Thursday, March 06, 2008

Save-The-Date Sticker

As I mentioned last time, I started distributing our Save-The-Date stickers to some friends. I got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine I bought from Cheryl. Shoutout to Cheryl who sold me her magazines! EDIT: The owner of SaveTheDate stickers left a comment here at my blog, and I want to credit her for her idea. Thanks for the info Deb. You may visit her site at Buzy Bee Press or SavetheDateStickers.

Below is a photo of my inspiration from the Martha Stewart website:

So let me share with you how I made our STD stickers.

1. Print out the labels on the round stickers and the card that goes with it. I had a trial-and-error print for the stickers. Couldn't find a printer template for a once-inch sticker that's 4 rows 3 columns. I used a template based on 5 rows and 4 columns and made some adjustments. It's a word document so it's pretty easy to edit. For the card, I used MS Publisher template for their 3x5 index card but made some adjustments as well. Note on the sticerks, I couldn't find colored stickers (like the one from Martha Stewart) so I opted for white ones. Well, actually there are colored ones but they are all neon. Blech! So I just made the fonts in our color motif.

2. Cut out the card and sticker. Use very sharp cutter for this. And then glue the the sticker to the card.

3. For the envelopes, I bought wonderful printed papers (used for scrapbooking) for the lining. I made a pattern based on the envelope and used it to trace the printed papers.

4. Cut the patterns and then paste it to the envelopes.

5. Voila, we have our STD stickers which are families and friends can use to label their calendars.

Materials I used:

Specialty board
Brand: Elit
Cost: P19.75 (10 sheets per pack)

1-inch round labels
Brand: Cosmo
Cost: P22.00 (6 sheets of 4x3 labels per pack)

Brand: Envelopes No. 4 Prestige Paper Products
Cost: P18.25 (10 pieces per pack)

Scrapbook Paper
Brand: All About Scrapbooking
Cost: P44.50 (4 plain paper and 4 printed paper per pack)

Everything bought at National Bookstore.


liz said...

wow stickers!!! ang ganda kaya! dapat ba talaga magdistribute pa ng save the date? wahhh:) online na lang para tipid hahaha

cris said...

thanks liz! sobrang natuwa naman ako coming from you yung papuri. :D haha ok din ang online na save the date or email na lang sa friends. kaartehan ko kasi yang save the date. di naman ako marunong ng mga online chuva gaya mo. :D

Deepa said...

i love these! they're really unique and very neatly done. i'm a fan of paisley patterns.

cris said...

hi deepa, thank you! from the four printed papers I bought, I love the paisley patterns the most :) sa mga maarte kong friends yun ang envelope na binigay ko hehe

Deb said...

Hey Gals
I know Martha Stewart had an article a few years ago BUT I'm actually the owner of SavetheDateStickers : ) I've been designing and manufacturing these for 4 years. Check em out at or

cris said...

Thanks for the info, Deb! I will edit my blogpost to credit you.

BuzyBeeBlog said...

Hey Cris
I've starting a wedding blog. I'll put a link to your blog! I really appreciate your update.
: )

Amanda said...

thanks for posting your pictures! i saw this idea on martha stewart's website, but wanted to see some "real people" who have tried it...your pics gave me the confidence to try it myself!

cris said...

Hi Amanda! I'm glad my blogpost was of help to you.

Maggie said...

Hi there! I did a very similar project, from the same inspiration. It's amazing how similar our projects ended up!

cris said...

Hi Maggie! Saw your save-the-date. Very cool hole puncher!

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