Thursday, August 28, 2014

Miya's Makeover

18 May 2014

Remember this post? It all happened this one fine Sunday afternoon.

We went to Megamall to have Miya’s teeth fixed, have her first ever hair cut in a kiddie salon and have her ID photo taken for school. We went back to the pedia-dentist who put the sealant on her two right lower molars. 

While waiting for our turn at the dentist

This is so we could have her two left molars fixed and also put a filling on her two front teeth. Unfortunately, when we got there Miya didn't like to sit on her own on the dentist chair (unlike before). So she sat on my lap which was a bit difficult because I already had a baby bump then (19 weeks). The first plan was to put sealant only on the two right molars. But when it was done so quickly with Miya being so patient, I asked the dentist to proceed with her two front teeth as well (para isang puntahan na lang). We didn’t do the crown for the teeth anymore but instead go fillings (or pasta). Although, the dentist warned us that with this remedy, it’s more possible that the teeth will chip again if Miya bites on something hard. We were at the dentist chair for like one and half hours. At the last half hour, Miya was starting to get fussy. She was starting to wriggle on my lap and we had to tell her to stop moving. When the dentist was finally done, I heaved a big sigh of relief. Buti na lang natapos din!

And then afterwards, as if I’m really testing my 3-year old’s patience we went to the kiddie salon just in front of the dentist to get her haircut. 

This was at the kiddie salon. Miya showing her fixed two front teeth, no more bungi!

Ayun she didn’t want to sit on the “car” so I told her to sit again on my lap while Manong did her haircut. Before we went to the mall, I was already psyching her that she gets to sit on a car while her hair is being cut and then afterwards we can play again inside the playarea where there were lots of balls. But still she didn’t want to sit on the car when we got there even if I reminded her that she’ll get a reward and get to play. 

They let her watch Frozen while her hair was cut by Manong

Almost there

Ganda ng bob ni Manong. Parang gusto ko rin magpagupit sa kanya. 

After her haircut when we were walking away from the salon and down to the escalators, she saw the playarea and wanted to play! I told her she can’t because she didn’t do her part of the deal which was to sit on the car for her haircut. I told her she can get a toy instead as a reward for her patience during our dental visit. But first, we had to have her photo taken. Good thing she was more cooperative at the photo center. She sat on her own on the stool and got her photo take. Here's her ID photo again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Puerto Galera 2014

9 - 11 May 2014

This was a long awaited vacation for us as we planned this a few months ago. Epoy was coming home for his holidays and we wanted to go on vacation with him. We initally planned to go to Davao but since we're all in a tight budget, Epoy offered going to his hometown in Puerto Galera instead. 

We left for Puerto Galera the day after Joema’s birthday. He paid for the place we stayed in and we split all other expenses. It was a long day of travelling for us. We first went to pick up Epoy from his condo in MOA and then went to Paranaque to Joy and Mek’s house. We agreed to take just one vehicle going to Batangas Pier. But before going to the pier we went to Mek’s parent’s house in Lipa first to drop off their puppy. And then from the pier we rode a ferry going to Puerto Galera. We didn’t stay at the white beach instead we stayed at a nearby small hotel just beside Epoy’s grandma’s place. All our food were taken cared of Epoy courtesy of his mom’s cooking. We arrived in Puerto Galera just in time for lunch.

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After eating, our first agenda for the day was mud karts. But a little side story here as this was where my first hormonal breakdown happened hahaha. So we freshened up after eating. We all took a bath, by we all of us in our family – Miya, then yaya, hubby and me. Miya because she hasn’t taken a bath for the day as we left home very early and she was still sleeping when we carried her to her car. Then yaya decided she wants to take a bath too. And since we’re all sharing one bathroom I let her go first after Miya. So I had to wait for my turn. When it was my turn to take a bath, I was feeling so tired and hot and sticky already. Epoy was already hurrying us up so we can still go to the beach. Joema and I decided to take a bath together so it will be faster. When we got to the bathroom, the heater was automatically turned on and the water was so hot. I really want to take a bath already but Joema was so masungit with me and telling me to wait for the water. Hay naku I broke down in the bathroom because I was really hot and I wanted to take a bath na hahaha! As in parang pelikula, I was crying while taking a bath. Anyway, Joema said sorry afterwards. But I really felt kawawa at that moment – pregnancy hormones I tell you hahaha! 

Refreshed and ready to explore!

When we got to the karting place I knew I can’t do anything with them but watch (I was 17 weeks pregnant at that time).

So I took photos of them instead.

Still clean...
They really enjoyed mud karting!

All mudded up! 
In fairness, they said they felt their skin felt much smoother after they washed off the mud hehe.

After mudkarts we went to white beach to swim for a bit (only the kids) and we also hired a boat for our island hopping the next day. We also had our hair braided at the beach. 

I wanted a silhouette photo of my bump - at 17 weeks and 4 days

The next day, we went island hopping! Yes, all of us even Miya and our yaya. We negotiated with the boatmen to let Miya and our yaya ride free for the island hopping since they won’t be able to go snorkeling anyway. Our hired boat took us around Mindoro’s island first and then went back for our snorkeling adventure. From the big boat, we rode small boats to go to each of the attraction. I was so scared because the boat can only fit 3 adults. Miya was with us and she had to stand in between Joema and me. I was scraed but I can’t show it to Miiya because she might get scared too. So instead we pretended that it was all okay hahaha kunyari we’re all playing and we’re saying “Weee” while the boat was crashing into the waves. Our first stop was the underwater cave. If you’ve been to Crystal Cove in Boracay, this is similar to that but much smaller. When we took Miya underneath I told her that she’s like Ariel, the Little Mermaid, because it was pretty dark inside. I don’t want her to be afraid. Good thing, it was only for the first few minutes we were inside that she was afraid. By the time we left the cave she wasn’t scared anymore. She was saying that she was like Little Mermaid. If you’re going here, better wear a rubber sandals with straps or aqua shoes. I was wearing ordinary slippers when we went there and my slippers kept on floating hahaha. I don’t have photos of us inside the cave because it was in Ky’s underwater camera but I will definitely update this post once I get those photos. After that we went snorkeling to see the big clams and the beautiful corals in Puerto Galera.

Here's a photo of Mya and yaya while the rest of us went snorkeling

We ate lunch at our boat and then we went to an island were we just whiled away our time.

When we got back to the main island, we went to Tamaraw Falls.

Miya was knocked out by this time

There was a pool that catches the water from the falls where you can also swim. Only Mek and Miguel were brave enough and had enough energy to still swim.

We were all so tired here. From the bottom of the falls where the pool was, we had to go up a few flight of stairs to come up again to the main road where this was taken. 
That night we went to a bar and they had some drinks while watching Epoy’s cousins band perform. But I don't seem to find any photos of us there hehe. 

On our last day, we just chilled at the resort. Miya was the only one (with yaya) who swam at the beach in front of the hotel hahaha! You can’t really take out my baby from the water. She loves the water! Well, actually the boys did some exploring.

Kala mo mga haciendero!
They even borrowed a boat from the local kids, which they sank!

Then it was time to eat our last meal in Puerto Galera...

Then it was time to say goodbye and thank you to our hosts.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joema's 35th Birthday

Joema’s birthday this year fell on a Thursday. We both went on leave to celebrate his birthday at home. But the Saturday before that, I helped Miya make a birthday card for Daddy. But I forgot to tell her that we weren’t supposed to give it yet. So when her dad arrived from work on that Saturday night she went up to me excitedly and whispered, “Mommy, where’s our surprise for Daddy? I want to give it to him.” Hahaha! Sablay!

The balloons read "Daddy" which Miya wrote and then she signed it also with her name. This blurry photo is brought to you by my iPhone 5 hahaha!
My inlaws went to our house on Joema’s actual birthday and we celebrated with cake and chicken.

The next day we left for Puerto Galera with our friends. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

4 May 2014

We were in Puerto Galera on Mother’s Day so we celebrated early with my side of the family. Went out for lunch on the Sunday before Mother’s Day. I helped Miya make a card for Lola.

We ate lunch at our favorite Poco Deli in Ayala Triangle.

We let the little girl have ice cream afterwards. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Miya's Summer Class

Last summer we enrolled Miya for summer classes in her school. Nothing serious like advance reading or anything. We just want her to have an activity everyday and not become restless at home. For the first part of summer, the class we enrolled her to had cooking, art classes and singing and dancing. For their culminating program, their art projects were displayed for all the parents to see.  

Photos of their cooking class were also displayed. They made pizza, mac 'n cheese among others.

The children also presented some song and dance numbers. Their teacher asked us to dress them up with their best summer dress so I had her wear the dress she wore in Siquijor for her birthday.

With her Teacher Jonah who was very proud of her because she sang and dance throughout the program

Good job, anak!
For the second part of summer, we enrolled her to a pre-beginner’s class hahaha! Really, we just want her to enjoy the summer so instead of enrolling her in the reading program we just went ahead and enrolled her again to this even if she already knows what to do. On their last day, the parents were invited to sit-in during the class to see what the kids were up to. Here are photos of Miya cooking in class. 

Eating time!

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