Tuesday, January 03, 2017

My 2016 (Part 2)

Happy new year! Here's the second part of my monthly summary of 2016.


We discovered Snapchat filters hehe

Nina found her chubby feet

Epoy came back from SG

Miya's nutrition month program in school


Dinner with My and Joel

Haircut for the kids one Saturday morning

After the haircut and lunch, we went to Cribs to drop off the kids' old toys. Unfortunately, they weren't able to go around since the babies and kids were sleeping by the time we got there. Next time!

Here's Ate with her new haircut and a "Thank you" card from Cribs
Nina started crawling

First time for the kids na maligo sa ulan!

Celebrated Kyla and Miguel's birthdays

Miya's Buwan ng Wika program

I got sick and then Nina got sick... And this was the start of our monthly illness huhu


Miya had viral rashes the week after Nina got sick

My roommates threw a despedida for me. I was so surprised! This was so sweet of them.

I went to my last mission to Singapore.

SQ flight
This was a week before the SG grandprix...it took me by surprise that the tracks were almost set up already.

Nina ate her first sold food - lugaw. She was super excited to finally eat!

And drank her first water intake.

Her first tooth also showed up

For Miya's career day in school, she wanted come in as a chef

Miya's career day fell on the 23rd which was also Mama's birthday, Javi's birthday and Nina's monthsary!

The following weekend, we celebrated Javi and Mama's birthday by checking in to a hotel in Alabang. We all had a blast.


We celebrated Javi's birthday together with his godbrother at Ninong Epoy's place.

Then Javi got sick around the middle of the month. I had fever first then he had it then it took him a couple of days to get better. We had to bring him the pedia and then rush him to the ER. It was a rough month for our birthday boy.

Miya watched her first play - Hansel and Gretel - when we went to her school field trip. We also went to Museo Pambata.

On the 30th, we went to the province. It was the first time for Nina and Javi to see their great grandparents. The kids enjoyed our visit because they have their cousins there as playmates.


Celebrated our 8th year anniversary

Met up with the Flyfish gang to have our annual Trick or Treat. And also had a baby shower for Janice and celebrated Stefan's birthday as well.

Ate Miya's Family Day in school

Celebrated Epoy's birthday

Had a wonderful time with the Mommies and Kids from our Expression Room

Got a passport for Nina

While waiting for our turn to get her photo taken
Christ the King celebration at Miya's school. She was a "flower girl".

Attended the team building with my new division


Spent a day with the balikbayan, Gary, together with Joel and My's family.

Christmas breakfast with my former division

Ate Miya's Christmas school program

As early as the 15th I was already on leave but brought the kids to the office on the 16th to get our crinkles hehe.

Migs Christmas party

Nina's 10th monthsary and first Christmas

Christmas with the family

Quality time with my girls

New Year's Eve celebration

Was so happy Nina was awake almost until the midnight of 31 December

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