Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A baby shower, a wedding and a birthday treat

Baby shower - Thursday

Our officemates threw a baby shower for Rhoda who is in her last few weeks of being pregnant. Her due date is on the second week of December. Being a 'King', our lunch was Tapa King, background music was from OST of Lion King and the give-aways are keychains with Lion King picture. The first-time mom is so excited for the baby that she bought 'our' gift for her during the Mega Sale last month -a Chicco stroller. Wala tuloy kaming pekchur na kasama ang gift namin for her hahaha. Since in our office almost all of them are married and have kids already, they had plenty of advices and stories of giving birth to Rhoda. You can actually tell the age difference because of their stories about giving birth. Yung iba wala pang epidural nung nanganak dati. Ganon ka-tanda yung iba kong officemates!

Wedding - Friday

The next day we went to Tita Julie's daughter, Johanna's wedding, at Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes. The wedding was at 7pm so most of us here at the office had to leave early to have their hair and make up done. :) Ako hindi na, basta after office hours nagpalit lang ako ng damit dito at ako na nag-make up sa sarili ko. Okay naman di ba?

After the wedding ceremony at the church, I went home na with one of my officemates. Since I was sick days earlier I don't want to gamble and sleep late at baka magkasakit ulit ako. Truth is, it was only that day that I felt really well. Though I still had cough, my colds are gone and I don't feel sick na talaga. Al fresco pa naman yung venue for the reception - the Coconut Palace. My officemates told me the Monday after that they went home around 1am already.

Epoy's birthday treat - Saturday

We were supposed to meet at SM Mall of Asia at 6pm for Epoy's dinner treat. But Epoy was late going to Tric's place and Ja was late to meet us at Gateway so we ended up eating at National Sports Grill at Greenbelt3 instead. After dinner we went to Joy and Mek's place to play poker. Nagpasundo na lang ako kay Jay sa SM Bicutan at around 12 midnight kasi hindi ako pwedeng ihatid ni Joema coz he has work at 3am. Joema was the big winner that night kaso when we got to SM past midnight, there was a police car beside our car (with Jay and Papa waiting for us to pick us up). Sobrang takot ako kasi I know papagalitan ako ng tatay ko dahil pinag-intay ko sila at nasita pa sila ng pulis. I only found out the next day na kinapkapan pa kapatid ko, who's on the driver seat, and pinabuksan pa yung glove compartment nung kotse. I think they were suspected of trafficking drugs. Siguro maraming nagt-transaksyon sa area na yon kaya ganon. Buti na lang sumama ang tatay ko sa pagsundo kung hindi baka sa presinto na namin puntahan ang utol ko. Anyway, that was the end of night for us already. Backtrack muna tayo sa simula.

As I said, Ja was supposed to meet us at Gateway. Well, actually she was supposed to meet me at the Santolan LRT station and we'll meet up with Joema at Cubao. Kaso she was late so I told her we'll meet her at Gateway na lang. Ayoko naman mag-intay sa LRT station noh. At Gateway, we bought our gift na for Epoy and waited at Odyssey. Joema bought some Discovery channel VCD and I ended up buying nothing. Grabe super kuripot ako sa mga panahong 'to! Ja was stuck in traffic at Libis so we proceeded in going to Makati. Hay ang gulo-gulo pa nila kausap kasi while on the way they called us to let us know na Glorietta na nga lang ang dinner instead na sa MOA. Then when we were at Glorietta already they called up to ask kung andon na kami (with the hint na gusto ulit nila magpalit ng venue). Sabi ko pa kay Epoy baka gusto nila ng MMS na proof na nasa G4 na talaga kami haha =P. Yun pala gusto sana nila sa Rockwell kumain kaso nga dun na kami talaga sa Greenbelt. Nauna pa kami nila Ja don. Imagine from Antipolo kami pa yung naunang dumating e lahat sila galing sa south. Sows! Anyway, the food was great. Appetizer palang busog na kami. Halos di ko na maubos yung tenderloin steak ko. Buti na lang hinatian ko si Joema. Yun na nga after dinner we proceeded to play poker na.

Well, sila ang naglaro ako nanood na lang. Joema tripled his bet! Winner talaga! Niloloko tuloy nya sila na pinilit pa daw kasi sya na sumali. We were supposed to go home na kasi after dinner dahil gusto pa nya matulog before going to work kaso napilit din. Enjoy din kahit puyat at napagalitan dahil it's been a while since we last saw the guys. Ang next nito malamang sa wedding nila Jo at Bud na.

Divisoria - Sunday (pahabol)

Yes folks, I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I only have to buy gifts for my family, Joema and a few of our inaanak. I'm done buying gifts for my young cousins, both sides of the family, a few friends and my officemates. Yey to me! Sayang lang inabot kami ng ulan dahil we were supposed to buy a Christmas tree and ornaments pa. Sa Dec 1 na lang balik sila Mama don. :) So that was my weekend. How bout you what did you do?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Haven't had time to blog about the past weekend. Went to a bridal shower, wedding and birthday treat/poker night. I will have to do that another time. I have to upload the photos to my multiply account too.

Literal na pagpaparamdam lang itu!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And here are the pictures

regarding my post yesterday. See that lady beside Grace?

This is her undies! I was really distracted. I wanted to pull up her jeans.

More pictures of Grace (and the lady's undies) here.

Hirap na Hirap na kong...

huminga sa bibig!! Baradong barado ang ilong ko! Leche!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And then I was sick

I had fever starting Saturday and I wasn't able to go to work yesterday. But before that I went shopping last Friday for that perfect black shoes. I needed to buy black shoes for a wedding I'm attending this Friday. I just hope I'm feeling way better for me to able to attend the wedding. I'm not part of the wedding party, just a guest of the mother of the bride haha! Fortunately, Landmark was on sale and Glorietta had its Midnight Madness. Met up with Grace at Landmark but wasn't able to buy there. I like four pairs of shoes from Landmark but I thought it was too expensive for a pair shoes I will only be wearing atleast twice a year. So off we went to Glorietta. After looking around for almost two hours, I finally bought the pair that I liked at Landmark. Good thing they have a boutique at Glorietta or I would have to persuade Grace to go back to Landmark to buy the first shoes I liked there. That was around 930pm already. We were supposed to watch Casino Royale but we were both too exhausted and hungry so we decided to just eat dinner and relax. Imagine going around the mall for two hours and I just bought only 1 pair of shoes. I had to muster self-restraint from buying anything else. My budget for the month doesn't allow me to buy anything for myself...just Christmas gifts for everyone else. Anyways, when we got to Heaven n Eggs and were seated on our table, I was distracted by the underwear of a certain lady patron there. Sorry no pictures to support my claim. I will have to post pictures tomorrow. I haven't uploaded the photos from my digicam yet. Maybe that's why I got scik..karma! Jeeesh!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of Imax cinemas, Pool and Christmas lights

Finally, Joema and I were able to watch at the Imax cinema of SM Mall of Asia. We watched Open Season. I had a headache after the movie. But that may be because I was already nursing a headache even before we watched. Or maybe because I was wearing my eyeglasses so on top of that I had the 3D glasses on. Having two pairs of glasses on for almost two hours is not fun hahaha. Well, I guess it's okay. It was my first time to watch there. It was amazing watching the teaser for the Deep Sea. I'd love to go see an action movie there.

Joema while waiting at the lounge. This is the only picture I took at the cinema lobby because Joema said it's not cool to pose there haha! As if cool sya! Loser daw yung mga nagpopose don. Wala tuloy akong pic dun sa couch ng Coke hmp!

Hiya pa isuot yung 3D glasses

Napilit din. Blurry lang yung pic coz we used the night mode and ginalaw agad ni Joema yung kamay nya.


Congratulations to Ronnie Alcano for winning the 2006 World Pool Champion! Thank you for making us proud to be Filipinos (kahit na nakakahiya yung ibang maingay dun sa venue). Ipambili mo ng pustiso yung $100thou prize money =P My heart goes out to Ralf Souquet who can't control his tears while being interviewed by Anthony Suntay (at talagang sya ang may pekchur!). Well, good luck to you next time.


36 days before Christmas! Our Christmas lights are up...

It's not bongga as the house in that Max's commercial. Have you seen that? I can't find it at youtube. I wanted to post it here. Anyways, I really love that commercial. It's so cool!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm Grumpy

Your Emoticon is Grumpy

Maybe you're having a bad day... or maybe something just upset you. Either way, you're definitely seeing red!

Have your Cake and Eat it too

Watched Cake last night with Grace. Oh my God! I didn't like it. For one, Heather Graham kept on wearing just two bras - the one with the lace and the pink one. The only other time she wore something different was when she was a bridesmaid. Hahaha Sorry I just can't let that pass! I don't know if the film is supposed to be comedy, romantic or something else. It's soooo boring!!!! We should have watched Marie Antoinette instead. But we didn't want to watch that because we thought we'll be bored with it. Wrong decision. Man! Cake sucks big time!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm back from Vacay

Well, I've been here in the office since yesterday. I was on leave from 30 Oct to 04 Nov. Guess where I went????

I just stayed at home hahahaha! Buhay bum! Ang saya! Watched many DVD's with my bro (who's currently bumming around too!) and slept all I want! Kung pwede lang na wag na bumalik sa trabaho. Kaso kailangang kumayod para kumita ng moolah. Now I'm back to my harsh reality - paggising ng umaga para pumasok sa nakakabobong trabaho at maghintay ng sweldo (kaching!) sa a-kinse.

A Love Letter to the Father of My Children

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