Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Nope...still here!

I can't believe it's more than a month since my last post. In case someone is wondering where I was, well, I was just here hahaha. Well actually I went on a business trip a few weeks ago but that's that. In between I was just here. I think my blogging mojo went kaput!

Anyways, imagine my surprise when I went bloghopping and saw this from Pepper's blog.

The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

Ack! Gusto ko maiyak, honestly! Thanks so much for giving this award to me, Pepper! I truly appreciate it. And you so much deserve this award as well. A is such a sweet little young lady.

Vivian created this blog award to recognize a blogger who exemplifies the tenants of Positive Parental Participation:
  • Encourages children to love books and reading
  • Believes that young children need to play in order to learn
  • Supports positive parental participation
So without further ado, let me pay it forward and present this award to these following moms. I read a lot of mommy blogs but let me present this award to the mommies who I feel I connect to on a personal level (although we really just interact online).

1. Anna of blue law by anna - I first read Anna's blog even before she got married and had Laz. She's my inspiration in teaching my kid to love books and to love reading. Thankfully, my little Miya loves to read.

2. Liz of mrsT - Liz is a real life friend (as opposed to online friends hahaha). I am simply in awe of how she manages to take care of her two kids and her husband and manage her house without any help. She is my super woman!

3. Anj of From A to Zo - Anj is a tiger mom! I am so grateful for bumping into her blog. Because of her I have a deeper understanding of Asperger's syndrome (I have a godson who's diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome). She has faithfully rallied behind her son and continues to do so.

4. Marsy of Planet Marsy - I feel Marsy is my soul sister hehehe from our daughters' almost-similar-names (Lia and Miya) to our love for Titanic and Meteor Garden, I feel like we have so many things in common. Although admittedly I would love to be as well-travelled as her. Her little bibiyow is the best actress in town!

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