Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Glass Breaker

Got this email yesterday so the following event happend Sunday night, 22 July 2007. Sabi ko kay EJ dapat cobra na lang instead na langgam pero sbi nya patay kasi agad pag cobra. Onga naman dapat silang ma-torture kaya dapat balatan muna sila ng buhay bago sila kagatin ng langgam.

Hi guys. I'm sorry to start the week off with a downer of an email, but we feel that it's necessary to share this story with you.

At around 9pm last night, we (well, our car) were the victims of "glassbreakers".

We were parked along the main street of BF Homes (President's Avenue) -- a parking lot in front of a closed luxury car shop right beside the entrance to Tahanan Village. A lamp post illuminated the area and it was only a fewsteps to the guard house. And at 9pm, it was still a very busy street. So without giving it another thought, we locked the car and crossed the street to where we were having dinner.

We came back an hour later to find our left rear window open -- at least, that's what i thought. At closer inspection we found that the window had actually been smashed. And they did a pretty good job of it -- the whole glass lay inside the car unbroken, with only shattered bits around it. Maybe that's why they didn't trip the alarm. They knew what they were doing, as we were later told by the police that it wasn't the first time this happened in the area.

Anyway, we realized that a bag in the back seat caught their attention. It wasn't a flashy one, and we thought our car was darkly tinted enough to hide what was inside. Apparently we were wrong. The bag contained some cash,credit cards, atm cards, a phone, and house keys. So we immediately got on the phone to have the cards and phone line cut, and all that.

We put a makeshift window made of dark plastic so that we could at least drive home without inhaling the polluted air of South Super Highway.

And we thanked God that it was just a bag that was stolen, not our entire car...that it was just a window that was smashed, and not us.

We've all heard these stories before and have been warned, especially about leaving your laptops in cars, or when going to particularly dangerous areas. But when it happens to you, inside a busy, well-lit area inside a private subdivision, with only a simple bag as the trigger, you can't help but think, what's the world coming to? Hay.

Bottom line -- please, please be extra careful, guys. No matter where you go, or what you have, these people will always find a way to get what they want (or need -- I keep telling myself that I hope whoever did it was really in dire need na lang. Otherwise, sana kainin sila ng mga malalaking pulanglanggam. :p) Don't give them the opportunity.

Please forward this story to everyone on your mailing list. God knows we all need to be on guard. Unfortunately.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Sad and Happy

Last Saturday I went to two different occasions. In the morning, my parents and I went to the wake of our neighbor, Tita Aida. She’s been battling with breast cancer for a few years now. I learned that she stopped having chemo-therapy last December. She died at the age of 68. I haven’t had the experience of having someone died in our immediate family. I think the closest would be my Tito Pet, who’s the brother of my mom. But he was based in the province so I did not experience the whole preparing for the wake, for the burial thing. All we did there was show up for the wake and the interment. I guess I’m lucky that way. Anyways, last year I’ve experienced the death of someone close to me. Although she wasn’t family, I see her everyday and have worked close with her for almost two years. It was a shock to all of us because she died of an accident. She was in the ICU for four days before finally succumbing to death. I don’t if I’ll ever be able to handle death in our (immediate) family or a love one (Joema or any of my dear, dear friends). When Tita Percy died I really can not understand why she had to go. I know that they say that she’s in a better place but I still felt that something was taken from me – without my permission. Maybe, God hasn’t taken any of my love ones yet because he knows I’m not yet ready for that. I’m not that mature enough to accept the concept of death. I know and believe that there’s heaven and that people who die go there. This was recently reassured by a priest that I heard perform mass recently. He said that priests choose to be celibate because God is pointing out that there is a heaven. “Bakit ako magpapakahirap ng ganito kung hindi ako naniniwala sa heaven? I bet my life to you that there is a heaven,” he said. Did I explain that clearly? Basta when I heard it, my belief was reaffirmed.

In the afternoon, I went to Ge’s house blessing. They recently bought a house and had it renovated. Sayang no pictures, nawili kasi sa kwentuhan. Although I felt a little out of place because almost all of them were married and had their spouses/kids with them, I still had a lot of fun. I guess the good thing about having married friends is that I learn a lot from them – you know, grown up stuff like buying houses, or stuff about their kids, even stuff about their household help. Well, I hope in the future I will be able to use whatever I learn from them.
I didn’t notice that my Saturday was almost over when I got home. Usually I feel that Saturday’s a very loooong day because I don’t get to see Joema (when his off-days are weekdays), but last Saturday was different because I went out. Katamad din naman kasi lumabas pag walang kasama. I only went to the wake and to the house blessing because I was with my parents (wake) and they dropped me off (blessing). Well, I guess I won’t be having that problem anymore because Joema started training again today, meaning Saturdays and Sundays off again. Yey! (I’ll have this problem again maybe 6 weeks after.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

One Night with Angel

Hindi ako makatulog kagabi kaya imbes na pilitin kong matulog nanood na lang ako ng TV. I chanced upon the show: One Night with Angel on Channel 9. It's produced by Ideal Minds. At first I thought, it was just one of those low-budgeted reality tv shows (I only knew it was produced by Ideal Minds during the end credits). I don't know what IT is that made me watch the show maybe it's the "bida" played by Rem and his friend Shan or the concept of the show. Anyhow, while watching it I found out that Rem has 30 days to go and accomplish his goal which is to date the actress Angel Locsin. Although I was only able to catch it last night I caught up with what's been happening. Rem already met Angel in SOP and he already told her he wanted to go out with her. Last night's episode showed was day 24 when Rem prepared a pasta dish with tuna and pesto, which they dubbed Pasta a La Darna (gets?). I loved Shan when he was telling on the story on how they came up with the name. This was in preparation for his date with Angel. He wanted to prepare everything for her for his envisioned candle-lit dinner. On the next day, day 25, he was on his way to work when his friend called him up and told him that Angel agreed to go out with him. Because of his excitement, he did not go to work (he's supposed to report for his first day at work at Sen. Mar Roxas' office - big time di ba?). I was thinking swerte ko naman first time ko nanood tamang tama pang makakadate na nya si Angel. It turned out his friend was duping him. It was a different "Angel". I found it interesting that he had to explain to the girl why there were cameras around (mukhang di talaga scipted). And I was enlightened too with his explanation hehe (then I knew it was a documentary and what the show was really about). Buti na lang he was gentleman and honest enough to tell her everything and still continue on with the date. I liked Angel's question to him: of all the guys na may crush kay Angel Locsin, why would she choose him. Onga naman bakit sya? Pano na si Marvin Agustin di ba nalilink sila? haha Pero bad trip talaga yung ginawa nung friend nya sa kanya ha. Dumating pa sa resto na tatawa-tawa na parang wala lang. Super na-bad trip tuloy si Rem. Pati yung director at si Shan nawindang ever!

For the preview on the next episode Shan was talking to Rem and asking him why he's quitting after everything. Hmmm...I'm intrigued.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

My Life in Bullets

  • - I've finished Silence already. Well, this was mid-June pa. I so love the ending. I think the ending was perfect. I'm a sucker for tragic endings. For example, I loved City of Angels also because of the ending. There was no other way these two (Silence and City of Angels) could have ended.
  • - I haven't studied for THE exam for over a week now. Although, I did some note taking during lunch time today. I should finish the memo for HR form them to approve my application for the exam. Dahil kung hindi mamumulubi na naman ako sa exam fees. I'm praying that the Peso will continue to appreciate para mura lang lalabas ang exam fee. :)
  • - My weekends now seem longer because I don't get to see Joema. Damn that sched! We get to see each other on Tuesdays though. Pathetic noh! We can't do anything about it. Super baligtad ang time sched namin. Pauwi ako, papasok sya. Papasok ako, sya naman ang pauwi. Grrrr!!! I wish he'd be transferred to another account soon para training ulit meaning Saturdays and Sundays off ulit! Yehey!
  • - Been watching a lot DVDs and Friends nowadays (dahil nga walang magawa pag weekends). Sa bahay pag walang ibang mapanood na DVD pop-in Friends. We never get tired of it. Kahit paulit-ulit na napanood tumatawa pa rin kami ng utol ko sa antics nila. I love all of them. If you make me choose which one I love the most: Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe or Monica.. parang wala akong mapili.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I’ve been gone for a time that I don’t know what to say. Should I make excuses why I didn’t blog? Should I make a recap of what has been happening in my life? Hmm… Let me just leave you with this instead.

You Are 91% Burned Out

You are extremely burned out.
You work too hard, and you're not getting the results you deserve.
It's time for a life change, as soon as you can manage it.
You're giving away most of your energy to something you don't even enjoy.

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