Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Dear Credit Card Guy,

Sorry if I snapped at you when you called a while ago here at our house. I don't like it that you call here...here at home where I am supposed to be resting after a hard day's work. Please don't call me here at home. I hate it when you do that! Honestly, I don't like it when you call at work either. That is why I don't answer your counterpart from another credit card company because I already know his number (it appears in our caller ID haha!). Also, I got irritated at your voice. While some telemarketers are trying their best to sound perky and have that colegiala-English twang, you sounded like someone who's not even interested in what he's offering. After I told you that I'm not interested, you don't have to tell me again what you are offering. What in the "I'm not interested" did you not understand?

I know you must be cursing me after that call. I was a b*tch. But in fairness to me, I don't play favorites. I am a b*tch to other credit card guys/girls. If I don't let you finish your spiels, that's only because I don't want to waste your time and effort because I'm not getting anything you are offering anyway. By cutting you off, you can immediately proceed to the next one in your list. And no I won't refer you to any of my friends. Unless they're not really my friends and want to irritate them too.

So there, I am sorry. Really I am. I'm sorry you had to make that call, and you had to ruin my night, and in turn I ruined your night.

Not loving your calls,

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~currant7 said...

this is an interesting one...i would have just hung up! :P

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