Friday, May 11, 2007


Bakit ba ang pangit ng araw ko ngayon?

First, it started with a really bad dream. In my dream, Joema proposed marriage to some girl…in front of me! As in! In my face! I woke up feeling really bad tuloy.

Then this really stupid girl from the other department can’t make a judgement call. Argh! Haller! I gave you the permission to directly contact Mr. X tapos sasabihan mo ko that you’re not allowed! Tapos later on you’ll inform me that what you were asking for in the first place from Mr. X is not actually needed for him to get paid! Pakshet ka!!

And then, I called up the agent for the Sunrise Hotel because I haven’t got hold of the vouchers until today. Bwisit! Ang tagal na kaya non chinacharge na ko ng credit card hindi ko pa rin nakukuha. This is how our conversation went:

Me: blah, blah, blah
Agent: Ma’m I’ll call you back in a few seconds
Me: Is this recorded?
Agent: Hindi po
Me: Hindi, gusto ko nga recorded ‘to para on record na nagcommit kayo na dadating yung voucher by Wednesday this week. Put me on hold.
Agent: Ma’am wala pong hold ‘to (Argh! What kind of a call center is that walang hold feature ang phone!)
Me: No! I’ll wait!

Grrr!!! And it’s not even lunch time yet! Half of the day isn’t over yet and I have three strikes already. Lord, let there be no more.


karen said...

Sorry about your day, seester. We all have days like that. Boo!

Salamat sa greeting. :) I feel awful tuloy. Naaalala ko ang bday mo, pero nakakalimutan kong mag-message, tapos ikaw on time pa.

Nga pala, si Tin uuwi dyan for vacation. May pa-bilin ka?


cris said...

Okay lang yun. :) Election time ngayon dito. Kagulo na naman mga tao harhar

Kelan uwi si Tin? Punta ba syang Antipolo? Buti pa sya uwi. Kaw kelan?

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