Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 – Day 2

4 November 2013

We started our second day early to have breakfast with Chef Mickey. This is one expensive breakfast buffet but seeing Miya’s face so excited to have her photo taken with Mickey was priceless. By the way, once seated you are given a stub that you need to present so that you can have your photo taken with Mickey. Kami kasi we went straight to Mickey to have our photo taken, hinanapan kami nung stub hahaha.

MIckey even hugged her. Sulit na!

High five, Mickey!

During breakfast. You would think my daughter was all smiles during breakfast. But no, she didn't want to eat the whole time and wanted to go out. Haay! Di namin nasulit yung buffet.
Since Miya didn't want to eat, Joema took her outside after he ate. So I followed them after I finished and had some photo op outside.

We just sat there and made lambing with each other while hubby took the photos. Love these shots!
We went up back to our room to refresh before heading out to the park.

This was taken at the mini-lobby on our floor.
Elevator shot

We missed the Ajeros and de Guzmans.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miya's Christmas Party in School

Their school Christmas party was held on a Tuesday, 17 December. I wasn't supposed to go with her as their circular said that parent's attendance is not mandatory. But I felt so guilty letting her go alone with yaya so I used my one and only annual leave left for that day and went with her and yaya. Good thing I did because I was able to see her perform. I'm still amazed at how she has grown this year (in terms of participation in school). From non-performing to performance levels even after a crying fit! More on that later. We arrived at around 12noon at their school. Their school programs never really start on time so we waited for a bit. While waiting, I let Miya stay with her other classmates. I observed that she doesn't really mingle with her classmates (as we were told by her teacher during her assessment for the first semester - I forgot to blog about this!). She just stayed with their teacher assistant while her classmates played with each other. Miya is the youngest and smallest in her class. It took her just a moment to let go of the teacher aide and she was knocked down by her a classmate who was playing round-and-round with the others. Her classmate bumped into her but because she was small she fell to the floor. She cried, my poor baby! She wasn't really hurt but I guess because it happened all too fast and that a lot of people were there, she cried. This was before the program started so I thought she might not want to perform during the presentation.

Look at her eyes :(

But alas, she has really overcome her shyness during presentations! Here are some her videos. The first one was with her class while the second one is with all the students.

After the program, it was exchange gift time (photos after the jump).

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas!

We spent the 24th at our home just the three of us. Joema had work that day so it was just Miya and me the whole day until Joema arrived in time for dinner. I asked Miya to paint some of the pages from her big drawing book as her gift for Daddy.

I cooked Pesto Spaghetti with breaded fish for dinner for my little family. And they both enjoyed it.

See the almost empty plate?

And then we let Miya eat ice cream hehe. We basically let her eat anything she wants this holiday season.

Patiently waiting for her ice cream


Daddy Santa bothering the little girl

After Miya gave her gift to Daddy
We started opening gifts around 9:30pm. It's good that we started early because Miya was so hyper afterwards she fell asleep around midnight already.

Here's a decent family shot.

For Christmas Day, we went to my parents' house and stayed the entire day there.

With Lolo and Lola after Christmas Day mass at the Parish of St. Therese

I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland 2013 – Day 1 (Prelude)

Two more days before Christmas! I can't believe it! I feel I've never been around here for so long. I have so many things to share with you. I’ve had problems uploading photos here in Blogger but now, I’ve finally found a solution. So expect a few posts from me during this Christmas break. First up is our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last November. We prepared for this trip for almost a year as we wanted our whole group to come along. Unfortunately, only three families pushed through with the trip and we encountered a few mishaps along the way but we’re all so happy we finally got the chance to travel abroad with each other and our families. Our last out-of-the-country trip was to Kota Kinabalu and that was a few years back.
3 November 2013

We took one of the earliest flights out of Manila (via Cebu Pacific) and arrived in Hong Kong around 8am.

We had breakfast at McDonald’s first and then we ventured out to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel where we are booked to stay.

That's Miya saying "Weee"
TIP: We bought our Disneyland park tickets from China Travel Service’s booth at the arrival section of HKIA. We got 15% discount from the regular rates. But they only accept cash payments so be sure to have your money changed first before heading to their booth.  

From the airport, we rode the bus going to the MTR Tung Chung station where we rode the MTR to Sunny Bay station and then rode the connecting train to Disneyland.

With Lola during the bus ride to Tung Chung station
From the Disneyland entrance, we walked a few meters to go to the parking bay for the shuttle buses where we rode to take us to our hotel.

With Mommy Charline and Mommy Janice
Cute photobomber behind us

Unfortunately, we arrived too early for check-in. It’s the hotel’s policy that they really give out rooms at 3pm no matter what time you arrive. You can opt to go straight to the park to explore or like us we opted to explore the hotel grounds (or take a nap which most of us did). TIP: Time your arrival at the hotel so that you won’t waste any time. For us we wasted almost half a day just waiting for our room. We didn’t have the energy to get out of the hotel grounds and explore Tung Chung or mainland HK so we opted to rest at the hotel lobby. The kids were able to nap and some of the adults. But for me, I was exhausted chasing after Miya and waiting to get comfy inside our room.

Miya had a grand time exploring the grounds of the hotel. She particularly loved the play area.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On Miya’s Weaning (and Toilet Training)

Two Wednesday (27 November) nights ago, I realized that Miya didn’t nurse the whole day. And then I realized I don’t even remember the last time she nursed from me. It’s only until now that I’m writing this that I feel a bit melancholy about the whole weaning thing. It was me who initiated to wean – mother-led weaning. It just became too much for me after we came back from our HK vacation (which I have yet to blog about). Miya wanted to nurse even when we were at the park even if I told her she can only nurse when we’re at the hotel. The last straw was on our flight home. On our flight out from Hong Kong when the plane took off, Miya wanted to nurse so I let her. Unfortunately, she also pooped in her diaper the moment we lined up to board. I didn’t have time to change her nappy before take-off. And since she’s nursing during take-off she started to drift off to sleep, so I kind of nudge her every once in a while and told her not to sleep because we need to change her nappy once the seat-belt sign is turned off. But she fell asleep. The moment the seat-belt sign was off, I took her to the lavatory to change her. I thought she won’t wake up because she’s too sleepy (we took the first flight out of HK to Manila early in the morning). But she woke up  while I changed her nappy. Afterwards. she did not sleep the entire flight.  I thought I could get some shut-eye because I was exhausted from our trip. My parents went along with us but Miya’s at this stage when she wants to be with me every waking hour even though my mother was there to help me out. While trying to sleep, Miya went back to me and wanted to sleep on my lap and play with me. And then I broke down, I started crying maybe because of exhaustion, maybe because of frustration, maybe because of PMS (I got my period on the day we left HK). I’m not sure why but I felt awful! I felt guilty! I felt ashamed!

On the plane ride home, I told Miya she won’t nurse from me anymore when we get back to Manila because she’s already a big girl. And that’s what we did. We started reading Maggie’s Weaning again. And whenever she wants to nurse, I only tell her she can do so for 10 counts on each breast. She only nurses during night time and when she wakes up because that’s the time when we’re together during weekends.  And all the time I count 1-to-10 everytime she nurses. She’s agreeable to this. I think it’s really because she’s also ready to wean. She nurses for comfort and not really for nourishment anymore because she eats whatever we eat. So I told her I can kiss her and hug her whenever she wants to nurse. And then that Wednesday came or the day before that or whatever day it was that she did stop nursing. Although there are still some slips when she asks to nurse, only I tell her she’s big now and doesn’t need to, she doesn’t insist. Yesterday morning she woke up and saw me changing and saw my breasts. I thought she wanted to nurse again but when I told her not to, she started playing with my breasts instead hahaha (sorry if this is TMI for you – that’s what breastfed babies do).

From my phone, her last photo breastfeeding taken in July 2013
Miya’s a big girl now and no longer a baby. She stopped nursing but I’m glad she’s still extra close me. She still prefers me for her dad. She still kisses and hugs me. Nothing changed except the nursing stopped.

PS: The following Thursday after that Wednesday, she insisted on not wearing a diaper during the night. And we tried for two days. But I don’t think we can let go of the diaper just yet because she doesn’t wake up to pee. I wake up feeling that our bed is already wet from her pee. Although she’s almost 100% toilet trained. She pees and poops in the toilet now. We only ask her to wear nappies when we go out and when we sleep at night (this last one is mainly because I want to get continuous sleep. But I think during weekends, I can let her sleep without her diaper. My concern is if we start doing this, she might object to wear her diaper anymore even during weeknights.

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