Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Day

I spent the 24th and the 25th with the family as usual. We attended the Misa de Aguinaldo at around 9pm of the 24th. When we got home from the mass we already ate Noche Buena and then started opening gifts at around 11pm. Di na nakaintay! My parents are getting old they can't stay up late for too long! Joema and I usually give them separate gifts. Pagkasal na kami as one na lang yung gift dapat magtipid na e harhar. We gave my mom two blouses - one polo shirt actually and other blousy blouse. Then to my father I gave him a polo barong and Joema gave him board shorts. My brother naman gave them watches (nung nakabalot akala nila sabon haha!) To my brother I gave two shirts while he got messenger bag from Joema. I actually benefit from that coz now he doesn't have to borrow bags from me. Anyways, Joema and I joke that we should ask our parents (both sets) to have dinner and then they should use their Christmas presents kasi ako I gave his mother the same blouse I gave my mom (same color, same style, different sizes) and then the same polo barong din to his father (different color, same style, same sizes). Naku baka yun ang isuot nila pag namanhikan hahaha! Ako I only opened a gift or two from my officemates which I know are body lotions. The rest I opened on the 25th coz I waited for Joema. After opening the gifts, my parents went to bed and my brother went to his girlfriend naman. Hay iba na talaga pag tumatanda ang mga bata may kanya-kanya ng buhay. Ako naman I waited for midnight. Although I slept around 1am din. Our Christmas celebration is really very simple basta attend mass, Noche Buena and opening gifts ayos na.

The next day, Christmas day, Joema went straight from work to our place. We let him eat breakfast first before we all trooped to my Tita and Lola's house. Ayun he got to meet everyone although he met most of them naman na talaga. We stayed there for a couple of hours making chika and eating again haha. My cousin bought his IMac so he and Joema has something in common to talk about. Not that Joema has one hahaha but he knows the features and other hooplas being a tech support and all. The joke is you should call him kasi he won't be able to help you pag face to face. I borrowed three DVDs from Adam - Stardust, Underdog and I Know Who Killed Me. We watched Stardust when we got home. Sidekwento lang about the DVDs I borrowed. I loved Robert de Niro in Stardust. He was believable na gay ha! Unlike other actors na obvious na umaarteng bakla. And Michelle Pfeifer is beautiful - the most beautiful witch ever! Underdog was okay, movie na pambata. Ika nga ng mga entry sa Metro Manila Filmfest pambata kaya panoorin dahil ang Pasko ay para sa bata. Crazy! But that movie of Lindsay Lohan sucks! I thought it was drama at first and then was hoping na medyo deep yung movie dahil parang Indie film ang dating coz it was kinda dark and the character had conflict. And then it turned parang scifi sya. Now I have to reserach kung totoo ba yang stigmata twin na yan or they just cooked it up for the film. Oopps! I should have done a separate post for the movies. Back to my story: we hadn't finished watching the movie when we ate lunch. Interesting part yung lunch coz my mother and my father told Joema na about the family stories (father side). You see their story is straight out of a telenovela. I don't want to tell it here coz it's not really my business. Kumbaga pag ginawang pelikula e supporting role lang ako. Yung pwedeng wala naman don pero pandagdag lang sa cast hahaha. Very juicy kasi yung details sometimes I can't believe it really happened.

I forgot na Joema and I opened gifts pala before we watched the movie. We didn't have gifts for each other. No material gifts - tama na muna yung pagmamahal at pagkakalinga wahahaha. Sweet talk for no moolah! After all that, Joema had to go home na to be with his family naman. Although pagdating nya sa bahay nila nagtulog lang ang loko. Ako naman I watched the two other DVDs. Next year hopefully, it will be a little different - different coz I will be married but just a little coz we'll surely be celebrating it with our family.

Happy holidays!


karen said...

did you pick a date?

cris said...

We like Nov 16 sana next year. Kaso we have no church/reception venue yet.

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