Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weird Night

Super antok ako ngayon. I woke up in the middle of the night dahil ang sakit ng tiyan ko. I don't know what time that was because I hate looking at the time when I wake up at an ungodly hour. Ayoko kasi malaman kung ilang oras na lang ang itutulog ko bago ko gumising ulit. Anyway, I went to the bathroom twice pero wala naman. So weird! When I finally went back to dreamland napanaginipan kong buntis ako haha! I was with another pregnant lady - I can't remember na who she is. Basta we were at the hospital at the same time and if I remember correctly I had the feeling na the father of our babies is one and the same. Nung time na para pumunta sa delivery room biglang I was with Joema na and we were going down a flight of stairs. At ang lola nyo naka-high heels pa! I had to tell Joema to stop and take off my heels. Pagdating sa delivery room the metals of my braces were popping out (I had braces in my dream). Nung chineck ng doctor sabi nya it was because my tongue was swollen. Weird dahil my mouth was bleeding. If the braces were the ones popping out of my mouth where did the blood come from? If you've worn braces you'll know na the metal is glued to your teeth so san galing yung dugo unless ipin ko yung natatanggal sa panaginip ko. Pero I don't think that is dahil little pieces yung nakukuha ko...or were those chunks of my teeth? Anyways, I knew I was bleeding only because there were trickles of blood on Joema's khaki jacket that I was holding pala. The doctor told the nurse to put a spoon in my mouth. Kinda like what you do when someone has epileptic seizures. When she got the spoon in my mouth my alarm went off and I had to wake up na. Whew! What a night!

On other news (this may be the reason why I dreamt I was pregnant), a few of my friends are either giving birth or have recently found out that they're pregnant. EJ and Allie are about to give birth this September, Valerie is 10 weeks preggo while Rhoda recently "passed" the pregnancy test. I'm wishing them all well...spread the good genes!


~currant7 said...

wow...interesting dream. :)
i feel it though...most of my friends are married with kids or getting preggy now. :P
wedding first is what i need to remember and that's all that matters for now. raising a kid will surely be burning a hole in our wallets by then. :P

cris said...

i know! same here...before it used to debuts now it's weddings and baptisms and children's party.

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