Thursday, April 19, 2007

AGHAM Party List

With the coming local elections, I've been thinking about what party list to vote for. Someone emailed me their campaign materials and I will be voting for them. Here's the email:

Since the successful entry into Congress of such Party Lists like Bayan Muna, Anak Pawis, etc., a flood of other Party Lists also tried to do the same. This is a free country, and they are allowed by our Constitution to join Congress in this manner.

But records show that many of these Party Lists have hidden agenda for their own selfish ends rather than for the greater good of the entire Philippines. In many cases, we see Party List Congressmen (and Congresswomen) creating trouble and chaos through militant anti-government action on the streets rather than sitting down soberly and crafting laws and policies for the economic and social upliftment of our Country.

The Agham Party List presents an alternative. Agham consists of scientists, researchers, extension workers, teachers, trainors and the like who have always worked silently towards scientific and technological discoveries that can be used as tools to propel the people, the communities and the entire Nation towards higher socio-economic development. We need to put Agham representatives in Congress to see to oit that scientific and technological research will continue, and to make sure that the fruits of such research efforts will be widely disseminated in the countryside and used as tools for national development.

Attached is a flyer about what Agham is all about, what it intends to do if it succeeds in placing representatives in Congress.

I request two things from you:
(1) Please forward the attached flyer to as many of your friends and relatives as you can and convince them vote for the Agham Party List
(2) You yourself please vote for Agham Party List in the upcoming elections
Yours for a better Philippines

And the attached flyer:

Vote! AGHAM Party List

We represent the country’s science and technology (S&T) sector.

We are science workers in the fields and laboratories; technicians and laborers, science and mathematics teachers, researchers, extension agents, engineers, inventors, health professionals, science media practitioners and ordinary Filipino citizens who strongly advocate an S&T-explicit national development agenda.

We believe in the innate intelligence and analytical ability of the Filipino, his creativity and inventiveness, and his capability and commitment to harness science and technology for the nation’s purposes.

Our movement was initiated by the late Dr. Raymundo Punongbayan, long time Director of DOST-Phivolcs; and continued by Dr. Emil Javier, Science Minister and UP President, and now President of the National Academy of Science and Technology

Our Agenda
♦ craft legislation and advocate national policies and programs in support of science and technology for national development

♦ lobby for realistic budgets for science education, research, extension and development

♦ assist Filipino inventors in development and popularization of technologies and products that will serve the needs of the nation

♦ enhance existing and establish new science high schools, science centers and museums

♦ support science youth clubs and educational TV/radio programs

♦ expand scholarships for deserving youth in the sciences, mathematics, engineering and the teaching and other technical professions

♦ support distance and open learning to broaden access to quality education

♦ establish think tanks that will systematically and critically inquire into the needs of our people and the nation

♦ recognize and ensure dignity and well-being of Filipino science workers by pushing for full implementation of the benefits under the Magna Carta for Science and Technology Workers (RA 8439)


Emil Q. Javier for Luzon
Saeed Apin Daof for Mindanao
Angel C. Alcala for Visayas

National Capital Region
Unit 424 GA Tower
EDSA cor. Boni Ave.
Mandaluyong City
Tel. No.: (63-2) 747-0288
Cell Phone: 0926-6724255

Office Southern Tagalog Regional Office
10005 Halcon Street

Los Baños Subdivision
Los Baños, Laguna
Tel. No.: (049) 536-4260


Vote for them!

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