Monday, June 18, 2018

A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

Dear Honey,

Yesterday was Father's Day but I don't think any celebration is enough to celebrate how good a father you are to our kids. I'm not that good with words but I hope this will encapsulate how you are as a father.

The moment we learned that we were going to be parents, you already took care of the kids by taking care of me. I remember one night when I was pregnant with Miya and I wanted to eat pancake from Pancake House, you called for delivery but they didn't deliver in our area so you went out in the middle of the pouring rain and took home some walnut banana pancake for your pregnant wife. You were on night shift on our first pregnancy but you did not miss a single checkup with our OB-GYNE. There were no hesitations from you when we had to live at my parents' place because of my delicate condition. Well, I had three delicate pregnancies but you were there all throughout and took care of me. 

Baby shower thrown by my friends from the ofice

I knew you were nervous in all my births but thank you for being there inside the delivery room with me on all three and for cutting our babies' cords. Not all fathers are willing to do that.

With our newborn bunso

Cutting Javi's cord
Thank you for supporting my decision to breastfeed the kids. Thank you for encouraging me to do so even beyond their first birthdays. I wouldn't have lasted this long without  your support and encouragement.

Kissing and burping Miya

It took you three kids before you willingly took charge of changing diapers when Nina was a newborn. But I'm so glad you did because I couldn't do it physically. I know you're misgivings in changing newborn diapers because they are so tiny but see you can't do anything to hurt them. Although you still didn't take care of the night shift hehehe. Thank you for putting them to sleep during the day time.

The past few months would rank as one of our challenging months as parents as we had no yaya to take care of the kids. Thank you for giving them a bath or washing their bums when we had no yayas to take care of them. Thank you for filling in all my shortcomings as a mother. For doing what you do, so that I can do what I am doing.

Our girls are so lucky to have you because you are showing them what an outstanding man is supposed to be. I hope they won't settle for anything less than what you are giving them. I pray that when the time comes, they will choose someone who is like you, who will love them for what they are worth and make them feel like princesses no less.

Dancing with Ate
With Nina

Thank you for being affectionate to the kids. I told you before, I hope even when Javi is older and bigger you will still kiss him :)

Thank you for not being shy to be silly with them, to give them a laugh. Thank you for being the fun parent. I pray to God to give you good health and more energy to play with the kids.

I am so happy Javi has you as a model on how to be a good man. I pray he learns from you how to treat women.

You are my partner in disciplining the kids. It's very important to me that we have the same values and teaching these to our kids.

Thank you for holding their hands and telling them everything will be alright.

Thank you for encouraging the kids that they can be whatever they want to be. Thank you for bringing them to school and attending school activities with them.

You are our superhero. Thank you for tirelessly taking care of all of us.

Most of all, thank you for loving me and showing them what a good husband should be. For filling our home with love and laughter. We love you so much, Daddy!

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A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

Dear Honey, Yesterday was Father's Day but I don't think any celebration is enough to celebrate how good a father you are to our k...