Thursday, May 22, 2014


Taken: 18 May 2014
Her school ID photo for this year. We went to the dentist, kids' salon and toy store before proceeding to the photo studio to have this photo taken. Whew! Will have to make a separate post on that. Meanwhile, how has my daughter grown! Sometimes, I can't believe she's already this little person. It seemed like she was only a teeny tiny baby yesterday.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Taken 10 May 2014

We went on a beach vacation last weekend. This photo was taken on an early Saturday morning before we went island hopping. More about our trip in a future blog post (I don't know when yet, I'm still on a high from that trip).


Taken 4 May 2014
Like most girls her age, my daughter is in love with Frozen. She prefers Princess Anna more than Queen Elsa. So her first doll is actually Anna (the one without the clothes). She also likes watching toy reviews on Youtube. That's also where she learned that she can make dresses from playdoh Although of course, she can't make dresses from playdoh but she tries to.  Hence, the naked Anna doll.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Buntis Serye @ 17 Weeks

I think I felt Baby Minion move in my tummy last night. The baby is making these tiny kicks. I know at 17 weeks, the movement I feel should only be like butterflies fluttering their wings but I swear I felt the baby kick last night, twice! I've also told my OB before at around 12 weeks I can already feel my baby moving. But my OB told me that that's not possible haha. But I swear I can really feel my baby moving starting at the time when I was on bed rest, so that's around the 8th week hihi. You would think I would've known by now the fetus's milestones with the second one but I just know it's the baby I feel moving.

We had our checkup last Monday (me at 16 weeks then) everything's good except that there's a contraction again on my uterus. Thankfully, this time we're not as alarmed as before as my OB just told me to avoid excessive standing and walking. The truth is before this checkup I was so worried that the OB might tell me that the baby is in the same circumstance as Miya before. Well, yes I also have contractions now which my OB has given me Duvadilan for (to keep the uterus soft).  I have to drink Duphaston every time I feel my tummy is contracting, that is, it's hard. But at least the baby's position is not low lying as with Miya, so I guess that's why my OB was not as alarmed. I was actually given clearance to go to the beach this weekend. Weee!!!

As for symptoms, the vomiting is much lessened now but I still experience it. My sense of taste is still wacko. Just today when I drank water I tasted a burnt taste when swallowing. I thought the glass I was using wasn't properly cleaned so I asked our waiter for a new one. But when I went out for lunch, the same thing happened again - that's on a different glass, and presumably different source of drinking water. Bizaare! Surprisingly, my sense of smell is not that sensitive unlike my first pregnancy.

Our OB tried to show us the genitals of the baby but unfortunately it still cannot be seen at that time.

There's our Baby Minion

Here's a view of the genitals, photo taken from his/her bumbum. I think it's a burger like Miya's but the hubby thinks those are balls. Se also the big white bump, that's the contraction in my uterus. 

I feel a little bit guilty because with Miya I was able to blog about my pregnancy almost every week. But this time around my last post about my pregnancy was a month ago when I was just 12 weeks pregnant. Oh, Baby Minion don't think that you are less loved because of that. I love you and Ate Miya so very much! I think more of my baby, I was posting more then because I wanted to document how I looked hehehe. So without further ado, here are some of my photos the past weeks.

At 14 weeks and 6 days. Compared to my first pregnancy, I have a big bump around this time. Then it was just like I have a big puson. I think I started to have a baby bump for this pregnancy around the 12th week hahaha!
At 15 weeks and 1 day

At 17 weeks and 1 day

Friday, May 02, 2014


Taken 1 May 2014

This was taken after the culminating prgoram of Miya's summer classes. They sang a total of four songs and I'm very proud to say that she sang and dance d to all four aongs. Will make a separate post about this event. 

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