Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Going Back to Work

It's my second day back to work today from my maternity leave. Surprisingly, I didn't have a difficult time yesterday being away from Javi. Maybe because I now know what entails to be apart from him, I'm better prepared. Or maybe because I knew he would just be sleeping the whole day hehe. But still I missed him and his Ate every so often yesterday. Unlike when Miya was born, I am more lakwatsera when I gave birth to Javi hehe. With Miya I didn't leave the house unless it was for her pedia checkup. I went out without her for the very first time to watch a movie with hubby when she was already 3 months old. With Javi, I was out of the house doing groceries when he was only a week old. This time I knew I could go out for errands without him for less than two hours and I made sure he was breastfed before I went out. The first time I went out without him for more than two hours was in the 2nd week of November to visit an uncle in the hospital who had a stroke. I can't bring him there even if I wanted to. The first time hubby and I went out on movie night (Mockingjay) was last 27 Nov, the first day Javi tried to drink from the bottle. He didn't have any qualms feeding from the bottle. Unlike Miya who took a week or more to get at ease in feeding from the bottle.

First time he drank from the bottle and he finished 3oz in one sitting

Unfortunately, by the middle of the movie our yaya was already texting that Javi was crying already and wasn't pacified by feeding or carrying or being wrapped aroung my used shirt (so that he'll smell me). To prepare Javi for my pending going back to work, I left the house almost everyday when December hit. Dual purpose as this also gave me the time to shop for Christmas gifts. Hubby and I also got to watch our 2nd movie (The Hobbit) but again Javi was cryinng at home even before the movie ended. But this time around the moment we got home and I carried him, he stopped crying and began being his usual smiley and happy self again.

I'm very fortunate to have a very easy-to-please 2nd child as compared to his feisty Ate hehe. Javi can now sleep through the night. Since the middle of November he only stirs to be fed twice during the night. And since we're breastfeeding I don't have to wake up and be fulky awake to do so. And since we're breastfeeding I don't usually know what time he wakes up haha. These days he usually stirs when it's almost time to wake up between 5-6am. I think this is a benefit from co-sleeping with him since his birth. With Miya we let her sleep in her crib until she was about 4 months old. I wasn't sure then if it was safe for her, tiny as she was, to sleep beside us. 

My little bochog sleeping the night before

The little bochog still sleeping and Ate already awake by the time we left the house yesterday

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