Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Women Around the World

I was watching Oprah earlier on the Hallmark Channel. I don't know what the episode was really about because I didn't catch the start of it, but Oprah was walking outside with a tall blonde woman and they're talking about how the government of that city provides free health care, free education and that they even give the citizens money to go the university. So I had to keep on watching to see where this city is. It turns out, they were in Copenhagen, Denmark. I immediately thought if they have immigrants there hehehe. Okay, during commercials I switched channels but when I came back to Oprah, she's now inside a very clean and sleek house. Another tall blonde woman was taking her around the house, they we're going down the stairs when Oprah asked where they slept. The woman said "It's upstairs" and then Oprah's like "It's upstairs? I didn't notice it, I have to go back upstairs and see your bed." The bed looked like a thin foam placed on leveled square discreetly placed at the corner of a room. It's very interesting how unmaterialistic they were considering it seems they can have everything they want. And then the next bit showed Oprah talking to a bunch of Danish women, and they said "Don't you think it's interesting how we are the happiest people on earth but we're not religious?" And I think, all of them except one didn't believe in a higher being.

The next woman shown was from Dubai, and then Rio de Janeiro. I have to look for that episode on Youtube.

It's always an eye-opener to learn how different we live from other people in other parts of the world - that we are just one small speck in this world. Amazing! I wish I would get to visit these places some day and see for myself.

EDIT: Okay, I just found the episode on youtube. I have to watch it completely from the start. Here, watch it too.

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