Monday, April 27, 2015

Miya's Graduation

21 March 2015

This was a bitter-sweet event for me. I was happy to see my daughter perform on stage but on the other hand it saddens me that this will be her last performance in this school. I was teary eyed the entire time.

Will write more about her pre-school on a separate blogpost
This year's graduation was held at the Bayanihan Center along Pioneer. It was a good venue as all the audience had a good view of the stage. Although of course it helped that we were seated near the stage hehe.

Javi waiting for Ate Miya
My inlaws came with us
The program started with the singing of the National Anthem and then with a prayer. I love the songs they use for the opening prayers. One of these songs is my favorite.

They started with Lupang Hinirang
Then with a prayer
Their level performed Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid.

After all levels have performed, it was time for the graduation rites. I noticed that Miya was doing that thing with her mouth. Joema observed that she was doing this because she gets nervous in front of a big crowd. Super proud of her for overcoming this nervousness and was able to perform with her classmates. I was in the verge of tears when Teacher Rom handed Miya's medals and certificate to us. Partly because I'm sad because this is goodbye and partly because I was super proud of Miya.

Next, all the kids sang 'Go the Distance' from the Disney movie Hercules. They turned off most of the lights on stage and had the kids some blinking lights so our video's lighting is poor and not to nice to post here hehe.

After the graduation, we went up to her teachers to say goodbye. They already knew that we'll be transferring schools. I mentioned it on several occasions. Plus, I shared with them that Miya passed school # 3. They were super proud of her. I'm really super grateful to Miya's first teachers in her first school. She knows so much now because of them. I've written them 'thank you' notes to go along with our farewell gifts.

With Teacher Ane, her teacher in Junior Kinder
Teacher Rom, the school's directress. She told Miya that she was a graduate of school 3. 

Teacher Jonah - Miya's teacher in Nursery and last year's summer class. 
Pinigilan ko lang umiyak while saying goodbye to the teachers because lalabas ang OA ko hahaha! Separation anxiety to the highest levels. Sabi nga ng friend ko #sepanx.

Family picture after graduation
We went to Megamall after the graduation to eat dinner. She told me, "Mommy, don't I get a surprise because it's my graduation?" Oo nga naman! Hahaha! So I told her we can go to the toy store before dinner and she can choose whatever she wants. Although, I suggested to her to get playdoh toy (I didn't want her to get another doll for herself because she doesn't take care of the dolls...hay naku!). Atleast with play doh she can be creative and at the same time improve her fine motor skills.

Outside the toy store, she was happy to see Cinderella

Happy with her graduation gift
The next day her Lolo Arthur and Lola Tess got her flowers and graduation gift as well. Mas bongga pa Lolo and Lola, may flowers hahaha!

Congratulations, Anak! We are so very proud of you! You've only done with two years in school but you've learned so many things already. I can't wait for you to achieve your dreams in the future. We are always here to support you. We love you! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Where to Stay in Bonifacio Global City: F1 Hotel Manila

As mentioned in my previous post, we stayed at F1 Hotel last September for my mother's 60th birthday. I booked us two connecting rooms via Agoda. I booked 1 deluxe room with two beds and 1 deluxe room with 1 king size bed. Although when we got there the room with the supposed king sized bed also had two beds so I asked housekeeping to put the two beds together. When we checked in, one of the rooms was not yet ready so we stayed at the room where my parents and brother stayed.

Here are photos of their room.

This is what you see when you enter the room

To the side of the beds is a seating area. The door behind my father is the connecting door to the other room.
There's a TV and a desk at the foot of the bed.
The closet
A niche beside the closet where you can put your luggage

The bathroom
Very minimal toiletries were provided. Better bring your own.

And here's our room:

This shot was taken from the connecting door of the two rooms. See we had two beds instead of one king sized bed. The doors beside the TV are the closet doors.

The TV and desk
I think that couch is a pull-out bed. There's the coffee service table which I'm not sure was available at my parents' room (after looking at my photos). 
Joema is standing in front of the bathroom door
Toilet and sink

The shower area. Their bathroom is pretty small for hotel standards but we're okay with it because we're small people. But I would think some foreigners will find this tad too small for their built. 

Each room included buffet breakfast for two so we paid extra for my brother. Aside from the kiddie pool, they also have two other pools which I wasn't able to take a photo of.

I would recommend staying at this hotel if you want a staycation in BGC. If you're not a usual at the area like us, you'll find plenty of things to do and places to visit while checked in at F1 Hotel.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mama's 60th Birthday

20 - 21 September 2014

Friday before the weekend of my Mama's birthday was when Typhoon Mario hit Manila. Like Ondoy, their house got flooded in and they had to sleep at a nearby hostel. We were booked at Parque Espana in Alabang for that weekend to celebrate Mama's birthday. But that Friday afternoon, I cancelled our booking. That was when I discovered how amazing Agoda was but I digress.  When Saturday morning came, the skies cleared so I urged Papa to push through with the birthday celebration for Mama. I told them we can book at a hotel nearby and spend the weekend together for a staycation. It will get their mind off the flood and they will be able to relax. Like with Papa's 60th birthday, this was a surprise for Mama so she didn't know where we were going. I booked F1 Hotel in BGC via Agoda before lunch time and we were able to check in after lunch (I really fell in love with Agoda after cancelling our previous booking and being able to book instantly that day).

All settled
We went to SM Aura for dinner at Lugang.

Miya with Lolo and Lola at the open area in SM Aura

Looking back at these photos from a few months back, I see how small Miya was back then, she was still really a baby when Javi arrived. This was the last "trip" we had before I gave birth to Javi.

After dinner, Joema and I went to Uniqlo to buy Mama a gift hehe. We ended up shopping for ourselves as well. As you can see, I was heavily pregnant that time. I was going on my 37th week the Monday following that weekend (22 September). So walking around the mall made me feel really heavy. I really wanted to give birth already around this time. I knew I wouldn't last longer than my 37th week. Anyway, after going around the mall we dropped off my parents and Miya at the hotel. Joema, Jay and I went out again to buy a cake for Mama. We went to a lot of coffee and cake places in BGC but we couldn't find a good chocolate cake. We ended up buying the chocolate dome cake at the drive-thru Starbucks nears St. Luke's. I think we arrived at the hotel almost 11pm and I was dead tired from all the walking. Not that we walked around BGC, Jay was driving the car but I still had to go down and ask the shop if they have a chocolate cake. I think we went to 3 or 4 cafes. By the time we got back I was dead tired, good thing Miya had already taken a bath and ready to go to sleep.

The next day we woke up early to surprise Mama. Well, Miya woke up at her usual waking time which is early haha.

Our last photo as a family of three

Carrying her gift and the card she made for Lola
Happy birthday, Lola!

We then had breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

And then Miya swam at the pool. F1 Hotel's kiddie pool is perfect for Miya. Just the right size and depth.

Miya met a new friend at the pool. She was a pretty big girl for Miya and she would splash Miya with water. Good thing, Miya found it funny.

After checking out, we had lunch at CPK.

Excuse my big nose! hahaha look at how big my tummy was!
It was a simple birthday celebration for my mom but I know she had a grand time because she was able to spend it with Miya. And then I gifted her with a new grandkid on her birthday hehe.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 15: The 52 Project 2015

Another photo from our weekend at the beach. When I asked her to look at the camera she told me she was busy hahaha! More than going into the water, she likes playing in the sand when we're at the beach. I love it that my daughter shares my love for the ocean. We are truly both Aquarians #anodaw

He's at the stage where he loves putting everything in his mouth. I have to unearth the gifts we received over Christmas for teethers and toys he can use as teethers. Hay naku, I really feel guilty because I don't seem to buy anything new for this little boy. I always rely on what gifts he has received, which are enough really. I'm just guilty because even though he's my second child, it's as if I'm not aware of what milestones we'll encounter with him each month. Case in point, when we started giving him solids. I didn't even buy him a proper spoon and bowl. We just used what was available in the house. Does that make me a bad mother? I hope not! E with Miya todo bili talaga ng mga bagong gamit for her. I'm so sorry baby boy! That doesn't mean I love you any less! It's just that Mommy's more practical now adays and I know what really needs to be bought and what's just shoved in my face by marketing. Mwah mwah mwah!

Flyfish Summer Outing 2015

17 - 19 April 2015

I'm so glad we're able to do another summer outing this year with our Flyfish Gang. Last year we all went to Tali. This year, Janice was the once who booked the house also in Nasugbu, Batangas. We stayed at a rental house in Maya-Maya Subdivision and booked via airbnb. Although Janice mentioned that the house has its own website so you better google it as Airbnb charges a booking fee. Anyhoo, this year we booked 2 nights to stay at our rental which I think was a good idea. Since we rarely see each other, it was a very good time for our kids to hang out and bond with each other. And that's exactly what they did over the weekend.

We arrived with Janice and Penny's families as we convoyed via Cavitex. That's a very fast route compared to Tagaytay. We met up at Macapagal Blvd at 10:30am and arrived at the house by 1:30pm. We stopped over Cavite to have lunch at a McDonalds for about an hour.

While the big kids are playing, my little Javi is making pa-cute. 
By the way, this was our first out-of-town trip as a family of four without any help (grandparents or otherwise). And it was a success! Mainly because, Miya really played with the other kids and we didn't have to make her bantay and well, Javi was left at his rocker and the other yayas adored him. They will talk to him and keep him entertained while Mommy and Daddy had other things to do like eat hehe.

After settling down, the kids went ahead and swam at the swimming pool inside the property.

I actually changed Miya into her bathing suit thinking that we'll be going to the beach soon. But while waiting for Weng's family to dress up, I could already hear the screams of my little girl from outside. Ayun nasa pool na pala. Thank you, Ninang Penny for looking after her.

Then it was beach time!

The care taker of the house brought us to a private beach where we only paid for the parking of our vehicles (P50 per car unlimited time). Although the beach sand was not white, it was very fine. Not at all ouchy to kids' feet.

While Ate Miya was swimming, Javi was sleeping hahaha! He fell asleep on the car ride from the house to the beach. To think, the ride was only around 5 minutes. He was so sleepy hahaha. Oh babies!

Since it was already late in the afternoon, we didn't let him dip in the ocean when he finally woke up. Picture picture na lang hehe.

Almost successful group shot
Bye bye beach!
After dinner and putting the kids to sleep, the adults stayed up until midnight to make chika. It's been a long time since we last did that. I surely miss spending time with this bunch.

More pics of our second day after the jump....

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