Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When in Baguio take the Deluxe trip of Victory Liner because they have an airconditioned lounge for you to wait in

A lounge with pictures of old buses and their old bus station

plus the deluxe bus has big legroom although you can't cuddle (trying hard kami magdikit jan) travel 15mins to Trinidad, Benguet to go strwberry picking even if it costs P150/kilo instead of P80/kilo if you don't pick them go to Good Shepherd to buy their famous ube and take pictures of the view and their garden go to nearby Mines View Park and take a picture with Doglas

No more kids who will catch the coins that you throw

but the view is still spectacular then go to The Mansion and Mines View Park go to Lourdes Grotto and take the hundred or so flights of steps to get to the top. But we cheated coz the taxi took us the top already hehe can buy pasalubong at the shops nearby although there are stores in all the places I already mentioned. hear mass at the Baguio Cathedral should while away your time at Burnham Park and wait for someone to offer their services to shine your shoes or give a manicure-pedicure go ukay-ukay and hope you get a steal like we did. Gucci bag for P350 (for my mom)

and for me two Coach luggages for P2000 not for one but for both luggages!

Now that's how I celebrated my birthday in Baguio. Turning 27 isn't that bad after all. Thanks to all who greeted me. Mwah!


karen said...

omg, ang tangkad ni jay. hehe. say hi to your family for me. i miss you guys!

cris said...

correct! napapagkamalan nga syang mas matanda sa akin harhar. bumisita ka naman kasi dito!!!!

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