Monday, March 01, 2010


Last Saturday was spent with the girls and Joema hehe. We started our Saturday afternoon with a movie – Miss You Like Crazy. I only get to watch these kind of movies with them. My husband usually won't watch this kind of movie with me, but this time I was able to persuade him to come with us hahaha. I was disappointed with the movie, the story was a bit blah. I think One More Chance is still better than this latest John Lloyd+Bea vehicle. After the movies, we went to buy some things in the grocery – chips, booze and cups. That's when C received a text message that the Philippines is under a tsunami warning. We were itching to get to R's place to watch CNN by then. So after paying for the groceries and picking up our food at Goldilock's we headed on to R's unit. It was all our first time to visit her bachelorette pad. We're really all grown up now. We watched CNN while stuffing ourselves with pansit and lumpia.

Then we watched Valentine's Day while drinking. We were all amazed at how the mountain in the Coors bottle turns blue when it's cold enough to drink. Childish, I know haha! I miss these kind of nights spent with them. During college, we have these sleepovers and we rent movies (uso pa ang Video City non!) and watch them all night long. We'll sleep around 4 or 5am then sleep until lunch time, then stuff ourselves silly during lunch and then talk all afternoon before we realize we have to go back home to our families. Now we have our own places, we don't have to rent movies – we now download from the net, but we still spend all night long watching movies and talking about everything and anything.


Anna said...

yipee! daming new updates! back from the beach! catching up on my reading here at your blog! teehee!

cris said...

ako din i'm back from the beach hehehe!

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