Monday, July 09, 2007

My Life in Bullets

  • - I've finished Silence already. Well, this was mid-June pa. I so love the ending. I think the ending was perfect. I'm a sucker for tragic endings. For example, I loved City of Angels also because of the ending. There was no other way these two (Silence and City of Angels) could have ended.
  • - I haven't studied for THE exam for over a week now. Although, I did some note taking during lunch time today. I should finish the memo for HR form them to approve my application for the exam. Dahil kung hindi mamumulubi na naman ako sa exam fees. I'm praying that the Peso will continue to appreciate para mura lang lalabas ang exam fee. :)
  • - My weekends now seem longer because I don't get to see Joema. Damn that sched! We get to see each other on Tuesdays though. Pathetic noh! We can't do anything about it. Super baligtad ang time sched namin. Pauwi ako, papasok sya. Papasok ako, sya naman ang pauwi. Grrrr!!! I wish he'd be transferred to another account soon para training ulit meaning Saturdays and Sundays off ulit! Yehey!
  • - Been watching a lot DVDs and Friends nowadays (dahil nga walang magawa pag weekends). Sa bahay pag walang ibang mapanood na DVD pop-in Friends. We never get tired of it. Kahit paulit-ulit na napanood tumatawa pa rin kami ng utol ko sa antics nila. I love all of them. If you make me choose which one I love the most: Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe or Monica.. parang wala akong mapili.

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