Friday, April 28, 2006

Laluz April 23-24, 2006

This post is long overdue. And kaya lang ako magpopost is because I'm going to Hundred Islands tomorrow so I have to make kwento na about Laluz or else I need to make kwento 2 trips next week hehe.

We all met up at Tric's house at around 7am Sunday. That was supposed to be 630am but all of us were late but lo and behold Joema was the first to arrive there. =P Joema and I rode with Epoy since he brought his car because he didn't want to stay overnight because of a business presentation the next day. While the others were in Tric's van. During our car ride we played '20 questions'. You know the game where one player thinks of something and the other will guess it by asking 20 questions. Epoy's object was tissue and we weren't able to guess it. My object was stapler and they didn't guess it. So that gives us 1 point each, except for Joema. His object was a headset and we guessed it in 11 questions haha! We were telling him why he would choose something so close to his heart, that is, he uses it at work. By the time we asked if he has it on his desk at work we were able to narrow down our guesses. After that first round we weren't able to play anymore since Joema went to sleep. He had only 2 hours of sleep the night before. We passed by Lipa City to pick up Mek, Joy and Kyla and we also bought drinks for our stay in Laluz. Then it was a long drive to Laluz. It took us forever to get there (exag!). But it was really a long drive. And the rough road didn't help either. I don't know what time we arrived at Laluz but I bet everyone was just happy we finally arrived.

We didn't swim immediately because the sun was glaring down on us. Basta we were there before lunch so super init na talaga. Only EJ and TJ were brave enough to go for a swim in that heat. Sabagay mapuputi naman sila. A few minutes after we arrived we ate lunch na. Nothing spectacular naman. I was hoping for a really delicious buffet meal. I was disappointed. They served us kare-kare, fried chicken, tilapia and then for dessert there fresh fruits. After lunch we rested for a while and by that time our room was ready. We changed into our swimming attires then (no we didn't swim!) played dodge ball then volleyball. Di nga kami nag-swimming nangitim naman kami sa paglalaro ng volleyball. May pustahan na manlilibre ng halo-halo ang talo. Mygawd! I don't play volleyball but I played just for the sake of it. The first time we did it the bet was void since the couples were separated between the two teams so parang wala din nanalo. So we had to play another round. Ayun natalo na kami haha! I was so tired after the game, I ate a lot of the merienda..pansit and kutchinta. Then for dessert halo-halo! We were all exhausted so we were thinking if we should still go snorkeling. We were thinking that we should do it the next day na lang but since Epoy was leaving that night we snorkeled na rin. But since it was already getting dark, I think that was around 5pm na, we didn't see much of the corals and konting fish lang.

Dinner time came then we washed up na after. Then poker time! All of them play poker...they have a poker night atleast once a week but I never joined them so it was my first time to play poker. Kala ko mananalo na ko. Sayang! No beginner's luck for me! I didn't join the second round because I was too sleepy(and tipsy) to think. Di ko na namalayan basta nagkatulugan na rin. Joema and I slept in the loft together with EJ and TJ. The rooms in Laluz are spacious and well worth the amount that we paid for it. The aircon is functioning, the bathroom is big, no problem with the water in the shower and the toilet is separate.

The next day after breakfast Heili, Joema and I treated ourselves for a massage. Their P250 massage is like an P800 massage here in Manila. It was super! Mek, Joy and EJ went snorkeling again and they told us it was better if we did it in the morning. There were a lot of fishes and the corals are colorful. Sayang we didn't have enough time to do it again. We had to leave at 1030am coz Heili has to be in Manila at around 2pm, she has a student waiting for her.

The ride home was hilarious. Ang kulit nila Mek, Tric at Joema (TJ was the one driving). I don't know how we started the kwento about how when we were younger if our teachers asked us to draw something it turned out that all of us drew the same thing. The one with the two mountains, with the sun rising between them, and the trees and a nipa hut in the middle of the fields with birds (drawn as letter v) flying about. To think we were from different schools. Basta it was funny! They came up with a theory pa na baka we were all aliens and we came from a place that looks like that. Kulit!

Overall my trip to Laluz wouldn't have been fun if I wasn't with Joema and the rest of Migs. Laluz was so-so....nothing spectacular but I enjoyed the company I was with. I'll post more pics next time.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Madness - 5 things

Just got back from my Laluz trip. I'll make an entire post about that maybe tomorrow. Just wanted to post Monday Madness questions for this week coz I wasn't able to do one last week...the questions were posted late. Here it goes...

Name 5 Things that:

1. Make you smile: (I included people on this list)
a. my boyfriend
b. family and friends
c. shopping
d. my payslip hehehe
e. our pet dog Rico (so cute!)
2. You can see on your desk right now:
a. PC
b. mug with ZZ's pic
c. F4 mousepad
d. post-its
e. stapler
3. Kept you busy this weekend:
a. packing for Laluz
b. going to Laluz
c. playing volleyball in Laluz
d. snorkeling in Laluz
c. playing poker and drinking session(as in toma) in Laluz obvious I still have a Laluz hangover
4. You'll be doing this coming week:
a. back to work starting tomorrow
b. go to the gym since I ate a lot in Laluz and on the way back (thanks to Grace sister of Rose restaurant)
c. birthday treat of Jopen and Luisa
d. go to Viktor at the Podium with Lorena to have her fit for jeans
e. go to Hundred Islands on Friday
5. You've said to make someone else smile:
a. 'I love you' to Joema
b. 'He's (Luigi's) so big na!' to Heili (Luigi's mom)
c. 'Ang sarap ng catsup na may hotdog at itlog' to Mek while he was eating his breakfast that's supposed to be hotdog and egg but he put in too many catsup
d. 'Nangitim ka na' to EJ because she wanted to get a tan.
e. 'Hi baby' to Kyla -- this girl is always smiling. Such a sweet girl!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Spa

I took Ponstan yesterday to cure my headache. Voila! After a few minutes it's gone! So happy coz I had a date with my officemate yesterday. We went to The Spa at Podium and got ourselves their Peppermint Foot Reflex and Foot Scrub. Heaven! After the massage, the soles of my feet are smoother than the palm of my hands hahahaha. I texted Joema after to tell him that we should both get massages from The Spa for his coming birthday. They have a couples room so we can get our massages together.

I'm so inlove with spas, body massages in particular. As one friend puts it, feeling mo ang yaman yaman mo pag nagpapa-spa ka! Correct! I feel so pampered when I'm in a spa..all my troubles are taken away hahaha. I've tried different Jun Encarnacion Day Spa at Philcoa, Suriya Spa at Glorietta, David Salon Day Spa at Megamall, there's also a spa place here in our village and I've tried that also, when I went to Boracay last year I got a massage in the spa in our resort and of course the last one in Golden Sunset. Of all these, the most recommended are The Spa and Suriya Spa because of their facilities. The ambience of the place is superb. If only I could afford to go to a spa every month I'd do it. I have yet to try Nurture Spa in Tagaytay, The Farm in Batangas and Mandala Spa in Boracay. I wish!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot?

Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot

I badly need a Biogesic right now! Okay if you're now wondering what the heck is the connection of the title to my headache then you haven't heard the radio commercial of Biogesic. A bunch of squeaky voiced girls are singing this song and a radio DJ says that it causes him headache to hear a song over and over again (especially that kind!) so he uses Biogesic...and then he goes on to sing the same song with his macho-radio-DJ-voice. That commercial always cracks me up whenever I hear it. I wonder if it'll make me laugh right now with this headache of mine. Argh! Give me a Biogesic please! Or any paracetamol!

My friend IMd (as in Instant Messenger. What kind of verb is this?!?!! basta she sent me a message via MSN) that she's also not feeling good today. I told her me too and wondered if we're just excited for our Laluz trip this coming weekend. She told me we're like grade school students giddy for our field trip the next day hahaha..maybe. But for the meantime..

Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot
Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Golden Sunset pics

As promised here are the pics from our outing in Golden Sunset.

Standing in front of the main building right after we arrived. I still have my bag, my sweater and pink shirt we're supposed to wear during the games.

Riding the golf cart that will take us to the restaurant for our morning merienda. Look at my hair...mahangin nga sa labas!

Horsing around the playground with Tita Julie before the start of the games.

Pink Team with Hasmin and Tita Julie, they are the coordinators that's why they're not color coordinated.

Obstacle course! That's me on your left. I thought it would be easy..going through the hurdle was the hardest. Akala ko madadapa na ko! And Ge is not helping by cheering me on 'Go Cris! Go Cris!' hahaha mura ko ng mura dahil sa hirap!

At the butterfly sanctuary...we only saw two butterflies.

The pools on the resort..there are three. Behind me is one then below the slide is an Olympic size pool.

Don't go chasing waterfalls hehe

The fish pond.. ang itim ko na dito!

With me are Ge and Hasmin. We were able to go inside one of the rooms. It was cozy...two beds and a day bed with a small tv and ref.

Hasmin, Ge, Tita Julie and me at the veranda of the room. Look at the ocean behind us.

Eating our lunch...mga nagsipag-itim na kakalakad sa resort!

Prepping up the massage table for us.

While waiting for our turn to get our massages.

That's all folks!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

The Good Lord has Risen. Happy Easter Sunday!!!!

We went to San Fernando last Friday. We weren't able to watch the Catholic devotees get crucified because my cousin was sick. (I read in the newspaper that there were 9 people who were crucified in Pampanga and 3 in Bulacan. There was also supposed to be 1 foreigner but he wasn't able to go through it) We just stayed at home. It was movie marathon for me. I watched Johnny English, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Finding Nemo and Enemy of the State on DVD and Karol on Cinema One. I was all by myself since my cousin was sick and my brother didn't come with us since he has work the next day. My parents were chatting with my Tito and Tita. Didn't do much of a sacrifice while I was there since we ate a lot (Bad! bad! bad!) We weren't able to do fasting and abstinence because my Tita served us hotdogs, egg and fried rice for breakfast, chicken bbq for lunch and pansit for merienda. So I had to do some other sacrifice. I turned off my cellphone for the whole day, I did not sleep the whole day (if you know my routine on weekends that IS a big sacrifice for me) and I did not eat chocolates even if it's right in front of me (waaahhh!! nakatanggi ako sa chocolate!) Well, I just hope that's enough sacrifice from me. We returned home yesterday morning. But before we left they cooked and served us Sisig the Kapampangan way. My Tita bought lots of bread for us to take home, bacon and hotdogs. When we go there it's as if there's always a fiesta because there are tons of foods and they even give us some more to take home. Sana next time when we get there my cousin won't be sick so that we can go around and make pasyal.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Visita Iglesia

Our family did the Visita Iglesia today. This is the third time we did Visita Iglesia. The first time we did it, we went to 14 churches. We didn't know how many we had to go to. We went to churches in Antipolo, Marikina and Manila. It was so hot and after the visit we had no place to eat. It was way after lunch time before we found a restaurant open for business. This year we went to 7 churches (Some say 7, some say 14 churches).

This year our first church was supposed to be St. John Mary Vianney, our former parish. But the church was closed and there were no Stations of the Cross outside the church so we transferred to Our Lady of the Abandoned. We prayed the Stations of the Cross and then afterwards prayed our own personal prayers.

Di kami malapit sa altar kaya ang layo ng kuha. Shy naman akong lumapit pa para lang kunan ng pic. Medyo labo kasi cellphone lang gamit ko. And this is the patroness who was canonized last year, I think. Sorry I don't know..I just took a picture of Our Lady.

Next stop Immaculate Conception Church. The church was actually closed. They have Stations of the Cross outside but we went inside thru a side door.

After Marikina we went to UP Diliman via Tumana bridge. The last time I passed thru there was in college. Now there are a lot of BIG houses at the Loyola Grand Villas. Way back in college there were only a few houses in that village. Anyway, we went next to the Holy Sacrifice Parish(UP Chapel) next. If you haven't been there, the church is circular. So the crucifix is not fixed on a wall. The altar is at the center of the church with the crucifix hanging from the ceiling. the crucifix is also two sided. I remember staying there during college days when I have a lot of free time. There was one semester where I have an early morning class then my next class is in the afternoon. I would go there in the chapel and just feel the serenity of the place. I felt His presence there, I felt at peace. Back then I attend the 12noon mass and go to confession afterwards. This is my favorite church. I feel that I'm enveloped with His love when I enter this church. I don't know if its the location of the church or the structure but I love it there.

Their Stations of the Cross are murals on the walls around the church.

Speaking of hearing masses, I feel my life has direction when I go to mass regularly. Not on the usual Sunday mass but the daily masses. In college I just go hear mass here when I have a free time. When I started working I usually hear Mass on Wednesdays or Fridays. I go to mass even on weekdays when I have problems or I just feel bothered for no apparent reason. I feel at ease after the mass knowing that I have Him who love me no matter what happens.

After UP, we went to Shrine of St. Joseph. I wasn't able to get a picture of the altar because the main church is not open. We went to the adoration chapel instead. And I made a petition in their prayer request booth. Secret muna what I prayed for. :) When we were kids we go there every Sunday to hear mass. But being the kid that I was, I was always excited for the mass to finish because afterwards we'll be going to SM Cubao. Naalala ko may isang beses pa na hindi ko nahulog lahat ng pera na binigay sa kin for the offertory basket because I was playing with the coins. After that I was consciously leaving some coins on my other hand and dropping only a few when the offertory basket passes our way. Bad kid! I think I was less than 5 years old then hehehe.

This is the church outside along Aurora Blvd.

Our 5th church was supposed to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine in Broadway but we passed by Divine Word Shrine first so we went there too. They have stained glass in their altar. It was beautiful. I made a wish since it's my first time to go there.

After going in and out of the streets between Gilmore and Broadway Ave. we finally found Mt. Carmel. It was a big church. I wanted to go there because I watched one millionaire winner in Game Ka na Ba? (yes, the game show of Kris Aquino) who told Kris that she goes to Mt. Carmel to pray. I specifically remembered Kris saying that they also have another winner who goes there to hear mass and the constestant told Kris that it was in Project 6, QC. Since I didn't know where we were going to earlier... now I know we went to a different Mt. Carmel. But that's okay. I still got to make a wish.

The last one we went to was Sta. Clara. It was past 12noon when we got there. They were already closing the church but they set up some pews outside so we had to settle for that. The first time I went to Sta. Clara was in high school. Me and my high school classmates went there to offer egg and petition for our UPCAT exams (or was that NSAT). The monastery was still along Aurora Avenue then beside PSBA. But they still have the Sta. Clara statue where you can leave your letters (petitions) and flowers as offering to her.

We went home afterwards but we didn't eat lunch when we got here. That's because we bought food along the way -- lumpiang togi in UP (so happy it's still P10 and still tastes the same! yummy!) and mani and quail eggs in Mt. Carmel. It was a good Visita Iglesia this year because we were able to go to churches we haven't been to before (Divine Word Shrine and Mt. Carmel) and because the churches brought back good memories (St. Joseph, UP Chapel and Sta. Clara). And also, I was able to think of a lot of things while inside the church -- about me, my family, my loved ones, the Philippines. I prayed for all of these.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kerygma Family

Now I'm officially a member of the Kerygma Family. I'm so happy! Can't wait for my first email from them tomorrow :) I actually read Kerygma Magazine before pero tagal na non di pa nga kasal si Bo Sanchez non e. Now he has two kids na pala. I remember reading something he wrote about being single. I love how Bo Sanchez writes. I have his books pa nga e. Atleast now I'll have a daily dose of his teachings.

Wow it's the first time I posted more than once in day hehehe. Kasi naman walang magawa. I just finished watching Iron Chef. Amazing Race is not shown in Studio 23 in its usual time slot. I wonder why, this is the second week that it's not shown on a Wednesday. Did they transfer it to Thursday? Wasn't able to watch last Thursday so I wouldn't know. And tom won't be regular programming since it's Holy Thursday. Hay! I really need to apply for cable tv na! I can't sleep pa since I need to stay awake until 11pm. Need to wake up Joema coz he has work at 1am. I'll watch American Idol later to keep me awake.

How to Be More Emotionally Present to Your Family

Got this email from a colleague. Read on..

How to Be More Emotionally Present to Your Family
No Matter How Busy You Are
6 Steps to Enjoying Your True Wealth
By Bo Sanchez

We were going to Hong Kong that day.

I was going to preach for three days but had two extra days to be with my family.

Picture us at the airport: My wife carrying our baby in her arms, my eldest son bouncing about like a rabbit and announcing to the whole world, "I'm going to Hong Kong Disneyland!" And the poor skinny father? Straining to push eight massive bags on a wobbly cart with a stubborn right wheel. (I've noticed that these deranged carts supernaturally end up with me wherever I go.)

That was when we heard the crying.

Correction. Not crying. But spine-chilling, lung-busting screaming.

Two kids were holding onto their mother. They were separated by four-foot tall steel bars. But to those distraught children, those steel bars represented two years of being without their mother - the contract of a domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Four small arms clutching, grabbing, not letting go.

The whole world heard their pleading scream, "Mommy, please don't go! Please don't go!"

I'll never forget the mother's pained, tortured face - as though a knife was ripping through her body.

My wife cried openly.

I wept inside and held onto my kids more closely.

That was two days ago. Yesterday, the story continued...

Those Small Arms Continue to Reach Out

Yesterday was Sunday.

And I walked around Central.

If you don't know Hong Kong, Central is where thousands upon thousands of Filipina Domestic Helpers congregate. They sit on sidewalks. They sit on overpasses. They sit by storefronts.

I walked passed one woman who was reading a handwritten letter.

The handwriting was obviously a child's penmanship.

I walked passed another listening to a little cassette player - not to listen to music - but to a voice of a kid telling stories.

But what broke my heart was the news given to me by Shirley, the head of one organization that tries to help them get financial education. I was shocked by what she said. "Brother Bo, out of our 700 members who are married, 80% are already separated from their husbands."

Families aren't designed for prolonged separation.

They're not just made for that.

We're supposed to spend time together.

6 Steps to Spending More Time with Your Family
No Matter How Busy You Are

"Bo, why are you telling me this? I'm not in Hong Kong. I'm living with my family under one roof."

Listen. Yes, you're not in Hong Kong.

But if you don't have time for your family - and your heart is not focused on them - you might as well be in another country.

You could be physically present - but are you emotionally present as well?

Let me share with you five important steps you could take to become more emotionally present with them...

Step #1: Be Close.

I'm still in Hong Kong as I write this piece.

It's five in the morning as I type this article in bed.

And my little family is literally around me because we're all sleeping on one bed. Yes, we've become one mass jumble of intertwined humanity - our limbs, legs and arms crisscrossing each other.

And that's when I realize - gosh, I don't know how blessed I am.

Why? Here I am with my family. I feel their skin. I smell their scents. We're so close, I feel their breath.

And yet I'm surrounded by 148,000 domestic helpers here in Hong Kongthat have been away from their families for months, for years, for decades. And for those who've separated - forever.

Let me say it again: We don't know how blessed we are.

We complain that our families are nutty.

But we don't understanding how blessed we are to have them close enough to experience their nuttiness.

We complain about our petty quarrels, our cold wars, our dysfunctionality.

But whose family isn't dysfunctional?

I've talked to some people here in Hong Kong who would give anything to be with their families again - even for just one day of nuttiness.

The first step is to be more emotionally present to your family is to actually be physically present to them. Be close!

You need to know how precious your family is - and treat them that way.

You need to see them as your true wealth - that nothing is more precious than your relationships.

Step #2: Be Deliberate.

Because you need to protect this treasure or they get stolen from you.

No matter how busy I am, I schedule a weekly romantic date with my spouse.

Yes, I actually write it down in my appointment book and treat it like a meeting with the President of the Philippines. These weekly nights are blocked off for the entire year. Nothing can touch it, except some dire emergency.

Why? Because if my marriage fails, everything else stands to fail as well: My ministry, my businesses, my soul... So it is an emergency that I bring her out every week.

I also schedule a weekly date with my kids. I believe parents need to do these one-on-one dates with each of their kids. Unless of course you've got 18 children and may need to bring them out by two's or three's.

Sometimes my son and I just walk around the village and talk.

It doesn't have to be big. But swapping stories and opening our hearts to one another on a consistent basis is already very big to them. It means they matter to you - that you value them - and you'll see their self-esteem grow.

Step #3: Be Expressive.

I tell my wife "I love you" seven times a day.

I hug my kids countless of times a day.

At night, I tell my kids, "I'm so proud you're my son. I'm so proud I'm your Daddy. You're a genius. You're a loving boy. You're an incredibly gifted young man..."

This is true. I have met 40-year olds who long to hear these words from their parents - "I'm proud of you," and feel an empty space - like a gaping wound in their souls because their parents have never told them this.

Don't do that to your kids.

And before I forget: Praise your kids seven times a day.

And praise your spouse seven times a day.

I'm not kidding. It will revolutionize your marriage.

If I say, "Criticize your spouse seven times a day," I bet you'd say, "Kaunti naman. I do that already." But that's the problem. We don't realize that when we criticize our spouses, we actually destroy our marriage bit by bit - not just our spouses.

But when you praise and honor your spouse - you build up your marriage.

It can be very simple stuff:

Ang sarap ng luto mo ngayon, Hon.
I thank God He gave you to me.
You're so hardworking.
I love it when I see you play with the kids.
You know how to make me happy.
Ganda mo ngayon.

Keep on doing this and you'll see changes in your life and your marriage you thought were not possible.

Let me say it again: Praise your spouse - and your children - seven times a day.

Step #4: Be Deep.

Your weekly dates shouldn't just be watching movies, eating out and going home.

Talk deep.

Talk about your feelings.

Enter into each other's worlds. Dive into each other's dreams, hurts, desires, worries, hopes and burdens.

When you open yourself up to your spouse or your child, there are more chances for the other person to open up to you.

Step #5: Be Simple

Yesterday afternoon, I preached to 700 people in Hong Kong.

I usually give my talks for 45 minutes. That's been my trademark.

But yesterday, I gave a solid two-hour talk. Vein-popping, heart-pounding, passion-driven talk - because I had a burden in my heart.

Because I preached on Financial Literacy.

I challenged them, "Raise your financial I.Q.!"

I scolded them, "When you left the Philippines, you told your kids, 'Anak, two years of separation lang 'to. After two years, Mommy will have saved enough and will go home and we'll be together again.' But after two years, you go home and you haven't saved. Because you repainted the house. Because there's a new TV set in the living room and a new gas range in the kitchen. Because the kids have new designer rubber shoes. I taught them how to live simply and ruthlessly save 20% of their income.

Because unless they do this, they will be forever trapped in Hong Kong.

Look at your life.

Are you living simply?

Are you saving 20% of your income?

Step #6: Be Financially Intelligent

I also taught them where to invest.

I told them, "It's not enough to just save. You need to know where to put your money. Because savings accounts at 1% and time deposits at 5% won't do. Inflation - which is at 7% - will simply eat them up."

So I taught them about mutual funds and other investment vehicles, including the ability to sell something and get into business.

Here's the truth: The more you know about money, the less time you need to make money. So the more time you have for your family.

Actually, a time should come when you don't need to make money. Instead, you let money make money. And that requires financial intelligence.

Read. Attend seminars. Look for mentors.

Go Home.

After giving my talk, I took a deep breath and told my audience in Hong Kong, "When you follow these principles and have saved enough - please go home. Please go home to your children."

I made a lot of people cry that day.

I'm telling you the same thing.

Oh yes, you may be living with your family in one house, but it's possible that your heart is so far away from your spouse and kids - and they are far away from you as well.

You need to let your heart go home.

Go home my friend.

Your heart belongs there.

Ed's Note: If you want more of Bo's talks and articles, log onto and be a member of this one-of-a-kind, borderless, non-physical, global community where members receive a complete spiritual support system to keep growing in their spiritual and personal life. Be blown away by the mountain of stuff we give to our members!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Semana Santa

While others go to Boracay or Baguio to have a vacation during the Holy Week, our family usually go to San Jose, Nueva Ecija my mother's province. We stay at my lolo and lola's house in the middle of the rice fields. As in probinsya! But this year we'll be going to my Tita's house in San Fernando, Pampanga. I wonder if they will show us the Kristos. Can I watch those men and women crucify themselves like what Jesus did for us?

I thought I should do some serious reflections this Holy Week. I haven't been praying a lot lately. I'm the one who usually prays only when I need something and I'm really sorry for that. Well, that should also be a good thing right? That only means that I'm okay with what I have. But I want something really bad now. Oh my! I'm so bad! I don't pray everyday, I only pray during the mass on Sundays minsan half-hearted pa. I want to change this attitude. I want to renew my life. I don't want to live like this. I want God to be the center of my life. Also, I want to do something to give back to others what God has given me. Before I left the actuarial career, I told myself I should do some volunteer work for an NGO or other foundations because I will have lots of time. But I'm still not able to do that. Now I'm thinking of asking a friend who tutors less unfortunate kids somewhere in Manila if I could do the same. Sana I'll have the guts and finally decide to do it! Haaayyy... I have a lot of thinking to do this week.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Madness - Shopping

Do you like to shop? YES!

1. What is your favorite store? Why? I really don't have a favorite store/boutique but I usually shop at Megamall or Galleria because they're so near our office.

2. Do you only shop when there is something you specifically need or want or do you sometimes go shopping just for "something to do?" Both hahahaha. I shop when I need to buy something and I also shop if I feel like doing it, especially if I don't have anything to do after office hours (kala mo naman dami kong pera!)

3. Do you prefer shopping online or in stores? I prefer shopping in stores, I want to fit clothes or shoes before I buy them. I haven't tried purchasing anything online...well, except for airline tickets.

4. Do you have a shopping buddy or are you perfectly content going alone? I prefer to shop with a buddy because I want to get an opinion before I buy something. But if I don't have anyone then I'm perfectly fine by myself.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Golden Sunset April 8, 2006

Our division went to Golden Sunset at Calatagan, Batangas for our summer outing. Sorry I don't have pictures yet but I'll post them in the coming days. Tsk, tsk..yan hirap pag walang sariling digicam e. Anyways, it was a three-hour drive going there so we left the office a little after 6am. So i was up at 430am and was out of the house before 530. So early to start the day kaya I was asleep for almost the whole trip. I just woke up when we stopped for a bathroom break and when we were almost at the resort because the bus driver had a hard time in a very narrow and steep corner. We arrived there at 930am. Bilis noh! Galing ni manong driver e. When we arrived, they served us our snacks then we immediately started the activities. After eating, we had the obstacle course for everyone. The group was divided into 3 smaller groups -- red, pink and blue team. I'm with the pink team...too bad we didn't win a single match. Anyway, we were all for the fun of it so it's ok. After the games kanya-kanya na. We went to the butterfly sanctuary but sad to say we only saw two butterflies flying around. I later heard a few butterflies died when it rained a few weeks back. Then we just rested for a while then lunch time na. Tsibog ulit! Hay naku I didn't swim dahil yung mga kasama ko di din naman mag-swimming which is just okay since we were there kainitan ng araw lalo lang ako manenegra. Pupunta pa naman ako sa Laluz the week after Holy Week so okay lang. The resort had several pools. And although there's a beach the guests are not allowed to swim there coz they still do not have a permit to operate there. After lunch we didn't have anything else to do so we decided to get a massage in the spa. Unfortunately when we got there, there were other people who were scheduled for that time. The lady there told us that we can get a massage at 2pm pa but we can't go for that since we'll be having our afternoon snacks by 3pm and will be leaving by 330. We told them to just switch the schedules and give us the 1pm slot since those scheduled for that time will be at the resort overnight. Kaso ayaw nila pumayag so tumambay na lang muna kami don. Around 2pm we were informed that we can get the massage because the others were still sleeping and was rescheduled for a later time. We agreed even though it's kinda late na and decided that we won't eat for the snacks and just ride on the bus if we get out of the spa by 330. Grabe ang sarap talaga magpa-spa. I have a friend who said that getting a massage makes you feel that you're so rich..the pampering and all! So true! Feeling ko talaga ang yaman ko! If only I can afford to have a massage every month! If only! We finished at around 330 already but when we got back to the resto the rest of the group were still eating so kain lang ulit kami. We left the resort at around 430 pm. Ha! An hour late from our scheduled departure. Bilis nga ni manong mag-drive dahil we were at Tagaytay at 530. We stopped over to buy some pasalubongs. I bought pineapples...P100 for 4 pineapples. Pati espasol bumili ako. I didn't want to go down the bus again to buy buko pie kaya yun na lang. And I only have two hands noh. I can't carry my bag, the 4 pineapples and a box of buko pie altogether! Dahil sa bilis ng byahe we were back at the office before 830. Bilis na yon dahil we had several stop overs pa. Ang tagal ko tuloy nagintay kay Jay. He was supposed to be out by 9pm kaso natagalan pa kaya tagal ko talaga nagintay. I was so sleepy when I got here at home kaso di pa ko agad natulog. Kasi naman kumain pa ko ng konting menudo hehehe.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Kawawang Bata

Tama bang iwanan mo ang isang bata sa bahay ng walang kasama? Pano kung may dumating at may kukunin daw? Pano kung hindi alam nung bata kung anong ibibigay nya? Pano ba naman walang Nanay at Ate na nagbabantay...pati yung yaya na naatasang magbantay lumabas para bumili sa tindahan. Ang yaya naman ang tagal-tagal ng nasa labas hanggang ngayon hindi pa dumadating. Sisisihin mo ba ang bata kung may maibigay syang mali sa bisita? Kasalanan ba nya yon?

Bad trip! Sobra!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Madness - random questions

1. Do you own any box sets of your favorite shows? Yes I have all 10 seasons of Friends as in kahit paulit-ulit ko panoorin yan di ako nagsasawa. Kinda sad lang coz I only have VCD copies pero I want to buy the DVD version. Nagpabili na ko ng season 10 dun sa officemate ko who went to the States. I also have my fave f4 series: Meteor Garden 1 and 2. I also have VCD copy of Zaizai's Love Storm (sakit sa ulo ng subtitles) and God Mars. Can't wait for Silence to be shown at magkaron ng VCD copy although pirated (ssssssssshhhh) happy na rin basta lang matino ang subtitles! I also have the first season of Sex and the City although it's not really one of my favorite shows. Okay call us barbaric but we don't have cable TV at home tsk, tsk. Kaya nga I bought the first season para lam ko nangyayari e. Kaso lang nakatamaran na rin bumili nung mga next season.

2. Are you penpals with other people? Hello! We're in 2006. Uso pa ba yon? Siguro nung bata pa ko yon nagkaron ako ng penpal. I remember writing letters to some friends of my friends. I love writing letters, telling someone what happened to my day and reading back their replies to me.

3. Do you still send out real, paper cards in the mail? Not anymore although I don't send e-cards. I usually just send an email or text the person I want to greet. Ay! I gave a Valentine card pala to Joema last Valentine's but I didn't send it via mail.

4. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay? Nah! I don't even know how Ebay works! Barbaro talaga hahahaha

5. Did you have to set your clocks an hour ahead this past weekend? Nope. Although my clock is set 10 minutes earlier. I just kind of got used to setting my watch/my cellphone 10 minutes early so that I won't be late for any appointments or just in the office.

6. How many of your blog buddies' birthdays do you know? I just started blogging so can that be my excuse for not having blog buddies? *sheepish smile*

7. When is your birthday (need not include year)? January 28 (I will not really include the year even if the question told me to!)

Your Birthdate: January 28

You have a Type A personality so big it makes other Type A's shrink away in shame.
You never shy away from adversity - and you love to tackle impossible problems.
Failure is not an option for you, and more than a few people are put off by your ego.
You tend to be controlling, and you hate leaving anything up to chance.

Your strength: Your bold approach to life

Your weakness: You don't accept help

Your power color: Bronze

Your power symbol: Pyramid

Your power month: October

Hey! I accept help! Although there are times when I want to do some things on my own...but still.. I need all the help I can get. And what does it mean to have a type A personality? Oh no! Looks like I'm a control freak, perfectionist, egoistic bitch from this result hehehe. Do I have to feel ashamed? But I can't change my personality...accept me for who I am!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

What Should I Major In? .... just cheking

Your Scholastic Strength Is Evaluating

You are great at looking at many details and putting them all together.
You are talented at detecting subtle trends, accuracy, and managing change.

You should major in:

Conflict studies
Okay atleast I know I'm on the right track hahaha. Great! I'm basing my future on a quiz on this site.
Anyhow, my bets didn't win last night. The person I least like to win won. Argh! Kaasar! Oh anyway, atleast Zanjoe's out of the house. I can see him in regular shows and he's an artista now. Although I won't be seeing him every night any more. Di na ko magpupuyat pero I won't be able to see him naman. Sana he'll be given new shows na agad. And huge billboards in EDSA...calling Ben Chan! Right now I'm waiting for his guesting sa ASAP hahaha. OMG! I can't believe this is happening again. Sabi ng ayoko ng malulong sa artista e. Stop it! Stop it! I'll post next time why...basta tama na, sobra na. =P

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day

Beware people! hehehe The other day I already texted an April-fool's-day-text to my friends. Thanks to Abbie for texting me that message I was able to fool almost 5 people with it. The message goes like this..

Uy! Sama ka sa Boracay! April20-22..Cge na pls?!? Ako na bahala sa lahat basta sama ka. Join tayo sa MTV event. :)


Sarap, mangarap..

ang init kc eh!

I had to tell the people who believed it to scroll down the message for the next few lines hehehe. Gotcha peepz!!


Tonight is the Big Night!!!! Who will win...Keanna, John, Bianca or Zanjoe? I voted for Zanjoe because he's yummy and for John because of the four celebrities I think he's the most deserving to win. John got along with all the HMs, he sacrficed to get his whole body waxed to see his family and donate TV sets to his chosen charity and I think he has matured while inside the house. I also like his charity..the National Children's Hospital. Let's all wait, in a few hours we'll know who the winner is. Can't wait to see Zanjoe out of the house! :D

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