Monday, April 25, 2011

Miya's Holy Week

How was your Holy Week? Ours was spent at home and visiting relatives.

Holy Monday and Tuesday was spent at home. Then Wednesday, my mother and father visited us. In the afternoon, we went to our Ninang Ening and Ninong Rudy's in Cainta. They gave Miya lots of clothes and Ninang also gave me some nursing tops. On the way back to our condo, we passed by Tiendesitas. Miya was fascinated with all the things she saw.

On Maundy Thursday, Miya and I with my parents and brother visited some relatives in San Fernando, Pampanga. Joema had work so he wasn't able to go with us.

Miya loves seeing new people and "talking to them". Here she is talking to her Lola Zeny and Ate Faye. (Please excuse the same mittens from the day before, she was still in her sleeping clothes when we got to Pampanga. I bathe her there. I don't know why I felt the need to explain that haha.)

Since Lola Zeny is very talkative, granddaughter and lola had a blast.

Ate Faye can't get enough of Miya.

Friday was spent at home again for Miya to rest because she was out and about on Saturday again hehe. We went to San Jose to see my grandparents. Everyone was delighted with her because she smiles at everyone who "talks" to her. Even when she's in a foul mood, when you talk to her she will smile at you. I was so proud of her.

With lolo and his apo sa tuhod.

Miyia giggling at her Tita Nicole (the little girl) and Lola Dolly

Three generations: my lola, my mama and my daughter.

Easter Sunday was again at home with our little family.

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Girls Day Out

Over the weekend, I went out with the girls. It was my first day of pampering after giving birth and it felt so nice at the end of the day.

We all met up in Magallanes where the boys and other kids hang out. Then we had lunch in Valero near Kuya Ogie's clinic. Lunch was supposed to be at Chocolate Fire but it was closed for lunch on Saturdays. So I suggested Teazann but it was also closed. Good thing the nearby Pancake House was open which was fortunate because we enjoy the food from Pancake House. I had to feed Miya before eating lunch because she got hungry there. Thanks Heyl for bringing Ging to take care of Miya for me.

Then it was derma time. I have been wanting to go back since my last visit was in July or August of last year. My vitiligo's back but the good news is that the pigment was there according to Kuya Ogie. I just have to go back for the usual treatment. Yay! Everyone had facials but Ja tried the laser lipo. Now, all of us want to go back for the procedure hahaha. Kuya Ogie told me to wait after 6 months since I was breastfeeding and I will lose more weight. He even offered to give me the discounted price by then if I decide to do the procedure. Another yay!

After the derma we went to Fix Salon at Greenbelt 5. Miya and I were supposed to go for lunch and derma only but they all convinced me to come with them. I was easy to convince since I badly needed a haircut anyway.

Here's our after pic..don't we all look beautiful and refreshed?

Can't wait for the next girls day out. Now, I need to decide if I'll get that Keratin treatment from the salon...hmmm..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Little Catholic

Miya's Christening was fuss free. I know where I wanted her to get baptized and we had a choice of the restaurant for the reception more or less. So all we had to do was inquire and book the church and the restaurant. The church's only requirement was a copy of the birth certificate which my father took care of from Pasig City Hall who I think totally confused all of us. Side story: The Medical City said that we'll get the birth certificate after a month so my father went to Pasig City Hall around 1st week of March to get it. After paying for P140 he was told to get it on April 1, just a day before the baptism. It turned out they asked him to pay for a copy of the birth certificate from NSO. Hello! Even I know that won't be available within the first 6 months of birth. We were only asking for a copy of the birth certificate with the registered number on it. When my father returned on April 1, what they gave him is the NSO certificate saying that there was no record of Miya's birth. After a lot of confusion, my father just asked for a certified true copy of their record which we presented to the chapel - that was the copy we were asking for in the first place!

Anyways, Miya was baptized at the Archbishop's Palace, Villa San Miguel, same location where we had our wedding but instead of using the bigger chapel, we used the smaller chapel this time.

It was a happy coincidence that the priest who wedded us was the one assigned to baptize Miya. We didn't contact him to do the baptismal rites since the chapel said they will assign the priest to do the ceremonies. So we were pleasantly surprised to see Fr. Caloy when he got there.

Miya was so well-behaved that day. She didn't even cry when the water was poured onto her head for the blessing. She was awake for the entire baptismal rite, she fell asleep before the picture taking at the end.

The reception was held at the nearby Max's Restaurant. We didn't realize that the chapel and the restaurant was right beside each other until after we book both. We took care of the reservations after we're sure we were getting the birth certificate by April 1. So that actually gave us less than a month, which was all we really needed.

For souvenirs, I contacted the friend of Miya's Ninang who supplied the cupcakes on her son's baptism.

I was so tired after the celebration - hirap pala to entertain guests on your party, when we got married we just sat there and waited for everything to happen hehehe. This time around I had to go to every table and talk to everyone if they were having a good time, if the food was okay, etc.

Here are more pics from the baptism.

Miya with her ninongs.

With her lovely ninangs.

With my family.

Our little family.

With Joema's family.

My daughter was exhausted too.

Welcome to the Christian world, Anak! I hope I'll be able to bring you up as a good Catholic. We love you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photos from Reyna

Let me bombard you with more photos of my daughter (forgive me as my world revolves around her since she was born).

These photos were taken by my dear friend Reyna. The first set was taken on 12 Feb, Miya was a day short of being a two-week old baby. Reyna and our other friends came to visit and she wanted to shoot us, so we willingly obliged.

This second set was taken on 12 March. I requested Reyna for another shoot so that we can use one of the photos for the invitation for Miya's baptism.

Miya's First Two Months

Well, she's a little over two months now but I haven't blogged about her 1st and 2nd month "birthday". For her first month, since February doesn't have 30 days we celebrated on the 28th. We had a simple celebration at home, it was just us three and Miya's yaya.

For her 2nd month, my family came over for pizza, spaghetti and cake.

Some milestones:
* she now plays and interacts with us
* she gets fussy when I read her book Gus Gastos (we think she dislikes Gus or the monster or the fact that it wasn't really a children's book but a freeby from Oishi hahaha)
* she looks at the camera when her picture's taken
* she can hold her head up while burping or when you carry her facing you
* she can be carried with her back against me and looks everywhere around her
* she loves looking at lights and fascinated with the ceiling of the building elevator
* she falls asleep when carried in her sling
* she kicks and scratches you when she's fussy haha
*she very recently learned to thumbsuck (because the mittens are now gone), actually she sucks her whole hand hehe

Recent photos of our darling little angel..

...after drinking her vitamins..

...smiling at her pedia..

..after her bath.

Friday, April 01, 2011

"Fluffy Pillow" between Us

26 March 2011

Miya sleeps in her crib at night while she gets to take her afternoon naps beside me on our bed. And sometimes when she wakes up too early and I want to sleep an hour more or so, I transfer her from her crib to our bed. Usually during these times, Joema has already left for work.

This was the morning the hubby and I woke up with our baby girl beside us...the first time she slept overnight on our bed.

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