Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Island Hopping in Krabi

Summer is all over too soon. I haven't even gone to the beach. Was not able to go to the beach last year as we were preparing for the wedding. Didn't want to get sun burnt before the big day hehe. But we hit the beach on our honeymoon. On our second day at Krabi, Joema and I were able to do some island hopping. We were picked up early at our hotel and proceeded to the port.

Most of the other tourists were Europeans. In our speedboat we were the only Asians. Funny the tourguide was speaking in English telling us about the tour, and then he walked up to us and started talking I think in Thai. Maybe he thought we didn't understand what he said in English. We just smiled at him and shook our heads telling him we do not understand. And then he started talking in another language, and we still don't understand him. He gestured his hands in surrender as if telling us that he's giving up and doesn't know how to communicate with us hahaha.

Our first stop was Pranang cave where we had a swim for a little while.

Next was Chicken island. See it really looks like a chicken.

Nearby this island we were able to snorkel and feed the fish.

We had two cameras during our honeymoon. I borrowed my parents' Olympus camera because I wanted to take underwater pictures. Here is the last picture it took. The camera died on us. Water started filling up the battery slot and it wouldn't turn on anymore. Sigh!

So Joema and I, a little bit disheartened, went back to the speedboat and rested for a while. Before we knew it, all the other tourists were back and we headed to Poda Island where we had our lunch and stayed for a bit to rest.

Kunyari I'm not worried about the camera.

This is the life.

Goodbye poda island.

Our tourguide next brought us to Tup island. It's actually connected by sand dunes to Chicken island, if I remember it correctly. But I was too chicken to walk going there since the tide was a bit high when we were there. So we enjoyed every bit of the sand dunes before heading home.


Abbie said...

Yesh! Seksey! ;)

cris said...

:P thanks!

yohan said...

wow, nice review on krabi...is the Tup island connected to Chicken island?..ive also been to krabi.....am writing a report as we speak....hehe....I heard about PhiPhi island when i was there as well as Phuket...but i didnt knew that phiphi was a famous n hot spot till after the trip.....haih...

cris said...

hi yohan! now, i'm not really sure if it's chicken island but i do remember there is an island connected to it heehee

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