Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Bambini is a Boy/Girl?

16 October 2010

On our last visit to the OB although we didn’t see our real OB, we were scheduled for a congenital anomaly scan with Dra. Pineda. My first question to Dra. Pineda when she entered the room was “Doc, malalaman na po ba yung gender ng baby namin?” and she answered “Depende kay baby kung gusto nya ipakita. Ano bang gusto nyo?” I told her I wanted a girl, while my hubby preferred a boy.

Then she said “Winner si mommy.” The first image the OB showed us was our baby’s genitals.

We’re having a baby girl! Our Bambini is a girl! I’m so so happy :D Before I got pregnant, I wanted to have a boy as our first born. I always wanted to have a kuya (being a first-born myself) and wanted my kids to have their kuya, someone to protect them. But when I got pregnant, basta lang, I just felt that I’m going to have a girl. Although it helped that people kept telling me it might be a girl hehe. But there were times that I thought the baby’s a boy because my skin got darker, I got lines in my neck and my armpit had darker skin (TMI!) and based on old folks these are tell-tale signs that the baby is a boy.

Anyways, Joema and I were both grinning when the doctor said our baby is a girl. Then the doctor proceeded checking every little body parts of our little girl. Her hands, her feet, her brain, her neck, her spine, her kidneys, her bladder, everything. We’re happy to report that our little girl passed with flying colors, she’s a healthy and normal baby. Thank God! She actually kept on moving and changing her position while the OB did the CAS. The doctor was able to get photos of her doing different poses.

Her profile

Looks like she's praying (see her hands clasped together?). Me too, anak, and I think the Lord heard our prayers.

See, I think she looks like me hehe and she seems like she's smiling here.

After our prior OB visit (which was a scare!), we are so thankful to know that our baby girl is healthy and normal. And although, my real OB hasn't given me the go-signal yet to start walking around, Dra. Pineda assured us that the baby's position is not too low. We’re so excited to see you, Bambini! Oh, we love you so much! I still marvel at the thought of how much I can love this baby even though I haven’t met her in person yet!

This post serves as my entry to "I Draw For A Living's October Giveaway."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

14 October

I went on leave for my cousin Adam and his bride, Cam's wedding. Mama was one of the ninangs. Although this photo was taken before the ceremony.

I was one of the mass readers so I had a good vantage point taking photos. The soon to be husband and wife at the start of the ceremony.

During the exchange of rings.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Santuario de San Jose while the reception was at the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club.

The new Mr. and Mrs. being welcomed by their guests.

One of their ninongs, Rannie Raymundo, sang a song for them. They were so special to him coz he sang something he composed himself, which he originally wrote for his wife whom he's been with for 26 years. Wow! (No, that's not his wife)

Another favorite of mine during the reception was when my cousin serenaded his bride and his father-in-law. He sang during the bride and father-of-the-bride dance. Don't know the title of the song though. But I found it so sweet! My cousin said, it would be ordinary for him to sing to his wife, but he'll be seing for his wife and his father-in-law. Aaaww! He's such a romantic.

Music was provided by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, of course, to which he is a member.

The hubby and I with the newlyweds. My nose is still red from crying because my cousin gave a tribute to his parents when he said his speech. He's not a very vocal person but during the reception he thanked his parents and told the guests he has the best parents in the world. He said he never dreamed of being ultra-rich but if he had the money in the world, he'd buy back the time lost between his parents because most of their marriage they were living apart (my Tito is a seaman who worked in a cruise ship most of his adult life).

What's a wedding without photobooth pics.

Congratulations and best wishes, Adam and Cam!

Epoy in Manila

13 October
Our good friend Efren, went home to Pinas, for a week-long vacation. But because of his very short stay we only got to see him once for dinner. We went to Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk.

Joy enjoying the food.

All of us were already there before Epoy came, typical Epoy!

He gave all of us pasalubong. Imagine our surprise when we saw this! haha

We'll miss you, Epoy! Come back more often!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stefan's First Birthday

10 October

My uber cute godson celebrated his birthday party with less fortunate kids at Avilon Zoo. It was such a great idea, Janice and Al!

We already had the car then but since Joema can't drive yet, we hitched a ride with Charline and Allan. The trek to the zoo from QC was still long as I remembered (we had our prenup pictorial there). Thankfully, it wasn't raining then so the rough roads a few kilometers before the zoo weren't as scary. We didn't really plan on going around the zoo so we went immediately to the pavilion to greet the birthday boy.

We went to the see the arapaimas being fed, but only one came for the milkfish. When Stefan walked passed us, we wanted our photo taken with him but he walked too fast!

Congratulations on the baby boy, Mands and Weng!

Actually, Charline did this trick where she guessed the genders of our baby by using her keys. She guessed that Mands and Weng will have four children, she got the first one right - baby boy. Then it was our turn. We're going to have only 2 children (which made me a bit sad because I wanted many kids haha!). And her guess for our first born was correct (will talk about it in a separate post..are you getting excited? haha!).

Feeling Ferrari

7 October

At the very beginning, my husband wanted to buy one for me and the baby (we already know the gender but will reveal in a separate post!). I was hesitant because I didn't think we can afford it. But we thought about it again and again and finally I said yes to it - it's not really a luxury anymore but a necessity for us, especially with the delicate condition that I'm in. I can't ask my father to drive for us everywhere everytime.

Actually, before my last check-up we checked on some cars that were included in a dealership promo in Megamall around mid September, I think. So we had a fair idea how much the cars are in the market. After comparing each and every car that we think fits our budget, we finally decided on the brand and make. I then inquired with a bank on their car loan. Fortunately, we can pay out the monthly amortization they are offering and the downpayment we had to pay. After my inquiry, everything was done in two weeks' time. By the last weekend of September, we were looking at a car dealership to see what color we wanted. Yes, we actually decided on which car to buy first before looking into an actual car hahaha! My husband wanted to get a red one because he is a Ferrari fan (my only reminder to him is HE'S NOT AN F1 DRIVER so he can't drive like one! hahah!) while I wanted to get the more subdued light blue.

Hubby "riding" the blue one

Did we get this color?

Or the fiery red one? (Isn't it obvious from the title? hehehe)

By the end of September, we have submitted our application form to the bank, together with the other required documents (copy of IDs, certificate of employment and ITR). The following weekend, the bank was already done with their credit investigation of us, they have confirmed with my employer that I am indeed employed with them.

Hubby signing all the papers for the bank
Come the following week, the bank had problems contacting my husband's employer - grrr! Turned out they only verify employments on Thursdays! So the bank had to wait until Thursday for my husband's employment verification before they can send the purchase order to the car dealership.

But even before Thursday, I had already reserved for a car color, seat cover color and the tint. I had also paid for everything that's needed to be paid (DP, 1st monthly amortization, insurance, LTO registration) and we had chosen the ending plate number (extra charge for the number we chose). So when the car dealership got the PO, they delivered our car on the same date! We were ecstatic!

Unfortunately, my husband had some problems getting his license...but that's another story to tell.

Preggy Me @ 23 Weeks

I am now on my 23rd week of being pregnant. My face has gone bigger, my nose is like a tomato, my belly button is protruding, my arms are bigger, well, let’s just say everything got BIG! And there are days that I’m not liking it. There are days when I feel so ugly. There was this one time when we had to go to my godson’s party. Before we left for the party party, I had to change my outfit several times because I felt so fat and ugly with each set of clothes I tried to wear. My hubby said in a not insulting way that it’s okay because I’m pregnant. I blurted out in my angry voice that yes, I’m pregnant but I don’t want to look ugly. Then he hugged me and kissed me to tell me I’m not heeehee. My husband is my number one fan and my number one cheerleader. I actually feel the ugliest when the ugliness is translated into photos. I have a bunch of posts lined up – events we went to – but most of my photos are FUGLY! So you will probably just see those that I thought I’m pretty enough for public consumption hahaha! Everytime I see a pregnant woman with a big tummy, but small face, slim arms, I just want to wrangle her hahaha – just kidding! Well, I let out a big sigh and wish to high heavens I won’t get bigger as my pregnancy progresses. And with that, here's a photo of me when I was 21 weeks pregnant.

I want to list my pending posts so that I can start doing them and crossing them off my list:

1. the big purchase (no we didn't buy furniture)
2. Stefan’s birthday
3. Epoy’s stay in Manila
4. Adam’s wedding
5. entry to a blog contest

I won’t ante-date my blog posts and just put the exact dates the events happened in each, this way I won’t be confused. Most of my recent posts were ante-dated and it was really confusing for me hahaha!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ylla Shoes

I've been meaning to buy flat shoes because I can't go on for long hours in heels anymore and I'm afraid I might fall off my face if I .. it. But since I can't go to the mall for long hours and actually pick out shoes, I went off searching the internet. My problem with most Multiply sellers, how can you call yourselves online sellers when the only payment method you accept is deposit at your bank account. How can I buy something online when I need to still go out, go to the bank, and pay?!?!?! So I had to search, search and search. Finally, I found Ylla shoes. The styles are oh so cute -and they only sell flat shoes! And best of all they accept Paypal payments - although they charge 4% additional for it. I first ordered their Mary Jane flats but they're out of stock.

So I ordered these instead...

*Photos from Ylla's website.

They're not as cute as the Mary Jane's but still cute!

The shoes don't come in a box but in a cute eco-friendly pouch. When I first tried them on, I had a hard time putting the shoes on. I thought my feet already started swelling because I had to really open the shoes up and put my foot in.So I texted Kat of Ylla and she told me that the shoes will eventually get a bit loose over time because the padding inside the soles are a bit thick for extra comfort. She advised me to fold the back part forwards so that it'll get softer.

Wore them to work the next day, but unfortunately they hurt my feet, specifically the heel part where the back part of the shoes touches the back of my feet. Although I still think I got the wrong size, I'm usually a size 5 so that's what I ordered. So I suggest if you want to order from them, get one size bigger than your usual. It's not really that my feet are swelling because my old size 5 shoes I can still wear them. And I actually recently bought new flats (from SM department store - yes I did went anyways but only for a few minutes) in size 5. I haven't worn my Ylla shoes again but I will wear them again (because they are cute!). I think they just hurt my feet because they're new and I needed to break them in first.

I was 20 weeks and 6 days along in my pregnancy when I wore my Ylla shoes.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Preggy Me @ 20 Weeks

Bambini and I endured another week..yey! I had another scare last Friday but I don’t think I felt contractions. It was just indigestion me thinks. Although I felt like fainting. Hay, naninibago ko. I’ve never felt so frail and helpless. My husband has been an angel all this time, always there to help me or get things for me. Although he has started calling me Mojacko hahaha. Kasi naman when I slump to our bed, there’s no way you can ask me to leave it or move anywhere from it. He has to give me things or help me stand up. He said he can just tip me over and I’ll roll over hahaha.

The little one has been very active. Last night I was barely able to sleep because aside from his/her movements that kept me awak, I couldn’t find a good sleeping position. When I get tired of my usual position, I can’t move to another position where I won’t feel my tummy being stretched or where Bambini’s being squeezed by me or hubby (this is the position where I turn to my husband’s side – my tummy’s so big, Bambini’s getting squeezed between me and his daddy.

All in all I can say the week has been fairly easy. Hopefully, more blessings will come our way. We have to wait though for two more weeks before we can see Bambini again. I’m so so excited. And I want to know if the baby’s a she or a he!

I was 20 weeks and 4 days along when this photo was taken. Went out to view something we're planning to buy for the longest time. Will post about it soon!

I Wanna Go Out

Since I haven't been out for the longest time, I was itching to go out with friends. Good thing some friends were celebrating their daughter's birthday, although it was kind of late when we thought of asking if the venue was on a second floor of a well known fastfood chain. And phooey it was! So we decided not to go - but met up with them for dinner and poker. After all it was Mek's birthday too!

Our idea of fun - poker!

I'm now obviously pregnant, even when seated I look preggers.

Group pic with Bambini*.

Although we went home relatively early that night, was sleepy already and our ride home needs to go already - thanks again for the ride, Ja! - we got all their money bwahahaha! Ja, Joema and I were the big winners only after playing for few hours!

*I was 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant when these photos were taken.

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