Monday, June 30, 2008

Win Some, Lose Some

Filipinos all over the world are filled with pride with the win of Manny Pacquiao yesterday. But hats off to David Diaz for being such a gracious loser. Watch his post-fight interview.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Magka-level Kami ni Juday

When the right moment came, Ryan went down on his knees before Judy Ann, uttering these exact words: "Will you marry me?"

Then, he remembered exactly how he felt at that exact moment. Ryan said, "Nakakatawa, e. Alam mo, ang daming nagsasalita, e. Noong nilabas ko na 'yong singsing, ang daming nagsasalita. Pero 'yong naririnig ko lang, parang, ‘Nyowowo' [mimicking the garbled sound from a tape recorder being played when the battery is low]."

What was Juday's reaction?

She answered, "Ang una kong sinabi actually, no'ng 'binigay niya 'yong singsing, ‘Seryoso ka ba?'"

Read more here.

Dahil pareho kami ng nasabi nung binigay yung singsing ahahaha. Pero ang sweet talaga ni Ryan. Wala kong masabi. Kaya love na love sya ni Juday e. Yack! Feeling close! I’m sure si SIL kiligers. Kilig yan sa Krystala dati e wahahaha. Laglagan na!

Putangina Honey

Joema's been bugging me to watch the videos of Russell Peters on Youtube. I finally gave in last night. This guy is hilarious!!! From what I've watched already, he makes fun of Asians mostly. He's parents are Indians but he's born in Canada. Watch these clips where he makes fun of us Pinoys.

I knew you guys are Filipinos right away coz you keep staring at the microphone like there’s gonna be karaoke after the show. I hope this Bumbay will hurry us up with the show please coz I wanna get up there and say “Putangina Honey”

Jun! Come here and show Tito Ray your song

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At Sea

My cousin is a musician and he used to be a part of a band who entertains the guests of a cruise ship. Theirs isn’t one of those Christian Cruises but he got to travel to different parts of the world. He was able to go to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He said most of the people onboard the cruise ship are old people mostly pensioners who are living leisurely. When I grow old, I want to be one of those people. I want to get onboard a cruise ship and travel. I might even consider going on a Christian Cruise. Most Christian Cruises would ply the Mediterranean and have ports of call in different cities in the three continents surrounding it – Europe, Asia and Africa. I would love to go on a week-long cruise or even longer. Of course that is a different matter when you work in a cruise ship like my cousin. He only gets to go home once a year. For ten months he will be at sea and the times they are on land are far in between. He really gets homesick. Once he knows the date he will be coming back to the Philippines, he starts counting down the days. I guess it’s never really as much fun when you’re there for work.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dream Bride

Since my last post about the mananahi, I was having a hard time sleeping at night. So anyway, after sulking about it I started asking people for referral. Rhoda referred her friend’s mananahi, EJ referred her officemate’s grandma and then I got the contact details of Deepa’s friend designer, Tria. I got the phone number of Rhoda’s contact. Then I emailed EJ the designs so she can ask for a quotation.

I also emailed Tria and sent her a text message last Friday. Yahoo and Globe are playing some kind of trick on us, it’s either I didn’t get her text or she didn’t receive my email or vice versa. But she was really patient with me and tried to resend her message via email or text. Anyway, it was already too late for her to send the quotation over the weekend so she promised to send it to me Monday.

Almost everyday last week, I met up with a different modista/designer. On Monday, I met up with the one referred by Rhoda. Her shop is in New Manila and we went there during lunch time. Jopen and Rhoda came with me. Let’s just say I was heartbroken after the meeting. Her prices were waaaaaaaaay over our budget. After that meeting, I got to chat with Jo Anne in YM and she told me Jayson’s mom also does wedding gowns and entourage dresses. So I sent her the pictures of the designs as well. That same afternoon, I received Tria’s quotation and we agreed to meet up Wednesday after office hours.

Come Wednesday, I met up with Tria. Rhoda and Terence were kind enough to go there with me. It’s a good thing it was near their house. Tria started sketching the designs for my entourage based on the styles I emailed her. They were all lovely. And then she sketched my gown. She asked me what I liked from the design I emailed her. The original design that I wanted would cost me so much so she designed a simpler gown, though still very beautiful. She totally got what I wanted. Her mom was a great help too. She was there while Tria’s sketching and voiced out some of her opinions which made the gown more beautiful. Then we started choosing the fabrics. I love the gown she sketched for me and I totally love the lace I chose, the design is not the conventional floral design. I didn’t even bother looking at their selection of laces. I love love love it. And Tria’s so nice, she was able to bring down the cost of my entourage’s gown by getting a different fabric and making the styles in a simpler cut. I already told her my budget when I first emailed her so she was very nice to accommodate my requests. I left their shop feeling happy and elated. And although when I woke up I changed my mind about the entourage’s gown, I was convinced I love the gown she will make for me. I can’t get my mind off the design she sketched and the lace and fabric (duchesse satin and charmeusse, I think) they will be using. It’s lacy and romantic just the way I like it. So I texted her and asked if it was okay to get only my bridal gown from her and she said YES! Last Saturday, I made the down payment and my measurement was taken (I took the picture while waiting for Tria). My first fitting will be on July 26. Yey!

Now I’m waiting for quotations for my entourage. Lorena’s mom’s on my list. And I’m waiting for the quotation from Jo Anne’s mother-in-law. Penny’s also canvassing for a modista, so I’m going with her to ask for a quotation. So, I’m back to being a happy bride-to-be, until the next wedding prep crisis, that is.

*blog title is the name of Tria's shop: Dream Bride located at 108 Congressional Ave., Quezon City

Friday, June 20, 2008

100 Naked Men

So apparently we missed the Oblation Run this year. Not that I’m watching it every year. No, scratch that – I used to watch it every year. I think in my four years in college I watched it 4 times haha! On my first year, my classmates and I cut class to be able to watch it. I remember it distinctly like it was yesterday. =P It was weird having to jostle with other people – students/media/old ladies – to get a view of their thingies. We were among the hundreds of people who waited in AS to see the runners. After the run, my friends and I were all silent, all thinking about what we’ve witnessed. Until somebody brave enough to start the conversation and we were all like “does it really look like that?” hahaha. I don’t remember much about the next years but I’m pretty sure I was there. Anyway, I said we missed it because my officemates and I are planning to go there this December to watch it. Maybe next year…

Monday, June 16, 2008

Manic Monday 121

If your personality had to be summed up as a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?

Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. Not that hard to make but will still be an effort to grill it.

If you knew that someone was dying, but they didn’t know, would you tell them the truth or deceive them about it?

I would probably tell the person the truth. He deserves to spend the remaining days of his life the way he wants to. If it were me, I would want to know.

Do you dress the same when you are depressed as you do when you are very happy?

Nope. When I'm depressed I usually get the first piece of clothing I get my hands on. Unlike when I'm happy I like to think about what I'll wear for the day.

Manic Monday Meme

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Independence Day

Last June 12, Joema and I went around town to accomplish a few things for the wedding. The Bank doesn't follow PGMA's holiday economics so we don't have work on the actual day of the holiday. So June 12 was our holiday and not June 9. I met up him with after his work to have breakfast and then we went straight to Archbishop's Palace. The last time we went there Bro. Emman wasn't in so this time I called them Tuesday and asked if anyone will be around that Thursday. Apparently, Bro. Emman is not in charge anymore. When I called I've spoken with Ms. Raquel. I told her that I lost the receipt Bro Emman issued me when I paid the reservation fee. She told me that might be important because Bro Emman isn't incharge any more. Yikes! Although she confirmed that we have the slot for the morning of November 8. Whew! When we went there Bro. Alexis was the one who talked to us. Although, Ms. Raquel was there to assist him. As for the lost receipt, she told me I can write a note that tells them I lost the receipt but I already paid the reservation fee. They finally discussed what are the things we need to submit and we can actually start arranging everything.

1. Baptismal Certificate (For Marriage Purpose) [B&G]
2. Confirmation Certificate (For Marriage Purpose) [B&G]
3. (3) Sunday Publication of Marriage Banns [B&G]
4. Permission from the Parish Priest [B&G]
5. Marriage License (valid on the wedding date) [B&G]
6. License to Solemnize Marriage (Officiating Priest)
7. Delegation from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
8. Fully accomplished Cannical Investigation Form (Interview by Officiating Priest) [B&G]
9. Pre-Cana Seminar [B&G]

We signed the contract (note to self: next time we go there, get a copy of that contract) and was able to go to Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish to accomplish the delegation. We paid P500 for it. Since ours will be a mixed marriage, we have to sign another contract (with signature of witnesses so we have to ask some of our friends to take a leave and go with us to the church for that) that will be signed by Fr. Jun who is the priest in charge in Archbishop's Palace. And then we have to take that contract to the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Arzobispado de Manila, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila near Manila Cathedral (I just googled the exact address of the place). I think they will interview us there and then maybe give us something hehe. When I asked if the pre-cana seminar is the same as the Discovery Weekend Ms. Raquel told us it was different so I guess they don't recognize DW in lieu of the seminar. But they weren't clear where we'll take the seminar. I don't think they hold it there. When we went to the Sacred Heart parish office, we forgot to ask about it because the man in charge was a bit of a snob haha. I was a bit scared of him actually. He would answer our questions with one word sentences and he didn't even smile at us. Oh well, we can always call and ask about it again. Atleast we have one thing off our list for the church requirement.

It was almost lunch time when we finished so we headed off to Gateway and wandered around a bit. We're to meet with Marj Dizon of A Magical Event to book her On-The-Day coordination services. I actually met Marj with Penny a few Sundays ago to discuss the inclusions of her OTD coordination. Some of the things she mentioned, I didn't even thought about. So I was convinced we really needed a coordinator. I was immediately at ease with her and the best part is she was within our budget. Joema and I met up with her at Oasis around 2pm. She had a wedding there at 3 that afternoon. I was able to meet her team - her mom, Lyn and Tita A. By the way, special thanks to Dins who gave me a shortlist of OTD coordinators. :)

After that we watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Those boys - Prince Caspian, King Peter and King Edmond - are so cute. But I like King Peter best haha. Like the first movie, which I forgot everything about it as in it's like I have amnesia I don't even remember most of the scenes that Joema is telling me about, I'm not so thrilled about this movie. By the time the next installment is out (if there will be), I might have forgotten all about it again. I'm thinking of buying the book and reading it. I might appreciate the movies more.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Road Block

This is the first road block I've encountered in our wedding preparations. Shit shit shit! I called up my mananahi to make an appointment because another friend of mine is getting married and I refered my mananahi to her. My mananahi told me that she's leaving for the States, she already has her visa and ticket! She said she was supposed to tell my officemate, who referred her to me, tomorrow about her plans so that I can be informed. I guess I was a day early. :( So there I don't have a mananahi with less than 5 months to go before the wedding. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Young Love, Sweet Love

Nakanampotah! Ang landi! Pwede na ba, Kuya Germs?

I will be posting more of our prenup pics soon (my internet connection sucks!). Mostly those that will probably not be included in our guestbook.

Photography: Jayson Arquiza of Redefine Weddings
*photo compressed for easier loading

DFA Passport Renewal

My mother and I renewed our passport this morning. Our passports will expire this November. For those not in the know, you're supposed to renew your passport 6 months before the expiry date written in your passport or you won't be able to travel. Although, we've encountered this already when we traveled to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Allan didn't know this little but important fact so we were held up at the check-in counter at the Clark airport. Fortunately, the airport personnel allowed him to travel by just signing a waiver. I'm not sure what exactly he was waiving. Anyway, just a little guide on what to do when you're renewing your passport. Ours was issued after May 1995. They have a different set of requirements for those issued before this date. By the way, they are now issuing machine-readable passports so everyone is required to make a personal appearance at DFA. Remember before, if you're just renewing your passport you can just take it to a travel agency and then they will give you your new passport. Now because of the machine-readable passport, which is an international requirement that will be strictly enforced in all airports by 2010, you have to go to DFA whether you like it or not.

1. Ready the documents that you need.
a. Fill-in the passport application form. The downloadable form from the DFA site is different from the one we accomplished and submitted. I asked my officemate who went to DFA earlier to get us a form.
b. Have your picture taken. Don't forget that they follow these guidelines. The color of the background that they require now is royal blue and not white. Just go to a reputable photo studio.
c. Photocopy the inside and back cover of your passport and the pages of the latest immigration departure and arrival.
d. Old passport
2. Use DFA's online appointment. You will skip a lot of the unnecessry steps by using their online appointment. My officemate who didn't know about this went to DFA without an appointment. Her time was wasted going there because they just gave her a schedule two days after. A few months ago when you make an appointment online, they will also give you a schedule two days after. But when we registered, the schedule they gave us was 4 days after the day I made the appointment online. I guess a lot of people are getting their passports nowadays compared to before. By the way, when you register online they will send you an email confirmation, print that and bring it to your scheduled appointment. And then head straight to Gate 2 of DFA.
3. Go to DFA on your scheduled day and time. We were given the time 1am-12nn. If you get the same sched, arrive before 11:30am because I heard one of the personnel there telling the guard that they will close the gates at that time. When you enter Gate 2, the processing area is right there after the gate (photo shows windows for the processing). They just check if you accomplished the form correctly and then they'll ask you if you want your passport in 7 working days (P750 charge) or 14 working days (P500 charge). And then you have to proceed to the auditorium for the payment and encoding. Remember to pay first before lining up for the encoding. The payment is located way at the back of the auditorium. Then line up for the encoding. They have actually set up rows of chairs for people to sit down while waiting for their turn. And please wag sumingit like that bitch when we were there. Stupid din nung siningitan nya who didn't even confronted her. Kainis! Pero buti nga sa kanila dahil pinabalik pa rin sila although I don't know why but I think they were asked to have their pictures taken again. The process is actually a bit quick kaso inabot na kami ng lunch time (and may sumingit kasi!). All the personnel went out for lunch. Although they have relievers there were only a few about 6 0r 7 as compared to more than 25 people who were encoding before lunch break.
4. Wait for your passport and return to DFA to get it. Or you can do what we did. We went out to the basketball court and paid for our passports to be delivered to us. We availed 2Go's courier services. They deliver anywhere in the Philippines for P99. Although they will deliver your passport the next day after the date that your passport will be ready.

So now we're all done. Hassle lang coz I still need to go back again for my next passport renewal. By that time, I will be married and I need my passport to show my new name. Earlier, I was next to a girl who was there renewing her passport because she recently got married. Take note, she already has the machine-readable passport and they only started releasing that last year. Parang sayang lang coz you can still use that. Unless you're using your passport as a valid ID with your married name. Oh, and I overheard her talking to her husband mukhang foreigner coz she was talking in English. She doesn't look like a colegiala or yuppy ha kinda looks like the girls from Hooters haha. Eeep sorry! I'm just glad we're done with that. So where are we going next?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Hoot Hoot Hooters

As per our tradition, we met up for dinner to celebrate Charline’s and Steve’s birthdays. We went to Hooters per Steve’s request (hahaha not really true but I can say anything here and Steve won’t even have the opportunity to deny it). Actually I was the one who suggested the place. Anyways, Joema and I met up first before going to Mall of Asia. We went to Jayson’s place to pick up the CD of our prenup. I can’t post the pics from the office because I don’t have a DVD-ROM. Kaasar! I need to borrow my father’s laptop to be able to upload pics but his internet connection is waaaay too slow so I’m not sure when I can post some pics here.

When we arrived at MOA, Jose was already at Hooters. Excited? Haha. I didn’t know that the place was far from the mall itself. We got lost finding the restaurant. It's actually located in a strip of restaurants along the bay area, aptly called San Mig by the Bay. But it was okay since we had to wait for our table, we were number 2 in the waitlist and that was around 7pm. After a few minutes Al arrived and then Steve. I don’t know exactly what time we were seated but we must have waited for a long time. When we were finally had our table, Mands arrived with Weng. We started to order for our food. We ordered their chicken wings, nachos, mini-burgers, grilled chicken ceasar salad and cheese sticks. Then the rest of our party arrived – Pao, Penny, Janice and then Charline followed by Allan. We were complete for the first time – ever! It was actually only that time that Joema met Jose and Steve. Jose and Steve have never gone on our trips, that’s why.

While we were eating there, there was a bunch of expats who were a bit tipsy and kept on dancing with the Hooters girls. They’re so fun to watch. We imagined our dining experience there wouldn’t be that fun if they weren’t there to “entertain” us. I recorded them while they were dancing. You can watch them here and here.

Mands and Weng left early but the rest of us stayed at the bay area and talked some more. We actually talked about scary stuff like haunted libraries and offices. Creepy! At the end of the night, we arranged for a Binondo outing next and our official tour guide will be Steve. No, the ghost stories and Binondo are not related. Although…I might be mistaken?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Photographer's POV

Jayson has blogged about our prenup shoot. Check it out! I can't hide my excitement! I just want to get over to their place and get our CD. But I can't...not yet. I'm still feeling under the weather so I might be waiting until Friday to get it (hahaha kala mo naman ilang highway ang kailangan kong tawirin para makarating sa kanila) Chaka gusto ko kasama ko na si Joema pagkuha nung CD. Weeee! Pero in fernez, parang nawala lahat ng sama sa katawan na nararamdaman ko nung nakita ko yung photos. Haaay..sulit ang pagod! I will probably make a separate post when I get the CD hahaha. Tatadtarin ko ng prenup pics 'tong blog ko. Ha! Joke lang.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City

So yeah, I'm feeling much better today. Although my brother is the one who's sick since this morning. Must be the minute it's raining and then the next it's so hot.


Anyway, I was able to watch Sex and the City last Friday with Reyna. She arrived late so we weren't able to see the first few seconds of the film. We were seated in the cinema by the time Carrie met up with Big at the entrance of their would-be apartment building. Here are some of the things I want to say about Sex and the City:

I love the scene were Carrie wore the different couture wedding dresses. Those were just to die for dresses!

  • Since there were a lot of wedding preparations in the movie, I can totally relate. I love their choice of wedding venue. Carrie said something like where else to get married but in the one place that houses the best love stories.
  • I almost cried when when they were waking up Carrie in their hotel room in Mexico. It was just so depressing when Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were waking up Carrie to let her know she slept without eating dinner or that she slept the whole day or that she needs to eat something. You can really feel how much they love Carrie.
  • I cried when Miranda and Steve met up at the Brooklyn bridge. The scene was so touching. And if I were in Miranda's case I would have felt the same way with regards to forgiving Steve. It would have been so hard to forgive someone who cheated you. At that particular scene I can almost feel Miranda letting go of her logic and just letting her emotions get hold of her. Although I have to give props to Steve for being honest with Miranda. I think you can count the men with the fingers in one hand, who would be honest enough to admit that to their spouses.
  • Charlotte deserved her happily ever after. :) She was hilarious when she saw Big in that restaurant. "I curse the day you were born" hahaha
  • It was surprising that Samantha was that faithful to Smith. That scene with all the sushi was so funny!
  • I need to watch the movie in DVD because there were a lot of cuts in the movie version. Thanks to MTRCB for that.

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