Monday, June 29, 2015


I'm back with more stories to tell and more photos to share. I'll start with the most recent events. We've transferred homes! Oh yes we did! Thank God for this wonderful blessing. As of now, we haven't finished unpacking. We still have a lot of boxes to go through. I don't want to rush this step as I want to edit our things: give away what we don't need anymore or use. Living in a small space and now transferring to a not so big space, I learned that I need to let go of our material things and not buy stuff that are only for display or will just result to trash. Even with clothes, I realized I need to buy clothes that are not too cheap that I only get to wear once or twice. When I went on a business trip, I didn't even bring home a souvenir coz I knew it will only be more junk in our new home. Now my idea is, if I don't find anything beautiful and at the same time useful in our home from our trips I won't buy it. So goodbye ref magnets haha! Anyway, there are always photos to go back to to reminisce the trip. The title of this post is quite fitting as we transferred homes right after I came back from my business trip. I arrived Saturday evening (and came home to our old house) and then we transferred houses the next morning. Haggard! But it was all worth it. Seeing the smiles on my kids with all the spaces they can move about, we get our own room with a door and finally have some privacy, even our househelps have gained their own personal space.

Here are photos on the day we moved houses.

Dining area

Our bedroom

Miya's room

Kitchen and dining area
I can't believe we accumulated that much stuff and we're able to keep all those in our 33sqm unit.

We also got to celebrate my son's 9th month birthday in our new home and we invited our closest friends and family to celebrate with us. Javi's first name Javier means new home. I was pregnant with him when we started building our home. Joema and I really find time to name our kids with meanings that our dear to us. 

Celebrated with Javi's Ninongs and Ninangs

With my side of the family on Father's day. It was a triple celebration: Javi's 9th month, Papa's birthday celebration and Father's day celebration for all the fathers in our family.

On the actual day of Javi's 9th month. Naunang picture sila ni Joema kasi coding ang car, he left early hehe 

With Lolo and Lola. They get to dropby everyday because we're so near them na. They're the happiest with our moves, me thinks haha! 

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