Friday, August 04, 2017

Javi's First Day

24 July 2017

So yeah, Javi's now in school. Although, the previous school we were considering did not push through hahaha! I went to school him with him on his first day.

My dearest Javi,

On your first day of pre-nursery, we arrived very early. You were the first one there.

You went straight to the toys and started playing.

You went around the room and tried out everything. You even got a color from the drawing table and doodled on the table! I almost had a heart attack because school hasn't officially started and you destroyed school property already hahaha! Good thing I had baby wipes and the color was removed from just wiping it out.

You didn't want your photo taken with Mommy. 

When you got bored, you asked for your baon and started eating! The teacher was joking you that you're already hungry. 

When circle time started, you didn't want to sing and dance!

But you were very willing to try out the art activity.

When it was snack time, you didn't want to finish yung natira mong baon. Instead, you wanted to try your classmates food - Pepero! Nakakahiya anak hahaha! I had to tell you to stop eating his baon. Even teacher had to tell you hahahaha! But that's how you are.

All in all, I thought it was still a good first day. I didn't get emotional on that exact time I was with you. But thinking about your first day now, makes me realize that this is a major milestone for you. Only after a few days, you can be left alone inside with teacher. Ate (yaya) didn't have to be with you. And today, Ate told me that you got a smiley stamp from Teacher. Good job, Kuya! I hope you continue to enjoy school and learn some things along the way. We're not pressuring you to study (not now, maybe when you're older haha), we just want you to enjoy and meet new friends and learn new things to maximize your potential. We love you, Javiboy!


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