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Amazing Race - Davao Day 2

Our second day at Davao, felt like an entire episode from Amazing Race. Our pit stop – Pearl Farm Resort at Samal Island. Martha of House of Travel, told me to be at the Marina wharf before 8am because the boat leaves the wharf at 8am sharp. Pao, who went to Pearl Farm before, told us the wharf was in Waterfront Insular Hotel. This was seconded by Paul who, bless him, accompanied us that morning. I don’t know if it was too early for the taxi drivers of Davao City but we had a hard time finding a cab that morning. So we agreed that Janice, Al, Charline and Allan should go ahead with Paul and just tell the boat to wait for us. That way we’re sure the boat will still be there if some of us are late. Fortunately, the four of us left behind got a cab immediately after they left. We just let the cab follow Paul’s vehicle. We arrived at 7:50 am at Waterfront Insular. The hotel lobby guard told us that the wharf was not there, he pointed us to a part of the resort where the wharf is. When we got there the guard asked us if we were going to Paradise Island Resort so we told her casually that no we’re going to Pearl Farm. Then she went on in saying, in Bisaya, that the boat at the wharf will not bring us to Pearl Farm. WTF?!?!?! Argh! Pao asked if we can go to the other wharf from there but she told us that the wharfs weren’t connected. We’re all panicking at this moment because she was still talking in Bisaya about God knows what and weren’t answering our questions on where should we go. There were other visitors there who are going to Paradise Island who informed us that the boat going to Pearl Farm is not in Waterfront anymore, that we should go outside the resort, find a cab a go back. Oh.My.God! It was only a few minutes before 8am!!! We were all running towards the gate of the compound. Amidst all the running, I called Martha and asked her if there’s a way to tell the boat to wait for us because we were running late and told her of the series of unfortunate incidents we ran into. We hang up with me hoping that she’ll be able to get hold of the boat. Fortunately were able to find two cabs outside Waterfront, we just told them that we were going to Pearl Farm and they immediately understood. When we got to Marina wharf, we were all asking the guard there – all at the same time – if the boat’s still there…his answer ‘Wala’. Oh my! Oh my! I don’t know what the others were doing and thinking then but I remembered asking him again ‘wala na yung bangka?’. I think the receptionist saw the chaos and caught our attention ‘Ma’am anjan pa po yung bangka’ with matching hands in the air as if telling us to all calm down. Haaay…I guess it’s the same emotion that the contestants get when Phil tells them that it’s a non-elimination leg. That we’re still on the going for the 1 million dollar prize. Only in our case we didn't waste our P1500/pax payment for the Pearl Farm day tour =)

So Janice registered us while Pao left his Clover chips with the guard (you’re not allowed to bring in food to the resort) while the rest of us were at awe of how nice the wharf was. Wharf palang yun e pano pa kaya yung mismong resort di ba. Basta at that moment I think all of us were finally able to breathe and take time to appreciate where we were. We were taking pictures pa while walking towards the boat, si Charline even made a quick bathroom break.

Pekchur pekchur!

Silaw sa araw!

Behind us was a golfcart, that passed us eventually going to the boat. Once we were settled the boat immediately set off. Kami na lang talaga ang hinihintay! We were joking that the people in the boat were thinking ‘Tignan mo tong mga gagong ‘to late na nga picture-an pa ng picture-an’ Hahaha. Al was kidding that no we weren’t late, we came in first before the golf cart, that later on we found out was bringing in the water bottles for all the passengers.

The boat ride going to Pearl Farm took about 45 minutes. We were so excited to take pictures once we set foot on the island.

Look at Joema's evil grin...checkmate na kasi ako. Photo-op lang talagang inayos pa yung pieces.

We were all so excited to go to Malipano Island as well. The staff toured us around the island. I tell you, the service in Pearl Farm is world class. They are all so courteous and service deluxe talaga. Even if we’re all Filipinos there they treated us royalty. I get the feeling kasi na because they’re a first class resort they only take care of their foreigner guests but I was so wrong. The best talaga sa Pearl Farm!

Going around Malipano. The beach staff showed us the private villas by the sea.

We enjoyed the beach at Malipano all to ourselves.

Past 11am other guests were already there so we headed off to lunch back at the main island. The buffet is superb. I especially enjoyed their Japanese rice salad and their shrimps – basta everything na may hipon kinain ko!

We wanted to stay at the Maranao restaurant until 2pm but we were all so full. So we headed off to their infinity pool and lounged around and had our siesta. After our nap, we’re all energized again and took a dip in the pool.

The boat that will take us back to the city will leave at 4pm so we decided to shower an hour before. Unfortunately they only have one shower room each for male and female guests and its situated at the other beach. Charline got in the shower first but while she was there, two other guests came and decided to just stay at the shower area. I told Penny that we had to do something or they’ll go in before us. So I knocked on the shower room to tell Charline that we’ll be putting our things already. Good thing Charline was already done and told us to go ahead and take our shower and she’ll dress outside the shower area. I also told Penny that maybe we could shower together since we have our bathing suits on naman chaka para di masyadong matagal ang intay nung 2 pang girls. Kaso while we were inside, nagpaparinig na yung dalawa kesyo maiiwan na daw sila ng boat at maiiwan na sila ng eroplano. Yeah right! We were there first so it’s just about right that we should use the shower first. Their male companion on the other hand took a shower after Joema (who was the first to go for the guys). Allan was supposed to go next but their male companion put his things all around the shower area. Talagang nanguna na! Buti na lang guys are faster to taking their showers. We were thinking nga na imposible naman mang-iwan yung boat (from Samal to the city) because if they leave someone then they have to arrange for the overnight accommodations of those persons left. And I don’t think they’ll do that. Unfortunately for us, they weren’t left behind by the boat and they were seating right in front of us. We were telling the story to Al and Janice, who took their shower backs at our hotel in the city, at the same time the two ladies boarded the boat. Hay grabe di kami makatingin ng diretso sa kanila. Mukhang guilty hahahaha! But we still enjoyed the boat ride..

When we got back to the wharf, Paul was already there waiting for us. But they didn’t leave immediately as we called for another cab for the four of us. We took pictures while waiting for the cab

Kaso pagdating naman ng cab Joema was in the cr so Charline and Allan took the cab together with Penny and Pao. The girls we had a little incident at the shower area was still there when their cab left. We thought the staff of the marina hailed the cab back to the resort because there was a mix-up (that they should have gotten that taxi instead of us). Hahaha isusumpa na talaga nila kami. Buti na lang hindi. Charline told us that the staff just asked the cab to call for another one for the last group.
All in all, our day trip to Pearl Farm was action-packed and relaxing at the same time. The place is definite worth going back to. Maybe an overnight stay next time. :)
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Davao adventures to be continued…

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