Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breakfast at Antonio's

The redeeming factor of our recent Tagaytay trip is our lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. I’ve read so many rave reviews online about this place and I’m happy that I wasn’t disappointed. I love the place! It’s a big compound but feels very homey! The gardens surrounding the two main halls, I think, made the place cozy. Here are some a lot of photos of the garden.

Miya had so much fun walking around the garden

This is the main restaurant - Antonio's
I love this garden set - feeling ko bahay ko!
We just had to take a family photo - at our sala LOL!
Another family photo

Everyone was happy with what they ordered. I would have been happy if the rice had bigger portion hahaha! Suffice it to say, I was the only one not so happy with my order. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tasted some of what my friends ordered, and they are delicious. My pork barbqcue is delicious as well, I just blame my simple taste for not appreciating it that much. The barbecue has some herbs and spices kasi just like how Jamie Oliver does his <> and I was only expecting a Reyes bbq for my order hahaha! It’s just that for this breastfeeding mom, I want my portions BIG! But don’t worry, I was still full when I left the restaurant because I ate an extra slice of pizza and pancake aside from the pork barbeque I ordered hahah.

Now, we're happy!

This is also where Miya learned how to drink from a straw. I ordered their mango slushy and as usual, Miya wanted to cry it. I was surprised that the straw got cold, meaning the mango slushy is going up the straw towards her mouth. Hurrah! Galing mo, anak!

Miya: Told you I can do it!
Btw, we also saw Anne Curtis and her beau dining there hehe. Icing on the cake? =P

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Call Me Maybe

For sure, you've already heard of this song. I'm kinda not liking it actually. But after watching this video, I wanted to hear it again and again or rather watch the video again and again hahaha! As said, ang gaganda lang nilang lahat!  Watch it! Nang ma-LSS din kayo sa Call Me Maybe haha!

Trivia: Did you know that Justin Bieber "discovered" the singer who sang that song? I was actually thinking why the song is so familiar, until I remembered I saw an episode of Ellen where the artist was introduced as Justin's discovery.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Darling Miya

We had to rush Miya to the emergency room this morning because she had wheals on her face. What started as a small bump yesterday afternoon became this.

My poor baby! It broke my heart to see her like this!

 I was already in the office this morning (our car is coding), when our yaya texted me that Miya’s  face is swollen.  We rushed back home and when I saw her I almost cried. What I thought about are those babies with hydrocephalus that Inday Badiday used to feature in her show or Mel Tiangco in that portion of her news program and then they ask for donations. Miya looked abnormal to me when I saw her (Please forgive me if this seems politically incorrect or whatever, this was my immediate reaction when I saw my daughter’s face earlier).

The doctor’s said it was hypersensitivity secondary reaction to insect bites. She was given a low dose of Benadryl which we also have to give her every 6 hours for as long as there is swelling.

Thank God it wasn’t anything major. I thought it was another allergic reaction from her atopic dermatitis. We also rushed her to our derma when she had blisters over her left arm due to an allergic reaction a few weeks ago. The only thing that kept me from crying earlier was Miya’s usual jolly self. She was so giddy because we were going out, she kept on saying “buh-bye!” to her yaya and letting out small squeals.

Now, I’m searching for a good insect repellant I can apply on her skin considering her atopic dermatitis. If you have recommendations, please drop a comment.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Canyon Woods (The Good and The Bad)

My family and I together with a group of friends went on a overnight trip to Canyon Woods over the weekend. We got this Canyon Woods deal through CashCashPinoy for P2999 for two persons.  I never like posting the price of what we pay for but believe me, this statement in this post is relevant.

Smile! Are you excited, Miya?

Anyways, going there Joel, Gary and Grace rode with us. We met up a little bit late in Makati, I think it was almost 11am when we picked them up. The ride going to Tagaytay through SLEX was okay but from Sta. Rosa Exit, the traffic was horrible. Good thing everyone in the car had breakfast because we ate lunch at round 1pm already. We ate at Buon Guorno in Cliffhouse.

With Daddy at the viewing deck of Cliffhouse

With Ninang Grace

Tasting the ice cream at FiC

My little girl
I loved everything we ordered except for the four-cheese pizza - I don't like blue cheese

When we got to Canyon Woods, I was actually excited to finally be there. I know that this is an exclusive place, it was very fortunate of us to bag that deal (or so I thought). The entire compound felt like you were transported in another place – there were trees everywhere and country homes line up the streets. We were billeted at their Lodge deluxe accommodations although the voucher was for Casitas. But that was okay, this was our view from our room.

We got in so late we didn’t have time to do anything on our first day. We only slept on our room haha! We actually went to their clubhouse to check the indoor pool. We actually attempted to swim in their indoor pool but they require swimming caps for women. I didn’t want to shell out P180 for the cap so we said adieux to the pool. Which was actually okay because Miya was already fussy coz she didn’t had her afternoon nap at that time. 

Outside the clubhouse while waiting for the shuttle - love those pine trees!

I had to bathe her though when we got back to our room because it was so hot outside, we were all sweating. She finally went to sleep around 5:30pm. When she woke up, the rest of the gang were back from mass and asked us to join them for dinner. But since Miya was not in a good mood, we decided to just stay in and order room service. When I called the coffee shop, the girl on the other line told me that our order will take a long time to get to us because the kitchen is busy, they had to wait for the shuttle to deliver the food, etc. When I asked if our food will arrive earlier if we eat at the coffee shop, she said they have dinner buffet.
My thought bubble: so why would your kitchen be busy kung buffet naman pala, that means the food is already cooked for all the other guests. They should have enough time to cook and deliver food ordered via room service.

So anyways, I still made my order. In fairness to that employee she called me up again to tell me that the food was ready. They’re just waiting for the shuttle to arrive. They only have one shuttle for the entire compound. I know this because we rode the shuttle going to and from the clubhouse when we checked out the indoor pool. When we rode the van going back to our room, the driver was very rude. He shouted at the guard and told him “Hoy pagsabihan nyo nga yung mga magpapasundo na lumabas na ng kalye, hindi yung nagpapaintay pa!” He knows we’re already inside and we can hear this outburst. OMG! Anyways, this is what I remembered from the shuttle so I asked the lady if we need to go down of our room and pick up our food. You know what she said, “Depende po kung may makuha akong waiter na magdadala ng food.” Ano?!?!?! Bakit pa tinawag na room service kung ganon. Ang Mcdo, Jollibee, Chowking (or any foodchain for that matter) nga nagdedeliver ng food sa mismong pinto ng condo unti namin e. Sila pa na dapat kasama ng services nila yan as a hotel establishment!

When our food arrived, I did not give any tip to the waiter who delivered our food. True, he was courteous when he got there but I was just so irked with their service! Good thing, Joema and I enjoyed our dinner albeit wrapped in plastic Styrofoam and not the usual hotel room-in service where they give you a table and the plates are placed there as if you are out eating in a fine-dining restaurant. That’s a small thing actually, give me rice and I’m happy. I had a lot of rice that meal so I was happy afterwards haha!

Grace dropped by our room after their dinner and she played with Miya before we hit the sack.

Miya was asking Grace for the bottle of coke

Making pa-cute

Grace bribed her with lollipop to let the Coke go. Guess who won? She got the lollipop and the Coke (she didn't drink just played with the bottle).

The next day for breakfast, I overheard My and Joel talking about Canyon Woods. I can’t help but tell them about our experience the night before. And we concurred, the service there is awful. They don’t really give a high regard to customer services. You know what, during breakfast when we placed our order, we were told that we only get one egg as opposed to two eggs as customary to their set breakfasts because we were voucher holders. WTF right?!!? How much is one freaking egg?? A lot of people were actually going to the counter placing their order and following up because no one is around to take our orders. My friend who ordered coffee with her breakfast, went to the counter to ask for her coffee. She overheard one customer asking for coffee too, the Canyon Woods employee replied “ma’am mag-juice na lang po kayo.” It turned out they didn’t have brewed coffee ready. The customer had to tell the employee to go brew the coffee.  Suffice it to say, we won’t be coming back to this hotel/resort.

To make ourselves happy, we went back to our rooms and had chocolate cake provided by My hehehe. To leave this post on a happy note, here are more photos.

Our sleeping beauty
I love this photo! Taken outside our window
Hello ducks! This is by the lagoon just at the back of the casitas and the restaurant where we ate breakfast.
I love the green surroundings! Trees everywhere!

At breakfast
This was taken beside the pool area - again those luscious trees!
Miya wanted to go swimming! We didn't let her because of she had atopic dermatitis flare-ups. Poor girl!
Hello again duckie!

This area is picture perfect!
Back at the room where the two toddlers wreaked havoc haha

Again, if not for the lousy service we’ll definite visit the place again.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012


So you already know I'm quite addicted to these groupon sites where I bought a pass to Gymboree, an overnight stay in Tagaytay in this hotel and another one with friends (will blog soon), some photobooks (which I also have to blog about), some massages for me and Joema, and then this one where I had a photo of Miya converted into a canvas.

Remember the photoshoot we had with my friend? We actually had to re-do the photoshoot because the size of the photos just won't do plus my friend's not that satisfied with the photos hehe. Your photo should atleast be 3MB to be converted to canvas.  I sent the photo via email on the 18th of January, and after a week they emailed me back to complete an order completion form and sign-off on the printed canvas. They basically sent me back the photo showing me how the edges will turn out in the canvas, how the photo will be placed in the canvas. They have a 14-day completion turn-around time so by 8 February, they emailed me to let me know that the canvas is already done. So glad they deliver within Ortigas Center and the next day the canvas was in my office ready to take home to my daughter. Unfortunately, I think I had to commute that day so I took the canvas home the following day, hence the 10 Feb date-stamp on the photos.

The little girl opening the package


I can't show you the canvas hanging on our walls because we haven't hung it yet. It still like that, wrapped in bubble wrap hahaha. Hay, I can't wait to get our permanent home so that we can decorate as we want. I want to hang this in Miya's own room.

By the way, in case you're interested here are the contact details of Photocraft.

Photocraft Shop
14F Net Cute Center, 3rd Ave cor 30th St. Bonifacio Global City
Tel 585 7265
Mobile 09175016614

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joema's Birthday (Parts 2 and 3)

For Joema’s actual birthday, we had a simple celebration at home. I cooked spaghetti for dear hubby and baby. Because hubby didn’t want us to buy a cake for his birthday, I urged him to blow-out a candle which we put on top of the cupcake we got from the twins’ baptism.

MIya singing "Happy Birthday" to Daddy

Blow a candle and make a wish
I asked hubby what his wish was and he said he wished that Miya will grow up to be a good girl. =)

Sweet little girl

In the afternoon, we went out on a movie date – Avengers! This was the second time we’ve watched the movie hehehe. We love love love it! Can’t wait for the second installment.

The following Saturday, Joema celebrated his birthday together with Janice at our friend’s house. There was so much food…yum yum!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Joema's Birthday Weekend

6-7 May 2012

Sunday before Joema’s birthday, our little family went to Tagaytay. We’re finally able to use the voucher I bought from Ensogo for Theodore Hotel.  We stopped by Nuvali for lunch and ate at Conti’s.

It was so freaking hot!
Oreo for lunch
She tried the macaroni salad
Okay sue me, I’m a bad mom when it comes to Miya’s food. After she turned one, we let her try almost everything. And I’m not really particular if she eats a full meal or not when I’m with her. As long as she nurses directly from me, I’m okay if she won’t eat as much “solid” food. But if I’m not with her, say during weekdays when I’m in the office and she’s left with the yaya, then I insist with the yaya to feed her properly. Good thing though is that she eats a lot and properly when she’s left with the yaya.

The hotel looks exactly as the photos in their website. I’m just disappointed we didn’t have a view of the lake. For dinner, we ate at Antonio’s Grill. It’s so hard to go out with Miya in tow with just Joema and me because we can’t eat peacefully hahaha. Either he eats first or I eat first and then the other one will try to entertain Miya while the other is eating. Miya gets bored easily and she wants to explore everything around her thus, our arrangement.

We didn’t really have any other agenda on this trip but just to relax. So we really didn’t go anywhere else aside from the hotel and the dinner at the restaurant. We went back after eating and called it a night.

Outside the hotel

Night night!

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel which is included in the voucher. I must say, it was a hearty breakfast even though it was a set menu and not buffet. Jeoma and I both enjoyed our orders. He had waffles while I had pancakes – big servings!

The "backyard" of our hotel

As usual after a few minutes of sitting down, Miya became restless. It must be because it was also hot so early in the morning. We were in Tagaytay, but the cool breeze we were expecting was not there to welcome us.

Sorry I was lazy to go up to our room to get a change of clothes for her so I just took off her top.  :D

Miya tried to drink from a straw but she failed haha. She tried it during our dinner at Antonio’s because I had mango shake and then that morning she tried sipping my pineapple juice from a straw. Well, she didn’t succeed then but she learned to drink from a straw in Tagaytay a few weeks after (more on that on a separate post).

Happy birthday, Daddy!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meeting The Twins

5 May 2012

Miya finally met the twins on their baptism. She was her usual likot self during the reception - going around and playing with other kids.

She even went around kissing everyone..from Tito Jose: Genno:

But of course, the highlight is meeting the twins:

After the reception, Miya and I immediately ate the cupcake giveaways hehe

The little girl was so tired after that she slept while we waited for Daddy who had to do something quick in his office.

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A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

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