Thursday, September 27, 2007


Haven't I said it enough na super inggit ako kay Reyna? I'm sharing with you the pics she had when they visited Rome last weekend. Hay, I'm so inspired to save up for a Euro-trip! And aren't her pictures amazing! As in if I can only will myself to be in Rome right now I would especially after looking at her photos.

Oh when, oh when can I spend a romantic night in Italy? *sigh*

Click on the images for a larger version.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shoe Me

I’ve been debating with myself if I should buy walking shoes for our nearing trip to HK this October. A friend told me that the most comfortable shoes to wear while traveling is rubber shoes. And I did wore mine the last time I went to HK. But I don’t want to wear them for fashyown reasons hahaha. Ang arte kasi! Well, actually I figured I can only wear jeans with these shoes and I don’t want to wear any of my jeans because they’re all tight. Argh! This really is enough reason for me to believe that I really gained weight. And I think this is the first time I experienced my pants getting tight on my thigh area. It’s usually just the waist area but now my waist is okay but my thighs can’t “breath” so I end up so uncomfortable after a day wearing jeans. I’ve been searching the net for comfortable walking shoes and I found this site. She listed the most comfortable shoes for traveling. Although most of the shoes are rubbershoes types, these two caught my eye:

Mary Jane (Scala Shoes)

Merrell Plaza Bandeau shoes.
I like the Scala shoes although they are more expensive, based on online stores, but I think I’m leaning on getting the Merrell ones since Merrell is available here in Manila. I just have to check if this type of shoes is available here and if my wallet will permit it. =P Or I can just buy a new pair of jeans but that I don't want to do that because then that's one less reason to diet and exercise haha ang babaw!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I haven’t blogged about the Kobe event two weeks ago. Karen is already asking about it (although most of the stuff here are not even about Kobe haha).

Knowing that ULTRA is just a few blocks from the bank and the event was in the afternoon I only filed for a half-day leave. I met the boys for lunch and we had a hearty meal at Metrowalk. Good thing we were full before we went to ULTRA because we had to wait for a long time. RX was advertising the event to be at 3pm, the tickets we have says 4pm, but the Nike website is saying that Kobe will be at the Bonifacio High Street from 2-3pm. So go figure what time he’ll be there. We left Metrowalk at aound 2pm because we still have to get the extra tickets from Cristina. Side story: Cristina and I picked up the tickets the day before the actual event. I gave her the extra two that I have because I don’t know anyone else who wants to come and will be able to come. When I went home I realized the tickets had seat numbers. The worry-rat that I am I called Cristina up to ask her to look for the seating of ULTRA. Our ticket says ‘Gallery’ with ticket numbers 1998 to 2000 (3 tickets) and the other 3 tickets seated together (I can’t remember the ticket numbers but they were consecutive numbers but far from 1998 or 2000). So that got me all confused because Gallery is way up in the coliseum, they’re just bleachers. Anyway, we figured it’s best to just get the extra tickets back and figure out a way to be seated once we’re there. Our plan was (a) the three boys will be seated together and I will be left on my lonesome or (b) me and Joema will seat together and Tric and Mek will seat together or (c) Joema will seat alone while I seat with Tric and Mek (because Tric has the wheels, Mek will treat us to dinner later that day and I got the tickets – Joema was the only fan of Kobe there but he had no use to the three of us hehehe). We were figuring this out while we’re outside ULTRA queuing to get inside. The gates opened at 3pm so we were standing outside making up storites and watching the people line up for a few minutes. By the way, the security for the event was tight – as in the security personnel were dressed in really tight black shirts (parang pinick-up sa Fitness First or Gold’s Gym yung security hahahaha).

The show started at 5pm so you can just imagine how bored we were before the show. But we found things to do to keep ourselves amused. We took pictures. (As you can see we were all seated together. As common sense would tell us the seat numbers we're not followed at the bleachers).

Mek played with the balloons (we were out of balloons even before Kobe was there).

At nag-sight seeing kami ng celebrities. The five Gutierrez brothers were there (Richard, Elvis, Richie Paul, Monching with his son and the last one was I think the one involved the Manila Filmfest scam aka Take it-Take it scandal). We saw Francis Magalona, Rheema Chanco, Dianne Castillejo and basketball players like Mac Cardona and Olsen Racela.

It was a few minutes before 5pm when the hosts appeared – TJ Manotoc, Sarah Meier and Chino Rufino. They had us chanting Kobe’s name ‘’Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!’ and after a few seconds Kobe was there! I am definitely not a fan but it’s really something to see an international celebrity. Iba talaga yung feeling.

For the two hours of the show he was there the whole time coaching the super lucky boys (I only found out after the event that some of the boys where UAAP players). We were expecting kasi na he might show up at the last few minutes of the show lang. And for that we were really happy and of course elated with this final dunk! He gave away four basketballs which he signed. Sayang lang we didn’t get one. Si Joema and Tric we’re teasing. Tinatanong kasi ni Joema kung ibibigay daw ba ni Tric sa kanya yung basketball in case na makuha nya, sabi ni Tric ibebenta daw nya kay Joema hahaha. Well, I was ultra happy dahil super happy si Joema to see Kobe. I was joking him nga everytime that Kobe pats the players on their butt (you know how guys are) na naiinggit sya. I can just imagine how thrilled those boys must have been. To be able to play with an NBA superstar one-on-one. Haaay!

This is the final dunk of Kobe. Sablay yung una but please wait for the second one.

Please check out my multiply account for pictures and other videos.

Monday, September 17, 2007

UP Pep Squad Rocks

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for winning the 2007 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Finally, after five years we've reclaimed the title!!! Wooohooo!! O pagbigyan na ko at wala ng hihirit na di mabubura nyan ang 0-14 na loss sa basketball. Well, true naman yun, di naman ako magdidisagree. But please allow me to celebrate this win! Wahhooooo!!!! Nagtatalon ako sa bahay at hiyaw ng hiyaw yesterday pagka-announce na first runner-up ang UST. Sabi ng kapatid ko "Pano ka nakasigurado na kayo ang panalo?" Ah basta sure ako! Wahahaha. At pwede ba ha ang daming gumamit ng music na pinapatugtog sa game show ni Edu Manzano. Don't you hate it pag ganong may nakakapareho kayo sa tugtog? Okay peace out! Congrats to the other winners UST and FEU!

UP FIGHT!!! U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas! U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas!
*photos from

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saan 'to?

I found this pic of Zaizai in her blog. I want to know what movie/TV series this picture was taken? Help! He's so shuai!!! I'm so not up-to-date with his happenings. Ayoko kasi talaga kay girlaloo! Parati pa syang sabit sa news!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My friend Reyna is in Sweden right now. She was sent there by their company for a project. She said they will be visiting Rome, Barcelona and Paris while they are there. I’m so envious of her. I so want to go to Europe, even more so than going to the United States. My other friend, Janice, has been to Europe twice! I’ve been asking her so many questions about Europe as if I’ll be going there soon hahahaha. Anyways, apparently one easy way to travel around Europe is if you’re studying there. Janice has friends who are studying in either Amsterdam or Brussels. Her husband studied in Brussels for two years.

I’ve been searching the internet and found these sites:

The World According to Marlon - I actually ended up in his site because I saw his article in Click the City.

Nuffic, Universiteit van Amsterdam - I googled ‘graduate+studies+mathematics+europe’ and somehow ended up there.

Dutched Pinay on Expatriotism - I don’t remember the key words I googled, maybe ‘living+in+netherlands’, but I found her site.

My avatar in YM looks like this nowadays. Visualizing myself in Venice!

I should make a list of things I want to do before I’m 40. Not before I’m 30 coz that will be less than 3 years from now. I don’t think I’ll be able to save up for all the places I want to see. But it’s free to dream, right? So maybe I will do that before I'm 30 list. I'll think about it.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Tickets to the Kobe Event

I won 6! Yippii!!! When I first heard that Kobe will come here and RX will be giving away tickets I was excited not for me cause I don’t know anything about him, well I know that he plays for L.A. Lakers, but for Joema who’s a fan. Being a fan of international celebs, I know the feeling na minsan lang sila pupunta dito and that’s my chance to see them. The first day that Chico and Del gave away tickets they only asked the date when he was going and they only asked for the listeners to text in the answer. Muntik na ko sumali don kaso mali pala yung alam kong date. I was supposed to answer September 25 – mali pala yun dapat September 5 haha. Anyways, going to work I listen everyday to the Morning Rush siguro that’s around 6 – 730am. The following day they asked na for the listeners to call them up to answer their question for the Kobe event. Shy akong marinig ang sarili ko sa radio so I didn’t bother. Last Wednesday night, I got the chance to listen to RX around 9pm. Kaso their questions were all about Kobe na – what was Kobe’s first team, against which team did Kobe win his 81 points in January 2000 (?). Duh? Contest on getting tickets to get to see Kobe so it figures they will ask things about him. E haller? Wala nga kong alam kay Kobe noh. I had to ask Joema the answers pa. The following days did not change. Chico and Del asked other trivias about the guy. Until this past Saturday, we were on our way to San Jose for my lolo’s birthday, when they asked the day and date when Kobe will be here plus they only wanted the listeners to send the answer thru text. So I texted na. Initially, I texted the date lang pero nagdadalawang isip na ko na baka dapat isama ko yung day. Ayun tama nga ko they had to ask the senders to send the answer again – day and date when Kobe will be here. Buti na lang naka-template na sa kin in-add ko lang yung Wednesday tapos send na agad. I was so excited kasi I had the feeling na ako yung first. Kaso we had to go down from the car dahil magb-breakfast na kami sa Jollibee sa Pulilan. Di ko naman dala yung headset ng phone ko para mapakinggan ko pa rin sana sila. Pakshet di ba?!?!?! Super bilis ko kumain ng almusal. As in napansin ng tatay ko na ako yung unang natapos e usually ako yung last. Pagbalik sa kotse nag-text ako agad to ask them if they can announce again the winner. Di nila in-announce ulit pero they texted me back na I won nga! Yippiii!! I called up Joema kaso he was still sleeping pa. Ang una tuloy nakaalam si Patrick dahil tinext ko din sya para ayain. Around 9:30 ata nung nagising si Joema and he called me up. Super excited din sya. Tanong pa nya sa kin kung ano daw yung tanong. Natawa sya nung sinabi kong date lang nung pagpunta ni Kobe yung tanong kaya nasagot ko. Buti na lang natiyempo na off nya this coming Wednesday so he doesn’t need to file for leave. Kami lang nila Patrick at Mek ang magf-file harhar.

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