Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City

So yeah, I'm feeling much better today. Although my brother is the one who's sick since this morning. Must be the minute it's raining and then the next it's so hot.


Anyway, I was able to watch Sex and the City last Friday with Reyna. She arrived late so we weren't able to see the first few seconds of the film. We were seated in the cinema by the time Carrie met up with Big at the entrance of their would-be apartment building. Here are some of the things I want to say about Sex and the City:

I love the scene were Carrie wore the different couture wedding dresses. Those were just to die for dresses!

  • Since there were a lot of wedding preparations in the movie, I can totally relate. I love their choice of wedding venue. Carrie said something like where else to get married but in the one place that houses the best love stories.
  • I almost cried when when they were waking up Carrie in their hotel room in Mexico. It was just so depressing when Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were waking up Carrie to let her know she slept without eating dinner or that she slept the whole day or that she needs to eat something. You can really feel how much they love Carrie.
  • I cried when Miranda and Steve met up at the Brooklyn bridge. The scene was so touching. And if I were in Miranda's case I would have felt the same way with regards to forgiving Steve. It would have been so hard to forgive someone who cheated you. At that particular scene I can almost feel Miranda letting go of her logic and just letting her emotions get hold of her. Although I have to give props to Steve for being honest with Miranda. I think you can count the men with the fingers in one hand, who would be honest enough to admit that to their spouses.
  • Charlotte deserved her happily ever after. :) She was hilarious when she saw Big in that restaurant. "I curse the day you were born" hahaha
  • It was surprising that Samantha was that faithful to Smith. That scene with all the sushi was so funny!
  • I need to watch the movie in DVD because there were a lot of cuts in the movie version. Thanks to MTRCB for that.


bluelawbyanna said...

Hear hear! Naiyak rin talaga ako with the Miranda and Steve scene on the bridge. And you're planning your wedding?? Exciting! And stressful! Hahaha!!! That's a "bloggable" experience right there!!

cris said...

Yes we are. I think I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling Sta. Maria della Strada and you have an entry mentioning the church. :)

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