Monday, March 10, 2008

Caterer Hunt

We've had a few misses when it came to finding the right caterer for us. We actually went to three food tastings but let me tell you stories about these two account executives (AE's) from different caterers first. Horrible stories I tell you! But let me say that at first, even before going to the food tasting my main concern was the set-up. I didn't really care if the food tastes great or not, I just want the venue to look pretty. And I didn't want to spend a dime on event stylists so I was on the lookout for caterers who will not only satisfy my taste buds but satisfy my visual "hunger" as well. So this is basically my category when I shortlisted my first two caterers.

AE#1: I emailed my standard queries: package, availability, details of our wedding, etc. She sent me with a standard menu with their amenities. I replied back asking if they can customize the menu and fit our budget (Our budget was lower than their cheapest package) because I really love their set-up. She emailed me that yes they do that. I then requested for a meeting. No replies after an email and a text message so I resent the email again to two different email addresses. She replied that she's not available on my preferred date and that she's free only on weekdays. I then called her up to tell her we can meet her on a Friday. Before the end of the call we agreed to meet up on a Friday at 1pm and she told me she'll send me a text message to let me know where we'll meet her. Day before our scheduled meeting, I texted her (around lunch time) to confirm our meeting and ask her where we'll meet. No reply. I again texted her around 4pm to tell her that I needed to file for a leave so please confirm if we'll push through with the meeting. Still no reply. Around 6pm I received a text from her informing me that she has been texting me all day, morning and afternoon, and has told me that she will not be available...let's move the meeting to Saturday instead. Hello? Isn't she the one who initially begged off to have the meeting on a Saturday and specifically told me she's only free during weekdays???? I didn't reply after that. Around 9pm that night, she has two missed calls on my phone. I text her oh-so-politely that we already made plans for Saturday (just so she can sleep that night and not be bothered). She replied back that she'll just email me the customized menu over the weekend and that she'll schedule us for a food tasting the following Saturday.

Until now, I haven't received that email she was talking about and I have not tasted any of their food.

AE#2: As with the first caterer, I was impressed with the styling that they do. I got a copy of their package from the bridal fair at SM Megamall last February. Their prices we're over our budget but I really wanted to get them because of their set-up. I needed to convince Joema that by getting them we are actually saving because we're getting a caterer and event stylist in one. I surfed the net and came upon a blog entry of one of their former clients - a bride who is not too happy with the way they did business with them and how the AE treated them. I left a message in the blog saying that I've met the AE and am now having second thoughts in getting the caterer after reading the bride's review. After a few days, I got a personal message at my multiply account from the AE and then another message from my personal email address. OMG! She tracked me down. Multiply has this feature where you can see the people who viewed your page and I saw her account on my page. Maybe after viewing my multiply page, she searched her documents for my email address (I did sign an info sheet on their booth during the bridal fair). I wouldn't do her any justice if I don't post her reply verbatim on this blog post...

[Name of AE] here, I've just read your comment earlier and i came up typing this message for you. What [name of bride]said was her own opinion, i wanted to answer to atleast give my side about the truth but it was not appropriate for me because i have to consider my company since i'am still connected to them. All i can say is it wasn't fair for me. I wasn't the controller of that event, i'am just a follower! Unfair to put the blame on me alone. It was a breakfast wedding but guests eat past 11am how can i assure the food was still ok? She should consider her guests before she even decide of a garden wedding, 9am is not that hot but as i said past 11am was really hot. If i'am that rude i will tell her that same date what was her guests telling about her wedding..I'm saying this to you for you to think what you really want and consider your guests always! I know the truth and that's the most important. I've been into this bussiness for about 3years and not just a [name of bride] can ruined it. We've been waiting for her to sue as but just as i thought she would do because she knows, in our letter to her it wasn't just our fault.

O di ba! Nosebleed! Magsama sila nung nanalong Binibining Pilipinas World! And to think, that before she sent me this email I already confirmed my slot in their food tasting. But after reading this, I didn't even bother going.


Deepa said...

hi cris! your blog really made me miss planning my wedding! have you tried k by cunanan? styling was awesome, food was great, swak sa budget, and best of all, no AE's! hehe. let me know if you want to see the pics of our venue and food.

cris said...

I actually emailed them because super nahikayat ako dun sa post mo about them. Sad to say, meron na silang AE so... hahaha. Ask Jolly for the kwento. Sya ang kachikahan ko sa sama ng loob sa mga suppliers. Mr. Wedding Preps Guru.

Deepa said...

i know, jolly's great isn't he? one of the most involved (and chatty) grooms ever. and to think my husband used to bully him in grade school. hahaha.

so who'd you book, finally? :-)

cris said...

we booked eloquente :) gaya-gaya na talaga ko ng suppliers nila jolly and shar. we have the same church and caterer hehe

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