Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Letter To My Firstborn

My dearest Miya,

In a matter of days, our family of three will become four. Baby Minion will soon come to our little family. On one hand, I am saddened that you will no longer be our only child. I cherish moments we have together just the two of us. You taught me to be a mother. You have loved me unconditionally despite the mistakes I’ve made with you. They say mothers love unconditionally but I say kids love their mothers unconditionally and we learn from you. I will never forget the first time I held you in my arms. You were crying your lungs out the moment you were out of my womb. It was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. From then on, you have brought so much joy not only to me but to Daddy as well. We love you so much, Anak!

The past few months have been hard for the two of us. I was always tired and was quite easily upset when you don’t follow your elders. I was always yelling at you when we’re at home together. And for that I am sorry. I am sorry that I didn’t have enough energy to play with you. I am sorry that I didn’t have enough patience to talk to you when you’re throwing a tantrum. I know you have already forgiven me. You always do. You always tell me you love me. You always hug and kiss me. Thank you, Anak!

I’m writing this in my office and I can’t help but cry and excuse myself to the bathroom (or else Mommy’s officemate will think something is wrong with me hehe). I’m getting really emotional thinking about you with the coming of our baby. I’m worried how you will react to Baby Minion when he comes out. We have talked to you a lot about him. But I’m worried how you will now learn how to share Mommy with another baby. Don’t worry because Mommy’s love for you will never diminish. Last night, I woke up with cramps and couldn’t go back to sleep. I held you in my arms while you were sleeping as I haven’t done that in a long time – I have a hard time finding the right position when sleeping. And you have been really understanding to agree to our current set-up, you hug Mommy while sleeping instead of Mommy hugging you.  I love you so much, Anak!

You know I can’t help but cry because Mommy regrets not spending as much time with you these last few months. My excuse is I get tired easily when I’m with you. You are our little energizer bunny, you never run out of energy and I just can’t keep up with you. Mommy needs the rest for the baby as well. So instead of spending time with you, I’d sleep at home or stay longer in the office for some “me” time. I’m sorry, Anak!

When Baby Minion comes out, I promise to spend more time with you. I will be on maternity leave for 12 weeks so we’ll get to spend as much time together the three of us. Don’t worry, Baby Minion will usually be asleep so while he’s asleep we can play as much as we want to. I promise I won’t say no when you ask me to play with you or read something to you.

I love you my dearest Miya!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tali, Batangas 2014

24-25 May

I had a very busy summer this year. Aside from Puerto Galera, we also went to Tali, Batangas with our Flyfish friends.

We passed by Tagaytay on the way to Tali and had lunch at Leslie’s.

Then we stopped by the Mahogany Market to buy steak for our dinner later that evening. After that we we’re on our way to Tali. In case you don’t know, Tali is a private subdivision just after Punta Fuego. You need to rent a house inside the subdivision for you to get inside. Most of the houses for rent are posted in the internet. We got ours from sulit. Here’s a link of the house we rented out. Here’s their flicker account for more pics and their bloggeraccount for the rules and guidelines. I’m a bit disappointed with the house because the rooms are not that big and the bath room upstairs is a half-bath (no shower area). But those are definitely not deal breakers. There were 4 rooms, all airconditioned. Even the living room on the second floor is airconditioned. Although it may get too hot in their dining area because they only have a small stand fan there. We preferred to eat outside in the veranda for dinner when we stayed there. By the way, we were 4 families who used the place with one yaya each, so that’s 12 adults with 8 kids all below 5 years old. The yayas slept in the living room, the housekeeper provided us mattresses for the yayas. We paid P17,000 for the whole house so that came down to P4,250 for each family which was more than okay considering the house is beachfront and you can bring your own food and cook your food at the same time. They have a well equipped kitchen.

We and Mands’ family brought inflatable pool for the kids to enjoy since we’ve foreseen it would be too hot to go to the beach when we arrive. The little kids enjoyed the pool.

Then we all went to swim at the beach.

I was 19 weeks and 5 days preggo in this photo

Miya with Ninang Janice

Ang saya-saya namin sa tubig di ba? 
Miya didn't want to walk along the sand and asked her Daddy to carry her

Tatanggi ba naman si Daddy?

When the kids got tired, we all washed up and they whiled away the time drawing. While the daddies cooked the steak over the grill for dinner.

Dinner time! Happy bellies!

The kids were all exhausted that after dinner we all settled down and let the kids sleep. Even the adults slept na rin. The next day after breakfast, we hit the beach again!

Hopefully next summer we can do this again!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Preggo Momma Goes Out with Friends

22 August 2014

When I'm at work, I rarely go out of the building for lunch because I try to limit my walking within the building. I get tired easily nowadays and I don't really want to endanger myself and the baby by walking around a lot (I've been on bedrest too many times I think). So this rare Friday I was able to go out for lunch with friends and then in the evening went on KTV night with another group of friends. Yes, it's that rare that it's a bloggable moment!

Lunch At Abe

Happy birthday, my friend! Thanks for the lunch treat!
KTV at Music Match


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Buntis Serye @ 35 Weeks

That’s exactly 35 weeks and 2 days today. I can give birth in two weeks. And that’s based on my 37th week hehe. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until the 40th week to give birth. My tummy’s been really really heavy these past few days. I’ve been having contractions, I think. I’ve been on Duvadilan three times a day since August.

Last Monday was our latest checkup with our OB. We were able to discuss our birth plan with her. Joema was late in coming to our checkup. Good thing, our OB was okay to wait for him to discuss the birth plan. Bad news is Medical City’s Lamaze room is under renovation so I can’t deliver the baby there unlike with Miya. Good news is Medical City is not allowing companions to be inside the delivery room during the birth. But still, I have to wait on my own at the labor room for my labor to progress although Joema can visit and stay for a few minutes but not throughout my labor. With Miya even though we weren’t talking much while I was in the Lamaze room (either I was sleeping or he was sleeping or watching TV hehe), atleast I know he was just there inside the same room as me. Oh well! I’m praying my labor won’t take hours. I told Joema I will wait as long as I can tolerate the pain before we go to the hospital so that we won’t have to wait that long in the hospital.

My OB’s a bit worried with the water in my uterus. She said my water level is upper normal. So she discussed with me a few scenarios in case my water bag breaks before my term (37th week). She said this might be because of my gestational diabetes (GDM). As for that, I’ve still been monitoring my blood sugar. It’s sometimes really frustrating because there are times that my blood sugar is too low resulting to my nausea and vomiting. I’ve had vomiting episodes four times in my last trimester. For the first two, me and my OB theorized it must be the water I’ve been drinking at the office because I noticed I get nauseated after drinking that water. But even after drinking only mineral water, I got nauseated and vomited for two consecutive days last week. My OB theorized it must be because I had very low blood sugar. So she told me to get my blood sugar level when I feel nauseated and then immediately drink Coke if that’s the case. She says Coke will bring up my blood sugar level. Well, last week I felt nauseated again, and then I tested my blood sugar. True enough it was very low at 69, the glucometer was beeping already. Haaay so frustrating really! There are times when I think I followed my diet to a T but my blood sugar level is higher than the limit imposed by my endocrinologist. This really frustrates me because then I think I didn’t even eat anything that’s not supposed to be eaten, I should’ve just eaten dessert for my last meal to warrant the high blood sugar. But well, a mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do. I just think about how many more weeks I have to endure this diet and then I can eat my cake (and ice cream and donut and chocolates, etc harharhar).

My nose is beginning to get big. It’s a good thing I only have a few more weeks to go. Unlike with Miya then when I think my nose got bigger earlier on in my pregnancy. My skin was also got so much darker with Miya. So I don’t think the saying that when you have boys, you get these all sorts of things is definitely not true.

In preparing for the baby:
  • wash the clothes that we already have – need to ask our Yaya to wash all of the baby’s new born clothes. What’s washed are only his clothes that we’re  bringing to the hospital. I want to buy a new dresser for the baby before I ask yaya to wash all his clothes
  • buy a new dresser
  • wash and clean the crib/playpen – done!
  • rearrange our bedroom with the crib – done. But I think we can still do a better job rearranging our bedroom. We need to get more stuff out of there for more space for the baby.
  • general cleaning of our bedroom – done!
  • get on rehiring our previous Yaya – she already started. Our house now is so much cleaner and organized!
  • pack our hospital bags – done! The only things left to pack are our documents and the camera.
We’ve finally decided on the name for our baby! For the nickname, we’re still undecided hahaha! But I think I’ll win on this front. We’ve asked Miya to tell it to her grandparents and her Ninongs and Ninangs already whom we saw over the weekend.

On to my weekly preggy photos:

33 weeks (taken 25 August_ - wearing a Uniqlo jersey dress (non-maternity) and grey cardigan
33 weeks and 1 day (taken 26 August) - wearing a maternity top and black cardigan paired with black maternity pants (not seen)
33 weeks and 3 days (taken 28 August) - wearing a knit dress (non-maternity)
Left: 21 weeks and 3 days (taken 5 June)
Right: 34 weeks (taken 1 September)
wearing a jersey dress (non-maternity)
34 weeks and 2 days (taken 3 September) - wearing And Apparel jersey dress (non-maternity). See my nose? It looks like a tomato in this photo hahaha!
34 weeks and 6 days (taken 7 September) - wearing the same Uniqlo jersey dress on the first picture

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