Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Angel Locsin or Katrina Halili

Swiped from EJ:

1. elementary, highschool or college life? college

2. Mcdo or Jollibee? Mcdo

3. Globe, Smart or Sun? Globe

4. SM, Robinson's or Ayala malls? SM...isang tumbling lang kasi andon na ko

5. coffee, milo, milk or juice in the morning? coffee kung dito sa office, juice kung sa bahay

6. hugs or kisses? hugs and kisses :)

7. friendster or myspace? friendster

8. pants or shorts? pants

9. stay at home or go to the mall? stay at home

10. emo,rnb,hiphop,or house music? kahit ano

11. herbench/bench or penshoppe? herbench

12. eat or sleep? sleep

13.empi or redhorse? redhorse

14. morato/timog, libis, the fort or baywalk? bakit walang makati sa choices?

15. night or day? night

16. math or english? math

17. tell everyone that your goodlooking or let others tell you that? tell everyone yada yada

18. to be single or to be in a relationship? in a relationship

19. summer or rainy days? summer!!

20. kapamilya or kapuso? dating kapamilya...ngayon wala na

21. shopping spree or eat all you can? shopping spree

22. cats or dogs? dogs

21. to say 'iloveyou' or 'mahal kita'? i love you

22. nokia, sony ericsson or motorola? nokia

23. bronze over brains or brains over bronze? bronze o brawns? brains ako

24. credit card or cash? cash

25. red ribbon or goldilocks? red ribbon

26. friends or lovers? both

27. mtv philippines or myx? mtv

28. USA, Paris or just the Philippines? Paris

29. angel locsin or katrina halili? care ko!

30. plain or printed? plain

31. black or white? black and white

32. starbucks or seattle's best? starbucks

37. sam milby or piolo pascual? papa pj

38. movie or dinner date? dinner date

39. fx or jeep? fx

40. sing or dance? haha wala

41. church or garden wedding? church wedding

42. giver or taker? taker

43. to have siblings or be the only child? the more the merrier

43. kim-gerald or shaina-rayver love team? whatever!

44. the sun or the moon? moon

45. selecta or nestle? selecta

46. wowowee or eat bulaga? wowowee sinong di mawiwili hahaha

Monday, May 28, 2007

Solidify my Presence*

First time nung Friday na ibang combo ng friends ang kasama ko - Joel, Gary and Mands - na mag-dinner. Well, they sort of belong to different circles of friends. Joel and Gary are friends from IL while Mands is a friend from Philam. But since the actuarial field is a small one – either you know each other from school (Mands and Joel) or you end up being officemates (Gary and Mands). Haha talk about six degrees of separation. Anyhow, the original plan was Gary will treat me and Joel to dinner. But since he said that he’ll be able to leave work at 7:30pm pa we called him para pilitin na umalis sya ng maaga. Mands answered the phone and we invited him instead to dinner (and would have left out Gary pang-asar lang sana haha). We ate at Crustacia at Rockwell.

Bumangka si Joel buong gabi hahahaha. Dami nyang kwento about his office, the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, religion (religion daw o!), mussels and the light saber (na di ma-gets ni Mands). We left Starbucks past midnight. Good thing Mands offered, well I offered that Mands take me home wehehehe.

Oh and I finally got the reviewer for Exam M. Gary lent me their copy. Remember I blogged here last year that I will take the exam. Well, I wasn’t able to study so I didn’t enroll for the exam. This year I’m hoping na sipagin akong mag-aral.


Ooooh! Karen, I got your pasalubong yesterday. Salamatski!!! Mwah mwah!
*One of the few things Joel told us. Sobrang laughtrip nito!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meet Mini

Isn't she the cutest? I so love her :) We got her last Sunday. She's so adorable and soooo lazy. Isn't it obvious from the photo? Like Rico she's a chow-chow although she's pure bred. And also like Rico she so hates the heat! When she drinks water she lets the water drip from her mouth so that she'll get wet. And she loves sleeping on our cool marbled floor. Last night she slept right outside the door of my parents room so that she'll get a wift of the cool air from their AC. :) She also loves pretending to be asleep so that you won't bother her. Pilya!

Here are more pictures of her:

Monday, May 14, 2007


Did you vote today? I did...very early in the morning. I was the first one in my precinct. Anyways, I'm blogging because I'm stuck here in the office. Boo! I wish I'm in my desk right now so I can post pictures of Mini - you'll meet her soon. :) Oh well...back to work I guess.

Belated Happy Mother's Day to my mother!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Bakit ba ang pangit ng araw ko ngayon?

First, it started with a really bad dream. In my dream, Joema proposed marriage to some girl…in front of me! As in! In my face! I woke up feeling really bad tuloy.

Then this really stupid girl from the other department can’t make a judgement call. Argh! Haller! I gave you the permission to directly contact Mr. X tapos sasabihan mo ko that you’re not allowed! Tapos later on you’ll inform me that what you were asking for in the first place from Mr. X is not actually needed for him to get paid! Pakshet ka!!

And then, I called up the agent for the Sunrise Hotel because I haven’t got hold of the vouchers until today. Bwisit! Ang tagal na kaya non chinacharge na ko ng credit card hindi ko pa rin nakukuha. This is how our conversation went:

Me: blah, blah, blah
Agent: Ma’m I’ll call you back in a few seconds
Me: Is this recorded?
Agent: Hindi po
Me: Hindi, gusto ko nga recorded ‘to para on record na nagcommit kayo na dadating yung voucher by Wednesday this week. Put me on hold.
Agent: Ma’am wala pong hold ‘to (Argh! What kind of a call center is that walang hold feature ang phone!)
Me: No! I’ll wait!

Grrr!!! And it’s not even lunch time yet! Half of the day isn’t over yet and I have three strikes already. Lord, let there be no more.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm Singing in the Rain

It's raining, it's pouring. Remember when we were kids and we have birthday parties for our friends and neighbors and then it starts to rain so this kinda spoils the fun but our grandma always says it's a blessing.

I don't know why but I feel like I am being blessed today. Even if it's your birthday and not mine. :)

Happy Birthday Honey!

God knows how grateful I am to have you in my life. I love you very very much!

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful birthday because your dad will finally be home. Plus our celebration is not yet over! I love you! Hindi na ulit tayo magkaedad :p

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