnancies. For example, if I experience some back pain I'll just go in one or two days sick leave. Unlike before I'll really go pa to my OB who will then advise me to go on a one-week leave. 

Feb 5 - I went on sick leave because I wasn't feeling well. No contractions though. 

Feb 8 (a day before my 35th week) - I was having contractions the whole day. i texted my OB if I should come in for a checkup the next day. She said to come in between 10am-12nn.

Feb 9 (35th week) - the morning before we left, Joema and I finished packing our hospital bags and put them in the car before leaving for the clinic. My OB did an IE during our checkup and it turned out I was 1-2cm dilated. Since I was only on my 35th week, she told us to proceed to the hospital so that I can be admitted into the intensive maternity unit. Her instructions was go to the emergency room and ask for me to be wheeled in instead of walking). Sa ER pala you can leave your car parked temporarily infront before getting admitted. You can transfer your car to the parking after admitting. That's what Joema did. Anyway, from the ER the nurse took us to the pre-labor room where they hooked me up to the machine which counts the contractions. My OB already called the pre-LR so they know not to do an IE on me and I was for admitting into the IMU. Around 4pm, I was transferred to the IMU and from then on was not allowed to stand up (no bathroom privileges whatsoever). Visitors were not allowed inside the IMU. Joema visited me only when I was transferred, then he left me there na. He brought cheese roll from Mary Grace and bottled water which I was allowed to eat for dinner. 

I spent the night at the IMU. Medyo nahirapan ako matulog coz the intern who was there to oversee me was bumping her table to my bed everytime she moves. Buti na lang another mommy was roomed in the IMU  (it was a shared room with another pregnant mommy), the intern transferred her table in between the two beds. And I guess di ako nakatulog din because I was worrying, I didn't know what will happen to us.

           At the IMU when Joema came to visit me. 

The IMU was near the deliver rooms. While there, I was counting off the babies being born from the number of crying babies that I hear. I think I counted around 8 babies born during my stay there. Tapos pa nung madaling araw may nanganganak na ilang beses na nagpupush di pa rin nanganganak. Di ksi ako sanay na ganon coz in my case after one or two pushes the baby's out already. 

My OB checked in on my first night at the hospital. She explained to me the things that were done to me.  Steroids was injected to me twice for baby's lung development and I was hooked to an IV of magnesium sulfate for baby's brain development. She said an IE will be done to me the next day and then she will decide if I can transfer to a regular room. Naku eto pa pala, while she was there the resident OB was also there as she was giving instructions. Binuking pa ko na dominante daw ako coz I required Joma to stay with me the whole time at the labor room when I gave birth to Javi hahaha sabay kabig na girl power daw. Ewan ko ba why she only knew then. We told her the story when we discussed our birth plan on my 34th week and she scolded me for being a demanding wife - "Naku ikaw napakadominante mo talaga! Kawawa naman si Joema" nyahahaha!

Feb 10 - I was allowed to eat breakfast when I woke up. Warning TMI: After eating I felt the urge to poop. I had to tell the nurse.  Since I was on bed rest with no bathroom privileges I had to poop in a bedpan. Hay naku! I was trying to control it kaso humihilab tiyan ko.  Good thing the pregnant woman beside me was already transferred to a regular room and I was the only patient left in the IMU. Kaso naman there were two interns with me. Hiyang hiya ako buti na lang they brought in a partition to cover me from the interns. They washed me naman with soap and water afterwards and I felt really clean after. 

Anyway, my OB checked in on me that morning. Although the IE was done by the resident OB before she came in. Dilation did not progressed but my cervical lining thinned and was effaced from 50% when admitted to 60% that morning. She explained that I can be transferred to a regular room but will still be on bedrest. I had to finish the IV of magnesium sulfate and then after that, IV drip of duvadilan for 24 hours then oral intake of duvadilan for another 24 hours. By the coming Saturday she will decide if we can go home. 

          Finally transferred to a regular room

Feb 11 - I thought I had contractions that night so they brought me in to the pre-LR and hooked to me to the machine. Fortunately, there were no contractions.

Feb 12 - My OB ordered an ultrasound for me that morning and checked on me at the ultrasound room. Size of baby from the ultrasound resulted to 36 weeks. She said she checked my records and mentioned that the size of the baby is indeed 36 weeks at that time. So if we do go on labor, the baby's size will be okay. 

That night he kids visited me. I was so happy to see them again after so many nights away from them. My parents brought them to the hospital, they also stayed with them at our home while we were at the hospital. 

Mek and Joy also visited us that night. Miya even asked them bakit wala daw yung mga anak nila hahaha.

Feb 13 - our final day at the hospital, finally! The nurse in charge on our last night was medyo tamad. All throughout my stay here the other nurses would position the bedpan at my bed and wait for me to finish peeing. But our last nurse would ask if I already finished, expecting Joma to do her job. So everytime I asked for her help, I was always in a hurry to finish. The last time I did it tuloy nagspill yung pee sa bed ko and my hospital gown.  When my OB came to do my IE ang panghi tuloy and she became alarmed because the bed was wet. Napagsabihan nya yung nurse buti na lang. Anyway, when my OB did the IE she said I'm still 2cm dilated so she allowed us to go home bit gave strict orders for me to be on bedrest until I gave birth. 

To be continued...

Week 15: The 52 Project 2016

Finally kept up with this weekly post! 

Ate playing PS3. She likes making her own characters, that is, choosing the facila features, costume, weapon etc. Her dad taught her although her playtime is always supervised and she only plays one game.
         Taken 15 April 2016

Kuya with his pogi face heehee I'm so inlove with my boy.
           Taken 15 April 2016

Bunso on her first carseat ride! 
        Taken 12 April 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 14: The 52 Project 2016

16I love it when I see my kids interacting with one another and seeing them enjoying each other's company, especially how the two older ones love the youngest one. 

Ate reading a book to Bunso, who obviously is enjoying it. 
         Taken 9 April 2016

Kuya trying to get a pinch from Bunso hahaha. Kuya adores her!
         Taken 9 April 2016

Bunso looking so adorable!
       Taken 8 April 206

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 13: The 52 Project 2016

Photos of Ate and Kuya weee taken before they had there photo ID taken. We needed photo IDs for the two for some requirements. They both look so grown up in these photos. 

         Taken 28 March 2016

Bunso looking cute as usual :)
          Taken 30 March 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 12: The 52 Project 2016

Ate enjoying the kiddie pool. 
         Taken 26 March 2016

Kuya didn't want to eat kaya pinapagalitan ni Daddy. Nakikipagtitigan pa talaga!
        Taken 22 March 2016

Bunso's 2nd wellness check-up and vaccination. 
            Taken 21 March 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week 11: The 52 Project 2016

This is actually a screenshot of Ate reading her made-up story to Nina. I'm amazed she can come up with a made-up story spontaneously.
          Taken 17 March 2016

Kuya stepping on his coloring book haha! Kuya was sick this time, hence, the gel patch on his forehead. He had fever for a few days and then rashes came out after - tigdas hangin.
         Taken 17 March 2016

Nina taking vitamins for the first time. I'm not as diligent in giving vitamins to Nina because I know breastmilk should be enough in her first 6months of life. But at the same time, I'm following her pedia's order to give mutivitamins. Gulo ba? Haha!
         Taken 18 March 2016

Friday, April 08, 2016

Week 10: The 52 Project 2016

Ate bumped her head on their classroom's book shelf. She was sent to the clinic and was picked up by Daddy to go home. She had tears not because of the bump. She cried for a different reason but I forgot what it was all about.

         Taken 7 March 2016

Kuya looking like a binata.

         Taken 12 March 2016

Bunso just chillin'

          Taken 12 March 2016

Monday, April 04, 2016

Week 9: The 52 Project 2016

 I'm really trying to savor my time with the kids while I'm on marernity leave.

Ate taking a break from playing at our backyard. 
         Taken 29 Feb 2016

Kuya playing and goofing around. 
          Taken 4 March 2016

Bunso "winking" 
        Taken 4 March 2016

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