Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miya's First Haircut

31 March 2012

Miya's hair was not getting any shorter haha. Her bangs kept on poking her eyes so I decided to cut her hair one afternoon during her naptime. We tried cutting her hair while she's awake but she won't have any of it. so I grabbed the opportunity that afternoon.  I was alone with her so I had to make do with the camera timer heehee

Tulog na tulog si taba - pwedeng gupitan!
See how long her bangs is?
Ooopppsss nagising na! - Wacha doing, Mommy?
See, anak, you have nice hair na..I can see your bochog face again :)
Nice haircut

The Heat is On

Looking at our calendar, I know I have a lot of other things to blog about (aside from my yaya woes). There’s Miya’s last two classes in Gymboree, our Holy Week, our quick get away trip to Anvaya. I have yet to download the photos from our camera so let me just do a quick post on how Miya beats the summer heat.

Thank you Ninong Jay for the pool and Ninang Rhoda for her swimsuit. This is one Sunday morning at my parents home:

My water baby testing the water
Pose muna for the camera
Splash, splash, splash!

Miya really loves the water. I made a GIF of her photos while she's splashing the water. Here it is.

how do you make a gif
How do you make a gif

We only took her out of the pool after she peed heehee *she's peeing here*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ayayayayay Yaya! (Part 2) Subtitle: Goodbayayayayay Yaya!

I think I can now write about what happened to our almost yaya. Our new yaya has arrived earlier today. The very first time Miya saw her, she asked to be carried by her new yaya. Yippi! That’s a good sign in my books. Just shows my daughter is already at ease with her. So anyway, let’s get back to the one that got away haha.

M, our almost yaya, was referred by my friend’s yaya. She’s from Samar and has two kids whose husband is working here in QC. My friend told me that the transpo money she sent for her yaya was 2thou and the salary is 3,500. So that’s what I also told M para di na magkumaparahan yung dalawa. When I called her and told her about it, she requested if I could send her 3thou instead. I said okay but the extra 1thou will be deducted on her first pay. She agreed. I was advised by my friend that the 2thou transport money is actually well over the actual fare going to Manila, she already has extra from that. It turned out M will be bringing her daughter to Manila to her husband so that she could study here. That’s what she told me in one of our conversations. Fine by me. I told her our yaya is leaving on the 16th of April and I only need her to be here by the 13th because I wanted their stay with us to overlap. She said she can be here in Manila as early as April 1, I said that’s okay with me but since our place is a little too small for 2 househelps, she’ll stay with my mother first. She agreed. We talked before the end of March and she asked me if I could send the money immediately because he 1st of April is a Sunday. And I did, I deposited the money on a Thursday which will give her enough time to get the money and buy her tickets. There were some problems in her getting the money so in the end, she was only able to travel to Manila on Monday, 2nd of April. So I told her my mother will meet with her on Tuesday. Before this, she started asking me why she needs to go to my mother, she was worried that my mom is very strict and matapang. I told her my mom is nothing like that and she has nothing to worry. When she arrived on Tuesday, she requested if she can be picked up the next day instead. I agreed to it because it was actually more favorable for my mother to pick her up on that day because she didn’t have work then. Then she asked if she can be picked up in Litex because she didn’t have any pamasahe, she said she brought her two kids to Manila and all the money I’ve sent her were used up. I told her my mother is not familiar with the area, can she be picked up in Philcoa instead. She said okay. Then before lunch time on Tuesday, she sent me a text message asking if she could borrow money because her family didn’t have money to buy rice, they will not eat anything because her husband has not received his pay yet. You can imagine me fuming mad at this time. But my husband calmly said to just agree with it because we’ve already paid money for her to get here. So fine, I agreed, but told her that instead of starting at my mother’s she will immediately work for us. I can’t send her there knowing that we already paid her, in essence, and she won’t really be doing anything aside from cooking and cleaning the house. She’ll be left on her own there just to look after the house. She was actually relieved because she was really worried to work for another house aside from ours. Anyway, the next day I received another text from her asking if she could start on the 15th instead. Kapal muks! I was really angry at this time I wanted to tell her I don’t want her to work for us anymore even if we don’t have any yaya replacement. Good thing our first yaya prospect gave us a positive response so I had the chance to let M go. In my mind, I don’t care about the 3thou I spent on her already, I just don’t want her to work for us. We already have a rocky start and I didn’t want to take the chance. I’m sure every minor error she did will irk me from then on. So I told her off. I enumerated every little request she made that I agreed to. And then this! I told her she was just using me to be with her husband and that I won’t be getting her anymore and she should speak to B (my friend’s yaya) because I will get my money from her. I want her to worry about getting back my money. She should feel guilty about what she did. In the end, I think she realized her mistake and she said sorry to me. But her apologies didn’t change my mind. And you know what, I actually felt good about my decision. I didn’t want a headache of a yaya and M proved to be one even before she set foot in our house.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hunger Games

Well, this 30-Day Blog Challenge is a total fail since I was not able to blog for two days since Monday. But to make up for it and for me to be able to continue with it, I’ll post 3 blogs for today. Good? Oh yes hahaha. I’m making up my own rules here!

My officemate was full of praises for the book and kept on encouraging us to watch the movie so I borrowed the book from her. I wanted to read the book first before watching the movie. As it turned out, we watched the movie when I was a few pages shy of reading the ending of the book. So imagine my dismay when I went back on reading the end of the book after watching the movie.

Spoilers ahead:

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Holy Week Pause

I'm so sorry I have nothing worthwhile to post today. I could rant about my "almost-yaya" but recounting what happened this morning, just thinking about it is exhausting me. So better skip that.

I'm just so excited to finally be on holiday tomorrow. Aside from my yaya woes, something at work has been stressing me for the week. I'm relieved to have finally heard good news about it before the day ended. So I'm happy I'm going to have peace of mind this long weekend. We're not going anywhere this Holy Week just at home for tomorrow and Friday. Well, actually we're going to the province on Saturday but it's not really an outing outing like what other people have planned for the Easter weekend.

Let's put aside some time to reflect on what actually we are celebrating for this Holy season of Lent.  I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

Post 14 of 30

PS. My 30-Day Blog Challenge will return on Monday. I won't count this as a "day" for the challenge since it's not really a substantial post. But I want to post something as well for today.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ayayayayay Yaya!

As I've mentioned, we finally have a yaya. But it seems we're starting off on the wrong foot. Firstly, when I sent her the transpo money, there was an extra P1,000 there which she requested. I obliged and told her this will be deducted from her first salary. She arrived this morning and told me if we can pick her up tomorrow morning instead. I said yes. Then when I called her she said if we can pick her up in Litex because "wala na syang pamasahe." That was a red flag! I told her my mom will pick her up and they don't know Litex, why not in Philcoa instead that's just one jeepney ride from Litex. She said okay. And then within an hour she texts me to say if she could borrow P1,000 because apparently she brought her two kids to Manila (she previously was going to bring just one) that's why the money I sent her was not enough. And that they don't have money to buy rice, her husband didn't receive his salary yet! OMG! When I called my husband, he calmingly told me to let her have the additional P1,000 because we already paid for her in advance. Anyway, we can deduct it from her salary.

I fervently pray that she's okay with my kid. She's under probation for 3 months. If she's not okay with Miya, I will let her go in a heartbeat. Never mind the money we already spent on her. Note so self: need to write down the things I want to tell her.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Banking Made Easy

Yey, we finally have a yaya! She will be arriving tomorrow. I’ve sent her transportation money by depositing it to a BPI account. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a BPI bank, I didn’t know they were so high-tech already. Instead of filling in a deposit slip, they now have a machine they call BPI Express Assistant, where you enter your type of transaction, account number and amount.

3 BEAs for the clients to use
And then BEA gives you a transaction number. Then you wait for your number to be called.

Wait for your number to flash in that flat screen TV
Presto! It was so easy and fun haha!

Okay, I told my officemate about this and she said this was implemented last year. Hahaha! Huli na ko sa balita! I’ve always had bank transactions online so this is fairly new to me. But in fairness, when I was transacting there, another client didn’t know how to operate the machine. So it’s not just me hehehe.

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