Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I still have some insurance policies in my parents house that were flooded by Ondoy. And I haven't been diligent in inquiring on how to get hold of new copies of these. It was only this morning that I got to email the insurance company to inquire about what I need to be able to get a copy of the policy. My premium was due already so that would be my cue to communicate with the insurance company. I have a question though, what email host do you use when you send personal but formal emails? I usually use my office email for these because although my yahoo email address bears my name, I feel that the @xxx.org at the end of my email address has a bearing to the formality of my email. Does that sound logical to you? Anyways, they replied within the day and told me all the different forms that I need to accomplish and all other documents that I need to submit. Good thing I still have a friend working in that company so I just instructed them to send all the blank forms to her and I'll get them from her soon. I can't afford to take a leave from work just to get the forms and submit them plus all the other documents to their office. They told me I can also give back the forms to my friend and she can submit the papers to them on my behalf, I just need to give an authorization letter. Now I need to get more NSO certified copies of our marriage certificate for me to able to update my married name on their records.


Anna said...

ako naman, i don't use my office email because it may sound too formal, and also, the reply goes to the office inbox eh baka mapagsabihan ako for using office mail for personal stuff. pero onga, using @yahoo sounds a bit informal nga, i have to agree. (Buti ka pa you have insurance na! what did you get? i have to seriously look into that. ano bang okay na insurance companies?)

cris said...

Naku Anna, I got mine while I was working for insurance companies, may discount kasi ang employees. I think ang top three is Philam, Sunlife and Axa (in no particular order, Philam lang inuna ko kasi love your own hahaha). Ako naman I have to get one for the husband para may makuha ko pag namatay sya nyahahaha!

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