Monday, January 04, 2010


One of the nice things about the year ending, aside from the usual year-ender specials, are the marathons shown on television. I was able to catch Lipstick Jungle marathon on the Hallmark channel and Glee marathon on Jack TV. Then we also bought Seasons 1 and 2 of the Big Bang Theory because I had nothing left to do before New Year's day.

Lipstick Jungle

I love the wardrobe of the ladies on Lipstick Jungle. Unlike in Sex andThe City, when the clothes are sometimes too over-the-top for my taste, the clothes in this series are attainable. They are polished, sophisticated and sometimes they are really some basic pieces with a few accessories to liven up the whole wardrobe. This is where realization kicks in, I don’t really have to buy new clothes for work, I just need to buy some new accessories, a whole lot of neck pieces, some bracelets, some earrings and I am done. I also love the fact that they are all working women and that the show can appeal to almost every women of different statuses because Victory is single, Nico is married, while Wendy is married with children.


I know a lot of people are going gaga over Glee. Sure it’s a different TV show because it’s a musical. I do love the scenes where they sing and how they do their own versions of the songs, what I can’t really care much about it is the drama between the different characters. This is one of the reasons why I don’t wait for it week after week to be shown on TV. So while watching the marathon, I was doing other things and just kept it on the background. But I do know the storyline and I’m happy with the season finale when Finn found out that he wasn’t the father of Quinn's baby. Best scene for me is the whole football team singing Single Ladies.

Big Bang Theory

I know I’ve mentioned here before that I love the Big Bang Theory. We really wait for it to be shown every week. But the thing is sometimes our TV automatically locks out the channel on the day and time this series is shown, as in if we switch our TV to Jack TV on Tuesday 9pm, it’s locked out and we have to enter a password. And we don’t know the password. We still don’t know if the problem is our TV or our cable provider. Anyway, that’s why we bought the series on DVD. I would venture to say that it’s next to Friends on my list of favourite TV shows, sometimes I think it’s even funnier. Friends’ pilot episode wasn’t that funny, it took them a few episodes to get their right timing and right lines to make it hilariously funny. But with Big Bang, it was funny right off the first episode. One of my favourite episodes is the one when Sheldon “helped” Leonard lie to Penny by telling her that he has a drug addict cousin whom they (Leonard and Sheldon) are going to for intervention and hopefully convince to go into drug rehab and undergo Addiction Treatment. It was an unravenable lie as Sheldon puts it. He even hired a scientist/actor to pose as his cousin because they were unable to convince him to go into Drug Treatment.


Anna said...

wait for my neckpiece!!! am still waiting for Gladys to email me her address. i looove Lipstick Jungle too. sobrang sad lang na it was cancelled na! and true, sa wardrobe, not as crazy as Sex and the City (in short: pwede pang working girl haha). my favorite storyline: Victory and Joe! Swoon. Who wouldav thought Andrew McCarthy would grow up so cute still di ba?!

cris said...

OMG! you're giving me a neckpiece from Earthly Delights!!! wwwaaahh thank you, thank you, thank you! okay, i didn't know the show's cancelled already hahaha! you are so right pang working girl talaga ang wardrobe nila. madali gayahin and we won't even look like we're out of this world when we wear them. and i love victory and joe too *sigh*

Anonymous said...

haha! somebody in our office has the complete episodes to date. :)) marathon weekend! -yza

MinnieRunner said...

Wow, good for you. I haven't done last Christmas Vacation. In fact I was able to watch only a single movie: Law Abiding Citizen.

cris said...

yeah, really took the holidays seriously - that is, relax and be lazy hahaha!

Ria Hazel said...

How I Met Your Mother series is also great! :) try watching it too. :)

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