Sunday, February 17, 2008

What do you do when you're sad?

Do you go out with friends and party like there's no tomorrow? Me, I just stay in and sleep, sleep and sleep. I don't even want to step out of my room. It's so hard to put on a happy face in front of everyone.

Does your appetite go out the window? Me, I stuff my face with food. I don't lose my appetite which is kind of weird because I know people who really can't eat.

Do you tell your closest friend about it? Me, I don't. I usually just keep it to myself. If I ever tell it to a friend, it's usually after the fact already. After all the drama when I'm already a bit happy and ready to talk about whatever happened.

Do you listen to heartbreaking music? Me, I just watch TV - shows that can make me laugh, even if it's really corny.

So what other things do you do when you're sad?


Liz said...

I go shopping tapos kain ng ice cream hahaha!

Hope you're fine Cris :)

cris said...

Hey, I used to do that too kaso ngayon after impulsive buying I get buyer's remorse afterwards. Lalo kalungkot ahahaha!

I'm feeling better now, thank you! *hugs*

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