Monday, June 18, 2018

A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

Dear Honey,

Yesterday was Father's Day but I don't think any celebration is enough to celebrate how good a father you are to our kids. I'm not that good with words but I hope this will encapsulate how you are as a father.

The moment we learned that we were going to be parents, you already took care of the kids by taking care of me. I remember one night when I was pregnant with Miya and I wanted to eat pancake from Pancake House, you called for delivery but they didn't deliver in our area so you went out in the middle of the pouring rain and took home some walnut banana pancake for your pregnant wife. You were on night shift on our first pregnancy but you did not miss a single checkup with our OB-GYNE. There were no hesitations from you when we had to live at my parents' place because of my delicate condition. Well, I had three delicate pregnancies but you were there all throughout and took care of me. 

Baby shower thrown by my friends from the ofice

I knew you were nervous in all my births but thank you for being there inside the delivery room with me on all three and for cutting our babies' cords. Not all fathers are willing to do that.

With our newborn bunso

Cutting Javi's cord
Thank you for supporting my decision to breastfeed the kids. Thank you for encouraging me to do so even beyond their first birthdays. I wouldn't have lasted this long without  your support and encouragement.

Kissing and burping Miya

It took you three kids before you willingly took charge of changing diapers when Nina was a newborn. But I'm so glad you did because I couldn't do it physically. I know you're misgivings in changing newborn diapers because they are so tiny but see you can't do anything to hurt them. Although you still didn't take care of the night shift hehehe. Thank you for putting them to sleep during the day time.

The past few months would rank as one of our challenging months as parents as we had no yaya to take care of the kids. Thank you for giving them a bath or washing their bums when we had no yayas to take care of them. Thank you for filling in all my shortcomings as a mother. For doing what you do, so that I can do what I am doing.

Our girls are so lucky to have you because you are showing them what an outstanding man is supposed to be. I hope they won't settle for anything less than what you are giving them. I pray that when the time comes, they will choose someone who is like you, who will love them for what they are worth and make them feel like princesses no less.

Dancing with Ate
With Nina

Thank you for being affectionate to the kids. I told you before, I hope even when Javi is older and bigger you will still kiss him :)

Thank you for not being shy to be silly with them, to give them a laugh. Thank you for being the fun parent. I pray to God to give you good health and more energy to play with the kids.

I am so happy Javi has you as a model on how to be a good man. I pray he learns from you how to treat women.

You are my partner in disciplining the kids. It's very important to me that we have the same values and teaching these to our kids.

Thank you for holding their hands and telling them everything will be alright.

Thank you for encouraging the kids that they can be whatever they want to be. Thank you for bringing them to school and attending school activities with them.

You are our superhero. Thank you for tirelessly taking care of all of us.

Most of all, thank you for loving me and showing them what a good husband should be. For filling our home with love and laughter. We love you so much, Daddy!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend at Anya Resort

For our department's summer outing, my family and I chose to go to Anya Resort in Tagaytay. It was raining the entire weekend due to typhoon Domeng but this didn't hinder the kids from enjoying our stay.

Ready and rearing to go!

We left the house really early to avoid the long-weekend traffic. I think most people were discouraged to go out of town due to the inclement weather, which was good for us. We passed by Good Shepherd to eat light lunch before proceeding to Anya. We arrived at the resort around 11am I think. We waited for a few minutes for our villa to be ready.

The hotel staff bang that gong when new guests arrive
The view from our room
Nina's first order of business when we settled in our room was attack the complimentary fruit plate. As in! I didn't even notice that there was a fruit plate at our room. She just pointed to it, and asked for the banana. She immediately ate two. And then attacked the apple next. She kept on returning the apple every time we get back to our room ahahaha!

First order of business for Nina: attack the complimentary fruit plate ahehehe
Ate relaxing at our veranda...look at the two monkeys in the background. Nina later ate both bananas hahaha! 
Since it was raining the whole afternoon, I told the kids they can't go swimming in the pool. Good thing our villa had a bath tub. They were more than happy to go into the bubble bath.

We took a nap after the kids washed up and then went to the poolside for the resort's pizza making session.

The pizza in front of Javi is not his, the one on his right side is his pizza hehe

While Ate and Kuya are making pizza, bunso was kept busy watching the pool beside us. It was raining anyway, so she couldn't really roam around. We went back to our room after they finished their pizzas. Rambulan lang sila dun.

My inlaws came with us and stayed at a separate villa. Unfortunately, my father-in-law got sick while we were there so they weren't able to come with us for dinner. We left Nina behind with my mother-in-law to entertain her hehehe.

We had pizza again for dinner! 
For dinner, we were supposed to eat at Amoroma but when we got there the place was closed (I don't know if we got there early or it was closed for good). So we went to Buon Giorno instead and then took home food for my inlaws and Nina.

It was so foggy when the rain stopped
When we got to the resort the kids and I waited for the film showing, while Joma took the food to my inlaws. While waiting for the movie, we stayed at the lobby and library.

At the faux fire place of the lobby
They have a nice looking library but they don't have children's books
Ate showing Javi how to use the chess board
The movie already started when we got to the film showing. Unfortunately, Miya didn't like the movie so we left early. Javi said, "Okay Ate, finish lang natin popcorn ha" Nyahahaha!

We passed by my inlaws villa to pickup Nina and Daddy and then we went home to our own villa.

It's so nice to stay outside our villa the next morning. Unfortunately, it still rained.

After breakfast, Ate and Javi had another bubble bath and then it was time to go home.

Unfortunately, because of the heavy rains the night before our village got flooded. Our car couldn't pass through the streets going through our house. We had to leave the car by the village gate and wade through flood to get home. Ah the realities of life, not everything is peachy hehe. But all in all, it was still a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

First Time Coin Bearer

The moment Reyna, my college friend and Javi's Ninang, posted on FB that she has a boyfriend, I immediately messaged her to have Javi as bearer on her wedding LOL! Kumbaga sa wedding, shotgun wedding! Nyahahaha! But really, I was super happy for her (and also I want Javi to be a bearer hehehe).

Weeks before her wedding, Javi had anxiety in going to school so I had to delay telling him that he will be coin bearer in his Ninang's wedding. We really waited after his Moving Up Day to let him know because I don't want him to get stressed about two things at once. Javi is a worrier, and at times I can't predict his reaction to things even if we prepare him beforehand. The wedding was yesterday, and we were only able to practice his walking the Saturday before. We also told him we will give him a reward if he walks by himself (Paw Patrol toy, he requested). Yesterday, we arrived early at the reception so that we can practice walking at the actual aisle.

Before going down the car

Unfortunately, he didn't want to practice :( I tried to convince him, and gave him a Kinder egg to encourage  bribe him but he still wouldn't budge. BUT during the actual processional, when he held the pillow I was able to leave him in the entourage line. I kept on reminding him that he wouldn't get his toy if won't walk by himself. He was so overwhelmed with the experience, he started to cry. Watch the video.

Half-way through, when he stopped I held his hand and walked side-by-side with him until he reached the end of the aisle. Oh my boy!

During the wedding rites, I gave him his chocolate to make him feel better.

Happy na
We weren't prepped that he needed to go again in front to bring the coins. I thought all the while, the coordinator will be the one who will hand over the coins to the couple. I didn't force him anymore, I went with him as he gave the coins to the couple.

During the picture taking with the newly weds, he didn't want to go as well with the entire entourage. I brought him to the front but he didn't want to let go of my hand. He was about to cry coz I kept telling him he will not get his toy if he doesn't want to have his picture taken hehehe. Finally, when it was time for Mommy and Daddy to have photos with the newly weds, he happily went with us. So during the reception, he insisted to get his toy ahahaha! We gave him his toy and got his most wonderful and happy smile. Hay anak! Ahahaha!

Sabi ni Joma, dapat ata pinahabol namin yung toy sa kanya para maglakad sa aisle hehehe.


Our dear Javi,

Sorry if yesterday was a stressful day for you. I know you really wanted to walk on your own and you tried. I know you were overwhelmed with what's happening that's why you cried. When we asked you why you cried, you said "Ayaw ko kasi mag-practice" hahaha! That was already game time, anak! But that's okay. I saw that you tried your very best and mustered enough courage to face all those strange people to walk on your own. We wished we have given you enough time to prepare for this. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you. We love you!


A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

Dear Honey, Yesterday was Father's Day but I don't think any celebration is enough to celebrate how good a father you are to our k...