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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rock this Christmas

Last Friday was our department Christmas party at the Discovery Suites, although to be politically correct, we actually call it year-end party. As I mentioned in a previous post, our theme is Rock. We shot a video as part of the presentation. Each division was asked to present a video and the winning video was announced during the party - ala MTV Music Video Awards. We almost won hehe, we got the 2nd place but of course we all thought we should be the winners! Anyhoo, I was lucky enough this year to win in the raffle. Won myself a Starbucks tumbler (which reminds me I still have P300 worth of GCs from Starbucks which will expire this year)!

If I weren’t pregnant, I think I would have stayed until the end just like last year. The theme this year was so much fun the previous year’s. Everyone was game to dress and act like a rockstar. Let me show you the photos.

I think I want an IPad

So during the baby shower and our Christmas party, we were all fascinated with Jose's IPad.

Even the babies loved it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Shower and Christmas Party

As mentioned in a previous post, my friends threw me a baby shower. It was totally unexpected because it was planned to be our Christmas party. Plus I imagined if they were going to throw me a baby shower, it will coincide with our other preggy friend (who wasn't able to come to the party). So I was really surprised when they yelled “Surpise” the minute we came into Jose’s living room. Although it didn’t dawn on me immediately that the surprise was for me..I initially thought the surprise were the kiddoes who were with us haha!

We played a bunch of games. First game was Pinoy Henyo – baby shower edition. Surprisingly both Joema and I guessed the words assigned to us in the shortest possible time. His word was hospital while mine was Bambini. I think Jose took the longest time to guess his word. His word was “Daddy”. So funny because he actually guessed “Dad” but didn’t continue guessing along that line. Tsk!

Here’s Joema guessing his word. He didn't have a hard time. I think it only took him 10 seconds to guess.

The second game was prepared by Jose. Since all of us, except him, were married couples, he made us play a memory game consisting of things found in the kitchen.

Here are the itmes. How many can you remember?

Tackling the challenge ahead. What do you call this thingy?
It was actually hard! I think we only remembered 11 things while Janice and Al had 15 items on their list, which made them the winners.

The last game was a breeze for me – thanks to TMZ haha! We were given baby names and then the celebrity moms and dads and we had to match the parents to their kids. I had a hard time finding the match for Reese Witherspoon’s son – Deacon, Julia Robert’s son – Phinnaeus Walter, and Michael J. Fox’s kid, Aquinnah. But we won nevertheless! It was just a matter of elimination, I remembered that Reese’s daughter was named Ava so definitely Aquinnah was not hers, and that Julia Robert’s kids were named a little uncommon.

I love this shot because it actually focused on my tummy instead of the game haha! Those papers on the floor are the names that we need to match with each other.

Then came the gift giving. Joema and I are overwhelmed with all their gifts for our little baby girl. And finally she has clothes to wear when she comes out haha! We also received some toys, a book, and some more baby stuff.

They also gave us a diaper cake, where most of the things included are to-bring-to-the-hospital-on-d-day. Funny coz they included Cheetos and a bar of chocolate. Janice said she immediately wanted to eat junk food after giving birth haha!

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful shower and your generous gifts! Here’s our annual Christmas photo.

Hopefully next year, we’ll be complete with more babies!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas with the Ex

As soon as December came, Christmas parties are already lined up. The first Christmas party I attended was the annual Kris Kringle of my previous department. Yes, even old colleagues are invited to join. How I miss these peeps!

One of the games was bato-bato-pick! Each of us brought P20 then we’re told to find a partner. We need to play against our partners and whoever wins will get the P20 and play against the other pair’s winner. Until the last two winners play against each other (each with their winnings of P20 bills). I thought at first, it was corny. But it was really fun, and, surprisingly, exciting. The winner won P380 just like that! The last two contenders battling for the pot money haha!

Another game is guessing the title of the song. But instead of just saying it out loud, each group has to form the title with the words given to us. And then has to continue singing the song. They mistakenly included too many “the’s” in their title haha!

Of course, the party wouldn’t be complete without the exchange gift! Here we all are with our gifts from our mommies! Happy people!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Preggy Me @ 30 Weeks

We had another check-up over the weekend and I’m happy to report that everyone’s doing great. Although my OB has warned me to be careful of what I eat this Christmas season (I gained 5 lbs since my last checkup!). She’s not really asking me to go on a diet, she’s just worried I might gain pounds that are not really necessary because of the holiday season. So it’s taking all of my willpower to say to no to sweets to every parties I’ll be attending boohoo! But I was able to sneak a cup of ice cream that afternoon haha (we had our annual Christmas party at Jose's place - they even threw me a surprise baby shower but more on that on a separate post). The truth is I am able to stop eating desserts after I knew I was pregnant, so I’ve been really a good girl after all. Although the past few weeks, especially those times when hunger pangs really strike, I eat whatever I like, even junk food so I’ve been naughty too!

Anyways, I was able to ask our OB a few questions regarding the discussions we had in birthing class like doing the enema and shaving. She explained a lot of things to us. She said we can discuss our birthplan in detail on our next visit. Although she warned us there are things that she need to approve. I think she really doesn’t believe in the “no-to-epidural” birth. She believes in maintaining her patient’s comfort so that when it’s time to push the baby, mommy’s not too stressed and will be able to do so. Discussing this with her made me at ease. Believe me, I’m attending the birthing class but I don’t think I want to go through the no-meds way. She also told us that our birthplan will also be provided to the residents and she will give them strict instructions to follow it to the letter. She discouraged us to immediately check into the birthing room of the hospital and advised us to indicate in the birthplan to just transfer me to the birthing room when I’m nearing delivering the baby. She said, the birthing room costs a bit and this way, we don’t have to pay too much. Oh how I love our OB. I’m really not afraid to go into labor anymore knowing that she’s there for us. Although, I still pray Bambini will come out when she’s already full term and I’ll have an easy labor. I always talk to her and tell her to make it easy for mommy.

Our little girl’s almost 3lbs already. In 7 to 10 weeks, we’ll be finally able to see her!!! I believe my tummy’s grown bigger, a lot bigger than before. It’s like I ate a basketball, no , a beach ball because it’s really much bigger than that. And Bambini’s movements have changed too. If before I feel her thumping inside my tummy, now I feel her stretching and pushing her way inside my tummy. Sometimes, it’s like she’s trying to find a perfect position for her inside there.

We still haven’t bought anything for her (aside from her music CDs and a baby book). Although because of the baby shower, she has a few clothes and some cute baby stuff. A friend already gave me some of her hand-me-downs. So that’s basically it.

Here’s a photo of me 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant. We shot a music video for our Christmas party – theme is rock! Rock on, preggy ladies!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Have a Kit Kat

Just want to ask, why are there people who don’t know how to use the “Reply to All” button in their emails???? When I send you an email and then copy a bunch of people, that means I want them informed of what’s going on. How hard is it to reply to all of us???? Why do you always end up just replying to me? And do you really know who the person is you are replying to? I’m not sure if you think I’m her or if you know that we’re two different people. Yes, we’re both Cris but she’s a Chris.

Do you have colleagues or clients who are like this?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Preggy Me @ 28 Weeks

Yesterday was our third session on our birthing class. Rome made us watch a birthing video. The truth is before the start of the class, I thought Joema was nervous at the thought of watching this video. I was teasing him and joking him that it will all be alright. But after watching the video, I was terrified! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go through labor and delivery without the meds! Last night I had a hard time sleeping because I kept on remembering the video and then some other things that we discussed yesterday like enema and shaving. We have to discuss these things with our OB when we return for our next check-up.

We haven’t bought anything for Bambini yet. We always tell her, “Wag ka muna lalabas kasi wala ka pang gamit,” especially at times when I’m having contractions. I’ve downloaded a list online but I’ve asked friends on their comments regarding the list if I should really buy those things, if they are really essential. I don’t want to buy everything and then end up not using half of what we bought. Especially because I can’t go around the mall/store for long periods of time. So I’m still waiting for their replies. This actually resulted to me finding out about a supposed “surprised” baby shower for me haha! But it wasn’t really my fault, it was my friend’s fault hehehe.

The only things we bought for Bambini are music CD’s. We’ve been playing her classical music as early as my first trimester. Can I just say, my daughter’s been really playful recently. She’s been moving a lot in my tummy and I’m always delighted with glee everytime. Yesterday during class, while we were being taught on how to breathe properly during labor, Joema can see my tummy bouncing like a radio speaker because Bambini’s so likot hahaha! We can’t concentrate on practicing breathing and pushing. I think my daughter thinks she’s part of the exercise. WE’ve been talking to her every chance we get. Last month when Joema was on night shift I had him record a song for her (his lullaby for our little Bambini), the past week I noticed that every time I play it instead of falling asleep, the little girl starts squirming inside me hehehe.

Oh, I can’t wait to see you Bambini. Although we still have to wait for a few more weeks! Here's me at 28 weeks and 3 days.

Here you can see clearer my big tummy...and arms haha

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Depression’s hitting again..HARD!

But when our little bambini gives me a hard kick or a couple of jabs (like Manny Pacquiao) I’m happy as a clam. Every morning when I wake up, I tell her to be with me the whole day (as in kick me the entire day). Going to work has never been this hard and I need every bit of motivation to go to work everyday. So that was our deal, she has to keep me company and I in return, well I don’t really do much for her now but I eat and rest.

Now this depression, I think I’m sad because I want to go on a vacation. I know I have been resting but that’s at home. I want to go to a new place, sleep in a new bed, eat hotel breakfast. Oh my, hormones! I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. Haaay!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Vettel is Youngest F1 Champion

Woohoo! I was so happy last night! After a late Saturday night out and the birthing class yesterday, Joema and I were both exhausted when we got home. He went to sleep early and asked me to wake him up before the race. But a few minutes before 9pm, he said he was too sleep. I almost didn't watch it myself but decided against it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the start of the race (when the five red lights illuminated). When I found the site for the livestreaming (no TV cable here boo!), the safety car was out and they were already on their way to lap 2.

Well, I guess everything turned out well for Vettel during the race - his pole qualifying position with Webber qualifying 5th helped his chances of course - Button overtaking Alonzo on the first corner giving him 3rd place, the early pitstop of Webber and Alonzo after the safety car, the two Renaults defending their positions (Petrov agains Alonzo and Kubica against Hamilton), Vettel's quicker pitstop by 0.6s compared to Hamilton's. But I wasn't cheering before the checkered flag. I had to wait after the checkered flag was waved before I celebrated, which was before the Red Bull team celebrated because they were waiting were Alonzo would finish.

All in all, this season was very exciting. 4 drivers (I don't consider Button haha!) seriously contending to be world champion. Vettel was never the the frontrunner. In fact in the middle of the season, I actually lost faith and just told myself Vettel will do better next year. But Vettel never faltered, he fought and fought, and now he has won. Congratulations Vettel!!!

Photo from f1fanatic.

Preggy Me @ 26 Weeks

I'm once again here at home. I had to go on leave again as I wasn't feeling well this morning. Although I already went back to work last Thursday and Friday.

This was me at 25 weeks and 5 days.

At 26 weeks and 4 days.

For the past week, I was always hungry. As in! An hour after eating breakfast or lunch, I'm already hungry and looking for merienda. I wonder how many pound I would have gained on my next OB visit. For my last checkup, I gained 9 pounds. Yikes! But my OB wasn't really worried, maybe because it was the first time I really gained weight and it was between my 5th and 6th month when the weight gain happened (haha palusot pa!). Well, our birthing class teacher said I was on track with my weight gain, too. Yes, we enrolled in a birthing class under Rome Kanapi and our first class was yesterday. And for the first session we talked about nutrition and some exercises.

I wasn't able to participate in some of the exercises - like this pelvic rotation - because of my condition.

Joema getting stretched. I was actually able to do this, I was the one lying down and then Joema lifting my legs. With this exercise, you can feel your lower back being stretched. Since the preggies can't do this to their husbands, the daddies did one another hehe.

Raikkonen, aka Joema, doing another set of exercises. I was excused in doing this again.

We learned a lot from our first session and excited for the next ones.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sex and the City 2

One of the things I did while on leave was to watch, watch, watch. I was finally able to watch Sex and the City 2. I wasn't able to watch this on cinemas when it was shown here. But finally finally! The movie is a feast to the eyes! It definitely did not disappoint in that area. I didn't really want to dig deep too much into the storyline of the movie (because I read in an online review why the movie was set mostly in a foreign land instead of NY, etc, etc.), I just wanted to be entertained. And it did entertain me - with the clothes, the places, even the lines of the stars. My favorite scene in the movie was when Miranda and Charlotte had some drinks and dinner and they talked about motherhood. Well, it sort of "alerted" me that being a mother is not just being mushy about your baby, but it is actually hard work. I also love Anthony and Stanford's wedding with Liza Minnelli's version of "All the Single Ladies". I've watched this movie 2 times while I was on leave haha!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with Cirque du Soleil

I was so interested to start reading this book because of the subtitle "Offstage with Cirque de Soleil." And I wasn't disapppointed. The author of the book, Mark Schreiber, followed the Cirque de Soleil for their show Saltimbanco all throughout Europe. He met the solo trapeze, Olga Sidorova, in an Amsterdam night club and that started his love affair with Cirque. The book focused on Olga but it also told the story of the artists of the Cirque - the ringmaster, the mime, the juggler, the aerial acrobats among others.

It's actually my first time to read that there actually is a circus school. And these artists really study for this kind of job. Sorry if that sounded discriminating but I always thought they only trained by themselves. I never knew there's a formal training for this kind of career. Yes, this is actually a career for most of them. Read's really fascinating reading about the troupe's lives - inside and outside that big tent.

Steve & Me

This book is (obviously) about the life of Steve Irwin written by his wife, Terri. It started with how they met and told the story of Steve's marriage to Terri and their TV career. I've nothing really much to say about the book but while reading through it there are times when I can't believe how passoniate Steve Irwin is about wildlife. I can't imagine myself being so affected by crocodiles getting hurt because in my mind crocodiles are beasts. So this book actually opened my eyes to these things. Steve Irwin called himself a wildlife warrior and I think he really is - he's love for the wildlife and on protecting it is unbelievable. I've never met or read about this kind of love until I read this book.

Of course, one of the factors that pushed me in reading through the end was the curiosity on how he died (I know he was stung by a stingray but nothing else) and how he's family knew. And even though I knew he was going to die at the end of the book, the knowledge it didn't really prepare me for the sad ending.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2 Celebrate

2 years and we're again celebrating. Although we had a different kind of celebration this year - due to my being advised to rest and my hubby's schedule - we stayed home and ushered in the 8th of November watching the Brazilian Grand Prix and had midnight snacks of instant noodles and pineapple tart. I love it!

My husband's been the most wonderful person these past few months - with my being pregnant and all. He's always been my rock. I am so grateful God gave him too. Sometimes I think I don't deserve this kind of love but whenever I feel that I only have to thank God for thinking otherwise. He is the most important person in my life and I love him very much!

Honey, no words can tell you how much I love you so I hope my actions are enough. You are my everything. I love you!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Preggy Me @ 25 Weeks

I'm now 25 weeks along my pregnancy. This pregnancy has seen me at my very high and my very low. And I'm blaming the hormones for these haha!

We went back to our OB last Saturday. Everything's fine with Bambini although our OB said her weight is below average but within the range of baby weight around her gestation period. But she advised me to take Anmum twice a day and eat a lot of proteins (meat, egg). She still told me to limit my physical activities since the baby's position is still low. I wasn't actually alarmed by this anymore. I thought we managed to be alright the past few weeks as long as I follow my OB's orders. But when I talked to two friend of mine on separate occassions they told me maybe I should have asked the OB to put me on bed rest just to make sure. So just to ward off their anxieties I told them I will go back to the OB when I feel something else like when my back aches again. Because when I told my OB that for the past of couple of days I've been having back aches she said it's also because of the baby's position. I usually have these back aches at the end of the day at the office, and I thought it must be just because of the whole day seating in front of the computer. But when Wednesday came and I felt my back aching at around 9am, I was a bit alarmed. Hubby and I went straight to the OB's clinic, and she advised me to rest at home for atleast a week just to be on the safe side (she also checked the baby again and everything's okay with her). So yes, I've been on house arrest for 3 days now. Don't get me wrong, I 'm actually loving it hehehe. I get to rest away from the stress at work and at the same time be assured that I'm taking care of the baby while doing this.

The problem was I had a major breakdown this morning. My husband got off work a little bit late (he's on night shift the past week), so he wasn't here yet when I woke up. And a lot of things came to my mind - that he might not want to come home anymore because I'm so losyang, I always wear pambahay when he gets home, or I haven't taken a bath yet when he gets home. Argh! It was a major blow to my self esteem. I got up from bed ready to take a bath only to spend the next few minutes crying in the bathroom while showering. He was already at our room when I got out of the bathroom and I've tried to stop crying by then. Then something fell on the floor and tears were falling down my face again and I was bawling like a baby. He panicked when he realized I was crying. Believe me, it was a scene right out of a movie! I had to explain between sobs why I was crying. I don't think he really understood why but he was able to calm me down. Haay! Hormones!

Photos were taken when I was 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant! :)

It's safe to say that I'm feeling much better at the moment. Here's hoping no more breakdowns in the near future hehe.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Bambini is a Boy/Girl?

16 October 2010

On our last visit to the OB although we didn’t see our real OB, we were scheduled for a congenital anomaly scan with Dra. Pineda. My first question to Dra. Pineda when she entered the room was “Doc, malalaman na po ba yung gender ng baby namin?” and she answered “Depende kay baby kung gusto nya ipakita. Ano bang gusto nyo?” I told her I wanted a girl, while my hubby preferred a boy.

Then she said “Winner si mommy.” The first image the OB showed us was our baby’s genitals.

We’re having a baby girl! Our Bambini is a girl! I’m so so happy :D Before I got pregnant, I wanted to have a boy as our first born. I always wanted to have a kuya (being a first-born myself) and wanted my kids to have their kuya, someone to protect them. But when I got pregnant, basta lang, I just felt that I’m going to have a girl. Although it helped that people kept telling me it might be a girl hehe. But there were times that I thought the baby’s a boy because my skin got darker, I got lines in my neck and my armpit had darker skin (TMI!) and based on old folks these are tell-tale signs that the baby is a boy.

Anyways, Joema and I were both grinning when the doctor said our baby is a girl. Then the doctor proceeded checking every little body parts of our little girl. Her hands, her feet, her brain, her neck, her spine, her kidneys, her bladder, everything. We’re happy to report that our little girl passed with flying colors, she’s a healthy and normal baby. Thank God! She actually kept on moving and changing her position while the OB did the CAS. The doctor was able to get photos of her doing different poses.

Her profile

Looks like she's praying (see her hands clasped together?). Me too, anak, and I think the Lord heard our prayers.

See, I think she looks like me hehe and she seems like she's smiling here.

After our prior OB visit (which was a scare!), we are so thankful to know that our baby girl is healthy and normal. And although, my real OB hasn't given me the go-signal yet to start walking around, Dra. Pineda assured us that the baby's position is not too low. We’re so excited to see you, Bambini! Oh, we love you so much! I still marvel at the thought of how much I can love this baby even though I haven’t met her in person yet!

This post serves as my entry to "I Draw For A Living's October Giveaway."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

14 October

I went on leave for my cousin Adam and his bride, Cam's wedding. Mama was one of the ninangs. Although this photo was taken before the ceremony.

I was one of the mass readers so I had a good vantage point taking photos. The soon to be husband and wife at the start of the ceremony.

During the exchange of rings.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Santuario de San Jose while the reception was at the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club.

The new Mr. and Mrs. being welcomed by their guests.

One of their ninongs, Rannie Raymundo, sang a song for them. They were so special to him coz he sang something he composed himself, which he originally wrote for his wife whom he's been with for 26 years. Wow! (No, that's not his wife)

Another favorite of mine during the reception was when my cousin serenaded his bride and his father-in-law. He sang during the bride and father-of-the-bride dance. Don't know the title of the song though. But I found it so sweet! My cousin said, it would be ordinary for him to sing to his wife, but he'll be seing for his wife and his father-in-law. Aaaww! He's such a romantic.

Music was provided by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, of course, to which he is a member.

The hubby and I with the newlyweds. My nose is still red from crying because my cousin gave a tribute to his parents when he said his speech. He's not a very vocal person but during the reception he thanked his parents and told the guests he has the best parents in the world. He said he never dreamed of being ultra-rich but if he had the money in the world, he'd buy back the time lost between his parents because most of their marriage they were living apart (my Tito is a seaman who worked in a cruise ship most of his adult life).

What's a wedding without photobooth pics.

Congratulations and best wishes, Adam and Cam!

Epoy in Manila

13 October
Our good friend Efren, went home to Pinas, for a week-long vacation. But because of his very short stay we only got to see him once for dinner. We went to Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk.

Joy enjoying the food.

All of us were already there before Epoy came, typical Epoy!

He gave all of us pasalubong. Imagine our surprise when we saw this! haha

We'll miss you, Epoy! Come back more often!

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