Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 28: The 52 Project 2016

Yey! I'm again up-to-date with this weekly post. Hopefully, will be able to do this on a weekly basis from now on. I'm also hoping I get to blog about other things as well. =)

Ate is crazy about Snapchat. She does this everyday!

15 July
Kuya trying to do this puzzle. Problem is he's impatient! If he can't fit the block in his first try, he will ask me to do it for him hahaha!

16 July
I think it's about time I buy Bunso a teether. She's been trying to gnaw her fingers nowadays and her saliva is always oozing from her mouth hehe. Please, anak, wag ka muna mag-ipin.

16 July

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 26: The 52 Project 2016

Another photo of the whole #BrgyAlano. I use this hashtag when I post photos of the three of them in my social media accounts.

28 June

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 25: The 52 Project 2016

Another photo with all three of them. Love waking up on the weekends because we don't have to hurry waking up and getting ready for work/school. We can stay in bed and play before eating breakfast.

25 June

Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 24: The 52 Project 2016

Ate with Daddy and Kuya "swimming" at the hotel bath tub.

18 June

Kuya picked me up from work.

15 June
Bunso almost rolling over

18 June

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 23: The 52 Project 2016

Oh no! Wasn't able to take pics of the kids this week. =(

Week 22: The 52 Project 2016

Only one photo this week. This shows the reality of taking photos of three kids, so hard to take a perfect photo with all three of them smiling and looking at the camera. But I think photos like these are priceless as well!

1 June

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Week 21: The 52 Project 2016

Photos are from our summer outing with Migs. We went to Terrazas de Punta Fuego.

The waves were super big and strong. Miya was a bit apprehensive to go into the waters at first. But she later on enjoyed the waters as usual.

27 May
Kuya finally enjoyed the beach!

28 May
Bunso was in swimwear but for photo-op only. We didn't even dip her in the ocean. She was only 3 months old then.

28 May

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 19: The 52 Project 2016

Ate asked me to have her picture taken with this McDo poster of Angry Birds

9 May

Kuya enjoying another popsicle. 

10 May

Hello little girl!

11 May

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 18: The 52 Project 2016

Ate looking very happy during our Mother's Day staycation. She absolutely loves staying in a hotel!

7 May
Kuya looking like a boss

3 May
Bunso being cute hehe!

3 May

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Week 17: The 52 Project 2016

Ate playing with the mobile in Bunso's rocker

Taken 28 April
That smile that melts my heart

Taken 26 April
First time we tried putting on a hairclip on her heehee

Taken 26 April

Friday, July 08, 2016

Week 16: The 52 Project 2016

Haha the last one I posted for this project was way back in April. After I've caught up with the weekly posts, I miserably failed to follow through. Well, let's get back to business!

Ate making ice popsicles out of Dutch Mill yogurt milk drink

Taken 22 April
I don't remember why he was crying here. He probably wanted to get down from his chair but wasn't allowed to because he hasn't finished eating.

Taken 18 April

Bunso with her first baptismal gifts from Tito Jay.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Bunso's Birth Story

I ended my previous story with checking out of the hospital on my 35th week.

17 February 2016

We were back at the hospital because I experienced contractions the night before. My OB instructed us to go straight to the hospital instead of going to her clinic. I was again attached to the monitor for contractions when I got to the pre-labor room. There were no contractions and when my OB did an IE on me, I was dilated by only 3cm and the head of the baby was still floating. So she told us to go back home and come back the following week, my 37th week, so that she can already induce me by then. That was my understanding then. Basta her exact words, "Sige balik ka na lang next week, saktong 37 weeks papaanakin na kita." So I went back home, back to my bed rest.

I thought I was going to give birth that day na. May obligatory last family photo pa sana hehe. 

22 February

I texted my OB and asked if I can already stand and walk around and she gave her go signal. That morning when I took a bath I had a discharge which I would describe as like sipon na madami but it was clear (no blood) but yellowish and sticky. When I texted this to my OB she said it was mucus plug and was a sign of coming labor and instructed me to go to the hospital that day if I feel frequent contractions. Anyway, with my OB's go signal,  Joema and I went out on a date to watch Deadpool hihi. But the whole time we were at the cinema, I knew I was already having contractions. This went on until the next day on the ride to the hospital.

The last supper

23 February

9:30am - 11am

Photo before leaving for the hospital
We were supposed to be at the hospital by 9:30-10 but traffic was heavy so we arrived around 11am already. When I went into the pre-labor room and they did an IE I was already 5cm. So I was admitted and transferred to the labor room.

12:30pm - 1:30pm

I was transferred to the labor room. I was initially brought to room 5 and then after an hour was transferred to room 1 of the labor room. After I was transferred they did an IE, turned out I was already 6cm. But I was still not feeling any pain from the contractions. The resident OB suggested that I have my epidural already, so I said yes. They called the anesthesiologist to administer the epidural. However, when I requested for the button thingy that I had with my previous two births the resident anesthesiologist told me that Dr. Mike (anesthesiologist) said sayang lang coz we only had 4cm to go. Tawagan na lang daw sila when I need another dose.


Joema was still not inside the labor room. He left me at the pre-labor room to have lunch and get admitted (get a room). Good thing our OB was inside the labor room so I told her that Joema was still not with me. Since alam nga nya that I want Joema to be with me the whole time, she told me she'll look for him. Yes, ganon sya kabait. Maya-maya bumalik na sya sa kin. Sabi nya, "Wag ka magalit. Papasok na si Joma, ayaw pala sya papasukin kanina." Later on kwento ni Joema, paglabas nga daw ni Doc at nakita sya dun sinabi ni Joma sa kanya na ayaw sya papasukin, sabi daw ni Doc, "Sino dito ayaw magpapasok sayo?" Hahaha But I think Joma went inside the LR around 3:30pm already.

At the pre-LR


The resident OB did another IE and I was still 6cm. Since hindi nagprogress ang labor they gave me meds to induce the labor and told me they will pop my waterbag. The resident cautioned me that I will feel the pain once they pop my waterbag. Kaso while doing the IE, talaga namang kung isuksok niya yung daliri nya dun (sorry TMI ahead and medyo gross) he felt na may poop ako. That's the only time I recalled na di ako in-edema sa pre-LR like my previous births. At dahil ginalaw galaw nya yung poop I had the urge to poop. This all happened simultaneously and quickly ha -  I dont remember na pano talaga yung sunod-sunod ng events at this time! When they popped my waterbag, the water was stained a bit color brown or green. Medyo delikado coz may color baka mainfect si baby because that's meconium or poop ng baby. So they administered another round of meds to my IV line. I asked my OB if I would have CS because of this. Sabi nya as long as magprogress ang labor and okay naman ang heartbeat ni baby, no need for CS. Maya-maya I felt the pain of the contractions na so I asked if I can have another round of epidural. They called naman the anes kaso hindi agad dumating. At the same time I felt the urge to poop so I thought napopoopoo talaga ko. And told this to the nurse. Sabi nya they have to tell the OB kasi hindi pwedeng magpoop lang ako basta sa bedpan. So the resident OB did an IE again, and asked me to push when a contraction came. Sabi ni resident, I was ready to go na daw and give birth.  Si Joma, hindi pa dala yung camera sa loob ng LR dahil pinagbawalan daw syang dalhin. So he had to go back pa to our room and get the effing camera hahaha! When he went out, I think that's the time they did the IE and told me they had to wheel me na to the Delivery Room because I was asking them na if I can poop. Dun na lang daw sa DR pagkadeliver ng baby, lilinisin na rin daw nila yung passageway ko.


So agad agad they wheeled me to the DR but the pain was extreme already, di pa dumating yung anesthesiologist. When I got to the DR, sumisigaw na ko sa sakit as in "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Ganyan! It was my first time to experience that! Tapos pa feeling ko mapoopoop ako. In hindsight I think the urge to poop was really contractions, I wasn't familiar lang with that feeling. Tapos sinasabihan pa nila ko nang "Wag kang iire! Wag kang iire!" everytime I have a contraction. E anong gagawin ko? Ganon pala yun, when you push during a contraction as in wala akong nararamdaman na pain but pag dun sa times na I can't push with a contraction dun yung sobrang sakit. All those breathing exercises I practiced flew out the window! Wala na, yung instinct ko na lang na sumigaw at magmoan habang nasasaktan ang nag take over. Yung OB ko ngayon lang ako nakitang ganon kaya parang medyo nataranta din sya sa kin. Ang bilis din kumilos ng mga nurse to prep me. Kaso sa sobrang kaguluhan sa DR hindi pa pantay yung pagshave sa kin hahaha. Narinig ko pa yung resident asking our OB, san daw ba kukunin yung camera baka daw sa parking lot pa hahaha! Kasi naman wala pa si Joma sa DR non, gustong gusto ko nang umiri. Yung isang OB pa nga dun approached me and told me "Iha, wag kang sumigaw!" Kalerks! Dumating lang yung anesthesiologist nung naka-prep na ko. E syempre di pa agad nagwork yung anesthesia. Buti dumating na din si Joma kaso he needed to put on gloves pa when he got in dahil sya magcucut ng cord. In my mind pag ang tagal nyang maglagay ng gloves and another wave of contractions come, mamumura ko sya talaga hahaha! Siguro mga 2 or 3 times na nagcontractions ako in the DR (with matching "Aaaaaabhhh" na sigaw/moaning) before everyone was settled and pde na kong magpush. I only pushed twice and ayun lumabas na agad si baby. I gave birth at 5pm. The first thing I looked at were the genitals. It's a girl!

And she's out!

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