Sunday, January 13, 2008

Search for the Church

Yesterday Joema and I went around the metro scouting for the church for our wedding. Thursday before Saturday I already called up Archbishop's Palace (AP) and Sta. Maria della Strada (SMDS). I was heart broken when the contact person in AP told me they don't hold Sunday weddings. Our preferred date is November 16 kasi and it falls on a Sunday. Anyways, I didn't bother to ask the other available dates but was told we can view the church on a weekend but their office is only open for reservations from Mondays to Fridays 10am to 5pm. And then I called up SMDS office and lo and behold Nov16 3pm slot is still open. I was so happy, it felt like an answered prayer. I called up again to block off the date and was told that we had until the following Thursday to pay the reservation fee of P3000 to officially book the date. I texted Joema and told him about it. I even told a few of my friends. Come Friday night, we settled on going to SMDS to book the place and look for a venue around UP Diliman - Chateau Verde, UP Bonsai Garden and UP Balay Kalinaw - the next day. Pero when I woke up Saturday morning it was raining and then nag-brown out. Ewan ko ba basta I had the urge to meet up Joema so that we can take a look at AP. He was supposed to go straight here at the house from work so that he can sleep first before we go to UP. But because I am very fickle minded he came straight from the office when we did our occular.

Kaasar pa coz the battery of my digicam was dying down on me. I have recharged it the previous night pero mukhang di na-charge. Buti na lang I passed by the office and charged it for a few minutes.

Archbishop's Palace - Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong

After breakfast at McDo, we hailed a taxi and were on our way to AP. Of course, I love the place the first time I saw a picture of it on the internet. Joema was a man of few words so I didn't know how much he liked it when we were there. He just commented that the place was just right for 150 guests and that we can have our pictures taken at the garden right outside the chapel.

We also went inside the small chapel just across the main chapel. It was really pretty too. Although it can only fit around 90-100 guests.

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish - Varsity Hills, Loyola Heights

Before going to SMDS, I asked Joema if we could pass by Our Lady of Pentecost since it's already on the way. We were a bit disappointed with the place because it was open to anyone who can enter. But I guess you can request the glass walls to enclose the church. We didn't even pass by the office to ask for the fee because Joema said if he had to choose between AP and Our Lady of Pentecost, he preferred AP. It was good timing that there was a wedding while we were there. Katawa lang when the priest said something and the people started laughing, si Joema said he might consider the church coz the priest was good. He wanted someone who will make the people laugh during the ceremony. I had to remind him we already have a priest (Yes, I have booked the priest first even before the date, church and venue is finalized) and told him not to worry because our priest is really good.

Sta. Maria della Strada - Katipunan Ave., Diliman

It was raining last Saturday but we walked the few blocks from Miriam College to SMDS. If at the Our Lady of Pentecost there was a wedding, at SMDS there was a mass for the dead. Joema was a bit disappointed with the church coz it seems so busy outside. He was worried that the vehicles passing by will be heard inside the church during the ceremony. I love it how he considers the small things that I am considering too. And again he compares this church to AP saying that there we won't be bothered by the noise outside and that no outsiders will come and go (like what we did) because AP is gated.

UP Chapel - UP Diliman

We were really lucky because when we got to UP Chapel, meron ulit wedding so we saw how they set up the place. Although, they were already cleaning the chapel for their 12nn mass pero inabutan pa namin yung couple with their guests taking pictures. Ewan ko basta parang di ko na-feel na okay sa UP chapel. Siguro kasi I read from Tin's supplier rating na minamadali nila yung picture taking because may kasunod nga na mass yung scheduled wedding times nila. Imagine we were there 11:30 but they were already taking out the drapes (tama ba tawag ko?) sa aisle and the floral arrangements). E supposedly the wedding started at 10am (based on the schedules posted outside the church). Of course, Joema commented na atleast sa AP walang magmamadali sa amin to finish our picture taking.

Chateau Verde - Apacible St., UP Diliman

We ate our lunch at Chateau Verde. We were also considering it as a reception venue if ever we get SMDS or UP Chapel. We had their buffet lunch which costs P350. The selections is salad, oysters, Mongolian barbeque and pork and beef steak. Hindi sulit coz konti lang pagpipilian na kainin. But we liked their Mongolian bbq and beef steak.

Anyways, this is were we discussed and weighed our options. Hay naku kakatuwa talaga na si Joema likes Archbishop's Palace. And he was able to enumerate the things he liked na pareho ng in-enumerate ni Jolly (from w@w) without me even telling him about it ha. Gusto ko kasi objective yung maging desisyon nya. Kasi ako biased na talaga ko sa Archbishop's Palace. Nakakatawa pa kasi joke ni Joema "Grabe! Ang hirap pala mag-ayos ng kasal. Sana di mo na ko sinama." Kaya lang kami medyo leaning towards della Strada coz we're afraid we might not find an affordable venue near Archbishop's Palace. We're on a tight budget so we can't just make a decision on the church without considering a venue and caterer. Plus I thought we really wanted Nov16 to be our wedding date. It turns out the ambiance of the church is much more important than the date and we can always look for affordable reception venue and caterer. So yes, we've finally decided to get Archbishop's Palace and will reserve tomorrow. So happy!

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