Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Summer Lovin'

This morning I thought of how I badly wanted to go to the beach this summer and that my first beach outing is in mid-May while my first out of town trip will be on the last week of April (swimming pool only no beach). Sigh! And then this afternoon my agent called and offered a membership at Sunrise Holiday Mansion*. I immediately accepted because of the magic words - unlimited use of the swimming pool. Hahaha! I am so an Aquarius because of my love for the water. I love swimming (no I'm not a great swimmer). I love the beach! And because it's already summer here in the Philippines for sure all the beaches and resorts will be full. Atleast this place is inclusive for members so I suppose it won't be getting too crowded. Plus it's only in Tagaytay so easy access. :) Can't wait to get my VIP Card on Friday!

*Fucker! I can't do links here at blogger since last week. Just google the site if you want details of the place.

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